Google Wallet 2.0 for iOS (iPhone sccreenshot 002)Google Wallet 2.0 for iOS (iPhone sccreenshot 001)

Following a significant delay, the Internet giant Google finally released its free Wallet for iPhone app back in September 2013. But in bringing its troubled mobile payment service to Apple’s platform, Google left out some of the capabilities found in Wallet’s Android counterpart, such as the ability to make in-store payments with the app (not surprising considering iPhones lack NFC). The company added a few new features via two recent updates and today the Wallet app has been refreshed with some new functionality.

For starters, you can now instantly sign on to Wallet if you use other iOS apps from Google. Google previously rolled out this rather useful feature to its popular iOS apps, allowing you to, say, just tap your Google Account already used in Chrome in order to log in to the Gmail iOS app.

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Google Wallet version 2.0.12117 has another cool feature: now you can add a credit or debit card to your Wallet account simply by taking a picture of it using your iOS device’s camera. This will capture automatically not only the credit card number, but the expiration date as well.

In line with rumors, Google recently launched a physical prepaid debit card to users in the United States, which can be used to make payments with your Wallet account. If you own a Google Wallet Card, the app will now allow you to use it to spend your Wallet Balance at millions of MasterCard locations.

As a bonus, you’ll be also able to withdraw cash at any ATM.

Google Wallet is free in the App Store.

The universal app weighs 10.4MB and requires an iOS device capable of running iOS 6 or later.

  • Anonymous

    I bet Google wishes it had my credit card details,
    wouldn’t even trust them with my inside leg measurement

  • Bob

    I think Google are crap tbh.

    I hate the new comments on Youtube, you need a Google+ account and use your name to post comments. No more privacy. Youtube use to be a great place to post anonymous comments without worrying about your family or future employer seeing them.

    I don’t like anything Google, apart from Google search, which was made by the old Google. I hate not being able to use one product without it impacting the other 20.

    Google+ should be locked away and never spoken of again, stop forcing it. If it wasn’t called Google+ they would of sold it by now, but they can’t due to its name.

    • xxXXxx

      Totally agree. They try to force google+ down our throats. And if you want to keep a bit of privacy, avoiding google services (most of them) would be a good thing.

    • Your Mother

      are you serious? nobody forces more on its users than apple. if you dont like Google’s services you are free to not use them….seeing how apple has no alternative I guess you don’t have many options.

      • Bob

        What does Apple force on its users exactly?

  • MrShutEmDown

    I dont trust that google wont cancel this service, like they’ve cancelled many others in recent years (I.E. Google reader)

  • Christopher

    I’d rather not give Google my credit card info lol,

    • chumawumba

      It’s not like they will steal it or anything.

  • Your Mother

    “But in bringing its troubled mobile payment service to Apple’s platform” what’s troubled about it?

  • chumawumba

    I just don’t see what is so bad about google+, I mean why all the rage?