The future is coming, and it’s flying drones to get there. The Verge writes:

Amazon’s CEO loves a good reveal, and took the opportunity afforded by a 60 Minutes segment to show off his company’s latest creation: drones that can deliver packages up to five pounds, to your house in less than half an hour. They’re technically octocopters, as part of a program called “Amazon Prime Air.” A drone sits at the end of a conveyer belt, waiting to pick up a package and can carry them up to ten miles from the fulfillment center. As soon as Amazon can work out the regulations and figure out how to prevent your packages from being dropped on your head from above, Bezos promised, there will be a fleet of shipping drones taking the sky.

  • Antzboogie


  • rosssimpson

    WHAT. I’d so use amazon more if they had this here in the UK haha!! So awesome!

  • thanh nhat nguyen

    once it flew to my house it would never come back .muahaha

    • jocastro

      you will be the next one, on cops tv show………. bad boys bad boy!!!!!!!!
      freeze put down the drone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Esc

      So the American Government has decided to lease their drone program to major corporations now? Well, at least they haven’t started killing their own civilians yet like they kill the civilians in Yemen.

      • Daniel Eliasson

        This website is no place for political discussions. Please go somewhere else with your hatred.

  • i hope they’ll keep on improving this cause it kinda looks like a mosquito for me and it’s flying unstably and kinda swaying lol, but that’s okay for now at least i can feel their full effort on this.. i can feel the future technologies comin. i’m expecting oblivion-like drones lol 😀

  • Bob

    This doesn’t have anything to do with iDB.

    • Dani Hayes

      “It does because people use amazon to buy iDevices.” Said the angry Sebastian. Now lets go read some articles about the Galaxy S wtfe or the Moto X on iDB.

    • johnnytalks

      Were you not entertained?

      • Bob

        I wouldn’t call it entertaining, it would of been informative had I not already seen it hours before it was posted on iDB.

      • johnnytalks

        Complain a little more… Dang, I’m sorry that you found it elsewhere. Guess people should really be careful what they post on the interwebs so we don’t get repeat information. Man, that must suck to have happened to you.

      • Bob

        I bet you’re the life of the party.

      • johnnytalks

        Yup! You should come by sometime, although I tend to copy a lot of party type things you see at other parties, so you may not be entertained. 🙁 Poor you.

      • Matthew Cooper

        Good job there!

    • thetomthebomb

      Haters man. Haters.

      • Bob

        I’d love to know how I’m a hater?

        If stating the obvious makes me a hater, then yes, I’m a hater lol.

    • No it doesn’t but it’s pretty darn cool, so why not share it with everyone?

      • Bob

        The same could be said about a lot of other news that’s going on everyday.

        This isn’t a general news site, it’s an Apple news site. If you can even class iDB as a new site, more like a copy and paste site (no offense).

        This site specialises in Apple news, not general news. You should be the one telling me this, not the other way around.

        You choose your market and you stick to it.

        It’s like going on Forbes’ website and seeing an article on rare Barbie dolls, it just doesn’t work that way.

      • Nate McKelvie

        Well to be fair rare Barbie dolls are quite valuable and could have a forbes articles

      • Bob

        lmao Nate you’re right.

        I used that as an analogy though 😀

      • I appreciate you telling me what to do with my own site.

      • Bob

        Anytime Sebastien 😛

      • Matthew Cooper

        Its a “they will report whatever the hell they want” site and whenever necessary its a “if you dont like it go somewhere else” site too. Or i mean give me the link to your awesome site and ill tell u how terrible it is. Ill wait….

      • Bob

        I’d love for you to share more of your infinite wisdom.

      • Matthew Cooper

        Thanks, Ill be here all week. Stick around and ill learn you a thing or two

  • Clement Yeo

    there’ll be more people use their gun to hunt down new target , or maybe “rob” the drone

    • Nate McKelvie

      That was my first thought, a lot of theft will be going on

    • rubeN

      then they should equip the drones with weapons 😀

  • Yssyksa

    Great 🙂

  • jack

    April fools in December

  • Mgggb


  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Looks like it will be limited though. If you live more than 10 miles away from where the package is looks like you’ll get the same boring trucks. lol

    • Mike Colacone Saal

      theres a fulfillment center like 8 miles from me. sounds good. lol

  • Diego Gastón Milano

    This IS definitely the future! Too bad they are going to be charging a lot of extra money for it when in fact it’s way cheaper than paying fuel and a person to deliver it. On the other hand, how secure can this be?

    • Mike Colacone Saal

      i doubt they charge extra actually.. it says amazon prime. I’m assuming it will take the place of the free 2 day delivery (or the 3.99 over night shipping) that they currently offer.

      • Falk M.

        Yeah right, because they have a fleet sitting around able to deliver that vast an amount of packages.
        They WILL nickel and dime you for this.
        30 min delivery, that’s the perfect “top emergency” delivery, emergencies are pricey, because you don’t have a choice…

  • Stefano

    Yeah until your child playing with chalk on the sidewalk gets scalped LOL

  • İlkim Sezen

    It is cool until someone’s dog catches the drone and starts tearing it apart on the porch. What if I’m living in an apartment? Is it going to knock on my window? Seems pretty unrealistic to me.

  • JomanJi

    Hurr durr, such a Simcity : Cities of tomorrow copy lol

  • Gerardo Castro

    Damn future, you scary! Lol

  • Jonathan

    I can’t tell, is Amazon seriously planning on doing this, or is it just a mock up?

    • Mike Colacone Saal

      The guy from amazon on 60 minutes said that he’s optimistic that it could be done by 2015 ( when the FAA regulations come into effect for these), but he more realistically in the next 4-5 years he thinks

      • Shank-a-Potumus

        The ‘guy’ was Jeff Bezos – $25B worth.

      • Jonathan

        Sweet 😀 Even if it costs $50 to ship, I might do it just to watch it. xD

  • Matthew Cooper

    This is the future kids. Sooner or later we all wont have jobs.

    • Falk M.

      Well, at least the managers remain in their jobs… /s

  • Ariel

    Yet another amazingly useless invention!
    Though stealing an amazon drone will be pretty darn cool

    • Skrilla


    • Falk M.

      Yes, breaking the law is cool indeed and I bet they don’t intend to proof it against theft.