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In January of last year, the US Department of Justice sent a shockwave through the cloud storage industry by shutting down MegaUpload. The hosting site allowed users to upload and store large files, and at one point was the 13th most visited site on the Internet.

This year, exactly 12 months after MegaUpload shut down, founder Kim Dotcom reincarnated his cloud storage service as simply ‘Mega.’ The new service is more secure than its predecessor, includes 50 GB of free storage space, and now [finally] has an iOS app…

About Mega:

“Unlike with other cloud storage providers, your data stored with Mega is encrypted & decrypted during transfer by your client devices only and never by us.

Your data is accessible any time, from any device, anywhere, and only you control the keys to your files. If you chose to do so, you can share folders with your contacts and see their updates in real time. Online collaboration has never been more private and secure.”

The app itself seems well-designed. If you already have a Mega account, a quick login lets you jump right in. If you don’t, it allows you to quickly set one up in-app. Once logged in, the app’s UI and functionality reminds me of an early version of the Dropbox iOS client.

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Again, you’ll get 50GB of storage space for free, just for signing up, but if you’d like more space the Mega Pro subscription option gives you 500GB and 1000GB of bandwidth for $10.99 per month or $119.99 per year. And it looks like the tiers go all the way up to 4TB.

I’ve had a Mega account for a while now, but never used it due to the fact that there was no iOS client. Now that there is, we’ll see—50GB is way more than other services are offering. Anyway, if you’re interested, you can find the Mega app in the App Store for free.


  • on3simpleclick

    It’s about time, finally a cloud storage app that I’ll actually use.

  • Dontwannaknow

    Awesome! Just created an account and get 50 GB free!

  • jack

    is this just another pic-uploading “cloud” app?

    • Modest

      This is better than all the Dropboxes and stuff in my eyes, just not as convenient as all of them. But not for long seeing these apps rolling out from them.

    • Abdl

      That^^ .Thanks for saying my mind. i wonder why they even released it for iOS with other pic-uploading “crap” storage apps are available already. These kinds of apps is meant for open-source based devices!

      • Carlos Gomes

        It’s not crap, mainly because of the amazing speed. At least in my country MEGA is the service which offers the higher speed among other lockers.

  • Modest

    I had 99.99 euro voucher in my account and they automatically redeemed it for me, meaning that I now have 500GB of storage while I don’t need any of it, I was saving it for later… What the ****.

    • Abdl

      Sorry bro

    • Filip Langer

      Tweet to Dotcom and tell him.

      • Modest

        I did. He follows me too, but he didn’t reply. 😐

  • Gróf Attila

    have been waiting for this app for a while now!finally

  • steewy01

    i have been waiting so long for this app 🙂

  • It’s missing automatic photo uploads. Which is the only thing I would use this for. I can’t pass up 50 free GB of storage so might as well use it to store photos. Until it gains this feature it will sit unused on my phone but I hope it gets it soon.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Oh yeah!

  • Mi Wheeler

    The app on uploads photos. Why won’t it upload files and apps?

  • Albt

    Problems watching films on it