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Hot on the heels of Incipio’s announcement of its new waterproof, Touch ID-friendly Atlas iPhone 5s case, LifeProof has unveiled a new 5s case of its own. It too is waterproof, and 100% compatible with Touch ID.

It’s called the iPhone 5s nüüd Case, and LifeProof bills it as the “thinnest, lightest, all-protective iPhone 5s case ever made.” It’s fully submersible up to 6.6 feet, and is capable of surviving drops from up to 6.6 feet…

From LifeProof’s announcement (via Tuaw):

“iPhone 5s represents everything technologically possible and technologically useful in a smartphone. And, nüüd for iPhone 5s makes that technology more useful than ever thought possible. Blending maximum protection with ultimate usability, nüüd is engineered for all of your possibilities.

LifeProof’s nüüd screenless technology protects iPhone 5s from splashes, fumbles and full submersion, all while opening the touchscreen to direct touch. And that’s not the only thing you can touch. With complete Touch ID compatibility, nüüd is the only all-protective case that does so much while letting you touch so much!”

And here’s a list of the case’s features:

  • The thinnest, lightest, all-protective iPhone 5s case ever made
  • Screenless technology lets you touch your phone’s actual touchscreen
  • Works flawlessly with the iPhone 5s Touch ID feature
  • Fully submersible to 6.6 feet
  • Survives drops from up to 6.6 feet
  • Totally sealed from dirt, dust, snow and ice
  • Complete access to all buttons, ports and headphone jack
  • Clear case back shows off the brilliant Apple design
  • Maximum sound output and clarity
  • Anti-reflective optical-glass camera lens
  • Includes optional scratch protectors
  • Your nüüd for iPhone 5s is backed by a 1-year warranty

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There’s no shortage of waterproof iPhone 5 or 5s cases on the market, but the pool of Touch ID-compatible cases is decidedly smaller. Most protective cases cover the Home button, making it impossible to scan fingerprints.

But if you’re in the market for one that can, LifeProof has a pretty solid reputation. And this nüüd seems to be priced similarly to other like-cases. If you’re interested, you can pick one up from LifeProof’s web store for $89.99.

  • johnnytalks

    Lifeproof cases have been my hands down my favorite cases. Played football once with my Lifeproof Fre for iPhone 5 once. Punted it and all.

    • Cameron Chao

      you would carry your iphone on the field?

      • johnnytalks

        My phone was the football. Goofing around with friends.

      • RarestName

        Wow, seriously?

      • johnnytalks

        Yea, my case got scuffed up, but my iPhone 5 is still in perfect condition. I have since moved on to the Lifeproof iPhone 5 Nüüd case. Love it just as much.

  • Byron C Mayes

    LifeProof had already launched a Touch ID compatible 5s case a few weeks ago. The Frē, which has a built-in screen protector. The nüüd is their version without the screen protector.

    • marcus1324

      I ordered my Frē on November 9th and it still hasn’t come 🙁

  • Nate McKelvie

    I find lifeproof to be a great product, and out of all the waterproof cases I sell, it’s definitely the best seller and regarded the highest amongst my customers, but I still have trouble accepting that it can be waterproof without a screen protector or the phone being fully encased.

  • Prasoon Singh

    How can it be fully protected with the touch-id not being covered? Maybe it has a special cover over it?

    • Christian Mejía


    • OhSixTJ

      Well of course it has a cover over the home button. Duh!

  • chris125

    So this or the new atlas for the 5s?

  • CPVideoMaker101

    I once threw my iPhone 4 in a lifeproof case from the 3rd floor. Phone survived.