Looking for a way to protect that shiny new iPhone 5s you just purchased? What about your iPhone 5? Either way, if the answer is yes, you should definitely check out this new Spigen promotional bundle from Stack Social.

For a limited time, the deal site is offering the Tough Armor Case, the GLAS.t SLIM—which we reviewed back in March, and loved—and an LCD Cleaner set for your iPhone at a significant discount. More details after the fold…

Here’s everything included in the package:

Tough Armor Case


Steinheil LCD Cleaner Set


Individually, these items would cost you $80—that’s $30 for the Tough Armor Case, $30 for the GLAS.t SLIM, $10 for the two frames (gold and slate) and $10 for the LCD Cleaner. But Stack Social is offering it all for just $39.99.

We’ve run similar Spigen bundle deals in the past, and they’ve been very successful, so we just had to put this one up—especially with the holidays around the corner. This deal is only live until December 2, so grab it while you can.

It looks like this particular bundle doesn’t allow refunds, but it is available worldwide. Shipping is free to the continental United States and varies internationally based on location. To redeem this deal or find out more info, click here.

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Well, it’s definitely not for me. I despise cases. Haven’t used one since my 3Gs. Fortunately, I’ve managed to avoid anything disastrous and I’m a union carpenter with my iPhone in pocket daily.

    • TeddyBearStand

      Scratches ever a problem? Only reason I use a case is because I don’t have to be super careful when laying it on a hard surface (table etc..)

      • NaSty

        Yeah same here, but the top or bottom bezel somehow manages to get scratched 🙁

      • 4p0c4lyps3

        The bezel on my black 5 has a few imperfections but tht was a sore spot on a lot of 5’s. Now my white 5S seems to be less prone to the small scratches.

      • illK†Δ

        I agree. I actually took off all of the cheap paint on my black 5’s bezel because it chipped off so easily. Now I have a white 5s, never had a case on it, and it looks perfect.

      • 4p0c4lyps3

        Yup, no doubt. After I got my black 5 last yr, I immediately wished I had went white in lieu of the shitty bezel finish.

      • 4p0c4lyps3

        My black 5 has a few minor scratches, however very minor. My white 5S doesn’t seem to scratch nearly as easily as the black. But all in all you’ve got to take care in how and where u lay ur phone. Lol, I clean the damn thing at least every other day.

      • 4p0c4lyps3

        Another reason I go caseless is b/c in my line of work my phone can get a bit dusty(drywall dust, sawdust) and when I want to clean my device I just got tired of taking it in n out of a case. And the dust will get in the case too.

      • TeddyBearStand

        Ah that makes sense.

  • Luis M. Maldonado

    damn!! I bought this case 2 weeks ago for 30$.. the case only!!

  • Question

    That tough armor one is pretty nice sadly i dont have an iPhone 5/5s so i cant try that on my iPod touch 5g :/

  • chumawumba

    I only buy spigen products. They are the best.

  • Imahottguy

    Why- oh WHY- do case makers feel the need to put a little window on the back for the Apple logo?? I don’t understand the logic here. I have never come across someone who said “I like this case because everyone can see the Apple logo and thus know that I have an iPhone!”- never have I encountered that. That case looks nice, but it would look so much better without the damn hole in the back. Am I alone in this? Do people really prefer hole-y cases to heathen (non-hole-y) cases? I know this sounds silly, but I have always wondered what the thought process is…