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Episode 005: Sebastien describes his work environment, including his power-adjustable desk and his $700 stool. Jeff explains his recent change of heart regarding the smart watch and other wearables. Cody runs down his Black Friday experience. The trio also discusses Evernote paperless strategies and how to best achieve the elusive inbox zero.

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  • Arsanny Lintang

    what happen to the Let’s Talk Jailbreak?

    • Cameron Chao

      They changed the name because there isnt much to talk on jailbreak these days. It also allows them to upload it onto iTunes podcast.

      • jocastro

        geeez idownloadblog is starting to decline and you guys wont admit it. you guys went from a jailbreaking blog awesome to i don’t know what to call it… 🙁 …… but im hanging in there for the next big thing

      • It’s time to leave the ship before it sinks.

  • disqus_gI40aFty0t

    Come on guys there is next to no IOS in this episode
    I’m 30 min into and there in nothing
    You should call this pod cast LETS TALK ABOUT OUR COOL STUFF
    You guys are becoming the reson why some people think apple heads are airy fairy

    • So the Pebble, the “iWatch”, Evernote, Sebastien’s workspace, email aren’t iOS related?

      • Richard Gomez

        I agree with you Jeff, this podcast is iOS related, its just that this guy does not understand or probably should have went more into the podcast

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪


        I thought the advertisements weren’t very intrusive either so well done iDB…

      • Vivek Raja

        I really do find it sad that you guys haven’t cover anything about the tethered iOS 7.0.4 jailbreak for the iPhone 4…

      • I think we should just rename the podcast “Let’s Talk” so we can just talk freely about anything we want, without being reminded that we often don’t talk about iOS 😉

      • thetomthebomb

        I think the fact that u do veer off topic sometimes makes it way more interesting. Don’t change a thing!

  • jayqwed14

    Great u guys got the square space bug too but quick question jailbreking is going to be comeing back in too the sene soon will u guys just keep the podcast seprete are have you just dropped jailbreaking all together thanks keep up the great work

    • Two podcasts:
      1. Let’s Talk iOS
      2. Let’s Talk Jailbreak

  • disqus_gI40aFty0t

    I did not mean to sound really negative
    I have been using Mac since my 2e
    I have used ios from the start
    There are next to no good podcasts
    You guys could be killing it
    I just think there is so many other great things that could be talked about in an hour and half
    No hard feelings

    • Jo

      like what

      • disqus_gI40aFty0t

        What about
        Apps gone free for the week
        Apps that have free promos
        New apps that have been released
        New apps in the pipe line
        Unique things people do with there ios device
        Compare old versions of ios with the new
        A heads up on subjects for the next ep so we can get some sweet q n a going on
        Maybe a how to section each week ( pick a subject the ios does about a million things )
        Maybe please make an app the does ….. Section
        A section on what people do with their old ios device and how they maintain them
        Do you want more

      • Jo


      • disqus_gI40aFty0t

        Maybe a section for iOS and kids
        More in depth chat about articles from the site
        Up and coming articles
        Why this post crashes while I type
        A section on deferent apps that work well together
        A section on dodgy apps to look out for
        Talking about new promos in the store app
        iOS basics for people who my have over looked them
        Maybe a ios history and fact section
        Maybe a section on how we could use our ios device to help others
        What I did to my ios device this week to make it better
        Any thing is better then $700 chairs boxes full of magzines fights at Walmart and buying stuff to try knowing that you are going to take it back
        Let’s get productive and push forward
        After all these guys have a podcast in iTunes that they got

      • Jo


  • Yuxuan Lin

    damn, Now I know where did I get my cold from now. Lamo due to the fact that I watch too much Jeff’s video or hangout with you guy too much. Lol

  • thetomthebomb

    I always look forward to new episodes every week and to me u always do a great job. The conversation is informative and entertaining which are the two biggest qualities to look for in a great podcast. The three of u have great chemistry and that I think is what keeps me coming back. Keep up the great work and I look froward to next weeks episode!

  • thetomthebomb

    Also for everyone saying there is no talk of jailbreak on the site is because THERE IS NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT RIGHT NOW!!!!!! A jailbreak will come and when it does I’m sure they will report every detail. These guys put in a lot of hard work so try not to be so negative!

  • Giel Konink

    i NEEEED jailbreak for iOS 7.X come one it takes way to long !

  • rfreschner

    Hi guys – I’m a bit late to the discussion because I just discovered the podcast recently and have been playing catchup. In any case, I just wanted to say that I think the podcast is great the way you are doing it now. There have been some off-topic discussions that I could do without but, for the most part, they are very entertaining. I really love being able to hear the different opinions and you guys really dig into things that I never would have considered.

    Like Jeff, I’m a big fan of Evernote and have really been using it heavily over the last year or so after I got a scanner and became a premium member. The app has really progressed since I started using it and is now pretty good across all platforms. While my personal setup is all Apple, my work machine is Windows. Being able to have instant access to all my documents in any situation is priceless.

    As for paperless, I’m a big fan since reading David Sparks MacSparky iBook “Paperless”. He gave a lot of great tips for making the move and the hardware and software he uses or has tried to handle these tasks. Right now, I’m using a combination of Evernote and Dropbox for document storage, but am slowly phasing out DB in favor of Tresorit for more secure storage of sensitive information. I also use Hazel to rename and move files to their proper folders on my Mac automatically where possible and a combination of Text Expander for renaming documents aren’t readable and Hazel for filing. These folders are synced to DB and Tresorit.

    Sebastien and Cody – take Jeff’s advise and give it a try; it’s well worth the effort. Keep up the good work!