Magpul Field Case for iPad mini (image 001)

For those wondering, Erie, Colorado-based Magpul Industries Corporation designs and builds polymer firearms accessories and concept firearms.

As of late, they’ve been churning out semi-rigid phone accessories such as the colorful iPhone Field Case made from a durable thermoplastic designed to provide basic protection in the field.

If you’re a fan of the accessory and wish it were available for the iPad mini, Magpul has you covered. Introducing the Magpul Field Case for the iPad mini. Like its iPhone counterpart, the iPad cover is made from the same durable thermoplastic and features PMAG-style ribs for added grip…

The case includes Magpul’s logo on the back and its  snap-on design makes it easy to install and slide the accessory in and out of pockets or pouches without snagging. More importantly, it adds very little bulk to your tablet due to its thin appearance.

Like all other Magpul products, the Field Case for the iPad mini is designed and manufactured in the United States.

The Magpul Field Case for iPad mini is now shipping and can be yours in exchange for a recommended price of $26.95. The Field Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 will ship early December, with a suggested retail price of $16.95 each.

Magpul Bump Case for iPhone 5s (image 001)

If you’re more of an iPhone case type of person, check out Magpul’s $17 Field Case for the iPhone and the sturdier $27 Bump Case. The latter, pictured above, features a hard polymer shell and semi-rigid liner – again, without adding unnecessary bulk.

Despite its firearms expertise, Magpul has been on the iOS accessory market for years now and their cases are easily among the best. What I’m really looking forward to, though, is the Field Case for the iPad mini with Retina display.

  • Bob

    I don’t see the USP.

    • Military-grade semi-rugged protection without adding too much bulk?

      • Bob

        Yeah military grade is just marketing mumbo jumbo, doesn’t mean anything.

        If that’s not bulky, I don’t know what is.

      • OhSixTJ

        Then you know nothing.

    • Nothing unique, just another option for protection…or maybe you could consider the pattern and brand label as unique.

  • sharp44MAG .

    Christian this case also fits the iPad Mini with Retina Display. If it’s made for iPad Mini it is made for the iPad Mini with Retina Display also. Since they have the same form factor. Was not sure if you knew.

    • USMC 0317

      @Sharp44MAG- Your statement is not true. The iPad Mini w/Retina is slightly deeper than the original Mini. If you are getting a form-fitting case (like this one), the Retina Mini will not fit right in a case designed for the original Mini.

  • Joe Benning

    Christian, great cover. I have used Magpul for years now, primarily for their 5.56 magazine accessory, but didn’t know they made cases. A great price here as well considering other iPad case makers that seem to want to charge $100 just because they charge $50 for their iPhone cases. Thanks, again.