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The highly anticipated iOS 7 update for WhatsApp finally landed in the App Store this afternoon. The update brings the iOS client for the popular messaging service to version 2.11.5, and includes an all new design, new features and various improvements.

One of the big new features in 2.11.5 is called broadcasts lists, and it allows you to send messages to many people simultaneously. So say for instance you have a list of your classmates or work colleagues, you can message them all at once instead of individually…

Here are the release notes for version 2.11.5:

– new iOS 7 User Interface

– broadcast lists: communicate with your classmates, work colleagues or just friends by messaging many people at once.

– improved share location: 3D map view, hide places, search places

– large thumbs: see more

– new notification alerts and sounds: WhatsApp Settings > Notifications > New Message.

– application will now use your device text size as configured in iOS Settings > General > Text Size

– new improved User Interface for managing your blocked contacts: WhatsApp Settings > Chat Settings > Blocked

– crop image before sending

Reminder: you can backup your WhatsApp conversations into iCloud. Simply visit WhatsApp Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup and tap on “Back Up Now”

The apps new design follows the same template as just about every other app that has been updated to match iOS 7’s aesthetics. There’s enough white space, flat graphics and blue accents to make all of the folks that don’t like Apple’s new design direction cringe.

whats app ios 7

But I happen to like the new design, and I’m really digging the UX improvements. There’s the new broadcast lists feature we already mentioned above, as well larger thumbnails, improved location sharing and blocking contacts is now much easier than before.

If you’re already a WhatsApp user, I feel like grabbing this update is a no-brainer. Just make sure, as the release notes caution, that you backup your conversations to iCloud before doing so. When you’re ready, you can findthe new WhatsApp in the App Store for free.

  • galdamita

    Finally!! Awesome app!!

  • Eni


  • Philip

    about time. Glad they also have Background App Refresh supported

    • Fardeen Beharry

      just a side note. what does the background app refresh do for this app?

      • noaaahh

        It refreshes when the app isn’t open. So, when you go back on to WhatsApp all content will be ready to view.

      • RarestName

        I thought that it only does that when the app is paused in the background?

      • noaaahh

        Yeah, that’s what I meant to say,

      • Fardeen Beharry


    • Matthew Cleveland

      Hey you’re that guy I follow on Twitter that has been asking for this forever. iOS 7 Theme is awesome btw.

  • Heitor Castro 

    One word: FINALLY!

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Doesn’t look as if any colour has been used though. What took them so long for what looks like an incredibly simple re-design…

      • Denzel Cyrus

        I agree, i expected a more “Green-ish” UI.
        But so far, so good.

      • sivkai

        Precisely. Way over hyped.

  • Amjad

    About time!

  • sivkai

    This is better than the old UI but that doesn’t say much. The iOS 6 design was hideous. This is just a little less awful – its boring, stale and might as well be renamed WhitesApp. I understand the need to conform to iOS 7 design standards but at least mix it up a bit. Some green alongside the white would have been great.

    • David Villamizar

      It’s boring and it hurts my eyes 🙁

      • nick12_09

        correct !!!!!

  • Jeroen Claassens

    Yes! Finally!

  • Pablo

    now you can’t change the chat background?

    • solai

      still u can change in setting > Chat setting > chat wallpaper

      • Pablo

        thanks, for some reason the first time settings sent me directly to sounds, alerts, etc

  • Eigh

    Complete trash. They need to fire their design tra and hire the artists that have been posting concept designs all over the net. The concept designs are gorgeous.

    • Agreed. I expected something more than this with all that delay. This is way too simple. Those concepts were really good. Oh well it’ll take them another year to update something else :/

    • chumawumba

      Definitely. They took so long to release an update, and just gave us a big piece of white shit.

      • nick12_09

        not much investment here. white and boring design

  • Jamal

    It lags! 🙁

    • Which device? Not lagging in 4S, 5 and 5S. But it does in 4.

      • Jamal

        iPhone 5 A1249 64GB, when going back to the list of chats from a conversation, the animation lags.

      • TeddyBearStand

        Fine on my 5s. Maybe its because you have a bunch of messages? or you could try a hard reset.

      • RarestName

        Lags and stutters in an empty conversation window as well.

    • Mozaik

      reduce transparency and motion in accessibility in setting and voila you have smooth whatsapp.

  • Dontwannaknow

    Come on! Everything is completely white. Do you want us to be color blind? Add some color pls. And least, add ur identity.

  • Jonathan

    *does happy dance*

  • It’s nice to have an iOS 7 updated version. But utilize the new iOS7 thingy code… UITintColor. Rather than stock blue, why not tint the buttons green…

  • Tommy

    Finally, the ability to change notification tones. Tri-tone is so 2000 and late.

  • Thegreatmann

    Yuck… Give us colour! Green status bars, something!

    • Ismail ‘marco’ Azeem

      yup Devs seriously need to concentrate on more colors in iOS 7, everything is going white :-/ and ALL APPS are starting to look the same and UGLY

  • H5ire

    Whatsapp & Facebook Messenger are looks like brothers from different mothers now.!! 🙂

  • Carlos Gomes

    I don’t know why, but it seems like developers got the wrong message from iOS 7 new… trend.
    Simple doesn’t mean all white and half cooked.

  • Sandeep Roy

    TOO much WHIIIIITE 🙁

  • felixtaf

    Redesigned for whiteOS7… Been waiting for iOS7 release…

  • Fardeen Beharry


  • Tushna

    Hey guys, I think my Whatsapp got automatically updated with iOS7, but now when I try to open the app, it doesnt open! 🙁 Iv had the app open for 20 mins now but it only displays this dark greenish-black background and nothing else. any advice?

    • Diego Gastón Milano

      Have you tried removing it and reinstalling it?

      • Tushna

        hey diego, I would try that, but then I would lose all my previous conversations right?

      • ConduciveMammal

        Not if you’ve been using the iCloud backup

      • Eddie Hines

        how can he backup to icloud if he cannot open the app?

      • ConduciveMammal

        It was an automatic process in the previous version, wasn’t it?

      • Eddie Hines

        Nope. Just started with this release

      • ConduciveMammal

        Are you sure about that? I’ve been backing my messages up to iCloud for a few months at least

        Or do you mean the automatic side of it?

      • Eddie Hines

        Correct to automatic backup

  • omrishtam

    again….white only

  • karan

    Its running slow on my Iphone…..

  • Tim

    I’m on iOS 6 but I don’t see the new iOS 7 theme on this whatsapp update. Other apps like Facebook messenger and viber are all flat, neon colors and white. Something I need to do for this whatsapp?

    • Kenrick Fernandes

      sorry bro, unfortunately you need to be on ios 7 to receive this app.

    • BearManPig

      yeah im wondering the same

    • Jonathan

      Some apps updates require a certain iOS. Whatsapp must be one of them.

  • Fevostone

    Was that long I don’t use it now LOL

  • Wayne 7

    kinda lag on my 4s…

    • Kenrick Fernandes

      there’s a minor lag on the iphone 5 too. Don’t worry.

  • J™

    still at 6.1.2 so there’s no difference after updating

  • Shay Shtern

    Whatsapp is crashing after when tap to open AND:
    (After I delete Whatsapp tap and hold work again perfectly!
    something F*ck REALLY!!! WEAIED!

    iPhone 5
    iOS 6.1.2

    @Shay Shtern:disqus

    • J™

      user problem

      • Shay Shtern

        I tried previous version and I have the same problem!

      • Nabil El Hajjouti


  • leart

    I dont see anything new i am on ios 6!!!

    • MHCsk

      I see the update on 6.1.2. Not sure if I will update though, the new design is balls. If only they added at least a touch of green. Lazy ba$tards.

      • leart

        Just updated, and nothing, looks the same, boo maybe is different from country to country

  • afra33

    If you can’t turn off online status every time you’re in the app then its still crap! Huge big crap! Won’t recommend anyone to use it! Viber has this option and that’s why I use it or iMessage doesn’t even have that feature even better!

    • Nabil El Hajjouti

      You should learn not to ignore people and not be afraid to tell them to their face you don’t want to talk to them. You don’t need a hide option. It won’t help you in life

  • jack

    Im grateful for the bugfixes but there is more: pasted pics are imported without consent

  • Abhinav Jain

    There is an issue with Broadcast list. As soon as I’m done with selecting people and click on ‘Create’ Button, App automatically closes and i have to open it again. Till now i have sent only 1 broadcast successfully. 🙁

  • Finally

  • Guest

    Laggy, but what a awesome app. The change is really welcome, even it stands for the new look most of itself.

  • Jason Baroni

    Laggy, but what an awesome app. The change is really welcome, even it stands for the new look most of itself.

  • El Barto

    6 months only for a Graphics update… Yaay

  • Aaron de Silva

    Broadcast isn’t new. It’s been there for a long time. I remember doing this in previous versions.

  • mav3rick

    This neonOS destroyed creativity, pushing for eye blinding and brain washing. All screens are now just blinding flashlights, you have to brace yourself and squint your eyes before going to open any of the updated for neonOS apps. Apps reviews should refrain from now on to post any app screens as all are just blinding whites screens, or change on black background for the web page.

  • Alex-V

    nice update…now it looks much better and cleaner..i love this 🙂

    was taking long this update…but its still nr. 1 messenger 🙂

  • SLSD

    It lags on my iPhone 5 🙁

  • Influens

    Is the new UI only for ios7 users

  • Holly

    I don’t want it to back up to iCloud. If I chose off, it won’t, correct?