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Great news gamers! Rockstar announced this morning that it is working on a port for its popular Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas title, and it will be landing on iOS (and Android) in December. Additionally, it will support new MFi controllers.

Rockstar has already published a handful of GTA games in the App Store, but this one will be particularly sweet. First released for consoles in 2004, San Andreas won numerous ‘Game of the Year’ awards and sold over 27.5 million copies…

From Rockstar’s official blog:

“Before GTAV took us to the sun-bleached sidewalks and humming concrete freeways of present-day Los Santos and beyond, there was Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the biggest GTA of the PS2 era. Now, head back to the early 90s with CJ and the Grove Street Families when Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas comes to mobile devices next month.

Encompassing Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas and everything in between, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has been upgraded for its mobile release. Newly remastered graphics including dynamic and detailed shadows, greater draw distance, an enriched color palette, plus enhanced character and car models make this the best-looking version of San Andreas yet.

The game also features brand new touch controls including contextual control options to display buttons only when you need them, three new control schemes for driving and maneuvering, and a reworked checkpoint system for easier progression.

Additionally, Rockstar notes that San Andreas for mobile will also come equipped with full controller support, including the MFi controller capabilities introduced in iOS 7. The good news is, both MOGA and Logitech have already released gamepads.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be available for select iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle and Windows Mobile devices. Stay tuned for more details in the weeks ahead.

  • Bob

    Awesome, looking forward to this. Defo the best GTA apart from 5.

    • Skrilla

      Nah San Andreas is way more fun than 5

      • appleyay

        5 just has better graphics..lolol

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      I can play San Andreas off my USB where as there isn’t even a PC version of GTA 5 (yet) so San Andreas wins by default

      • Biken Dangol

        San Andreas doesn’t work off or on the USB. Cut and paste can totally ruin the game,files to be precise . It won’t work. Cause back in the days ,I did it and it didn’t end well.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        It works. I have it on my USB and it is completely and utterly 100% portable. Perhaps too portable since save data is stored in temporary storage so you have to start fresh on each computer. Nonetheless it’s still better than GTA 5 which as of the date and time I write this does not yet exist for the PC.
        TLDR: It works but as you pointed out there are some drawbacks.

  • Steven Cannan


  • Sigurd Boe

    This is really great, the second best GTA game ever released! Cant wait to replay it 🙂

  • M 

    Yes, a 2004 game on a phone, but not a 2013 game on PC. Rockstar, you no rock!!

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      I think Rockstar has confirmed a PC version of GTA 5 but it sadly isn’t one of their priorities

      • appleyay

        there will be a new GTA for PS4 very soon.. with proper graphics

  • onebyone_

    Please multiplayer online please!!
    Playing San Andreas Online and talking with friends over your free-hands
    All this awesomeness just in your iPad or iPhone… would be awesome!!!

  • Flashe

    GTA on iOS is crap so far. They better improve the graphics and controls. Rockstar is getting shined on by Gameloft. That’s embarrassing.

    • appleyay

      um the graphics and game engine are exec;.y what they were on PS3 dude.. lol. the games they ported are just olds as hell

    • Aadhithya Ip

      you need to see age of the game dude……..they are not developing from scratch they just adding codes to run on mobile platform… should look some other new games

  • Scott Curry

    Hot Coffee jailbreak tweak? 😛

    • Aneeq Naqvi

      haha seriously???

    • appleyay


  • iPhone Gruru

    Hot coffee any one!?!

    • ConduciveMammal

      Hot coffee?

    • Liam Mulcahy

      best mod ever!

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    They need to start supporting cheat codes on ios!!

  • jack

    wohooooo best gta

  • omrishtam


  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Hot coffee, FTMFW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • appl3h4ck3r

    No freaking way?!?! That’s sick

  • Derek

    This is going to be pretty epic

  • Salaried tips

    All you had to do was follow the dam train CJ

    • pawfyd

      duuude, i remember this to this day! completed San Andreas multiple times on PC, just recently I bought PS3 for GTA V only (ok ok, also for the last of us and gran turismo :P)!

  • Liam Mulcahy


  • appleyay

    we need the controller IOS7 API ported too IOS6 with a JB tweak please..

    • Bob

      ewww no we don’t, ios 6 sucks

  • NaSty

    No way, i gave up on the idea of this back in the begining of the year. This is gonna be epic!!!!

  • Antsa

    I think this would be great on iPad if you have game controller.