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Episode 004: Sebastien, Cody, and Jeff talk about what it’s like to work from home and write about iOS all day, Sebastien’s Oceanhorn addiction, favorite Google Reader Replacements, exciting ideas for the future of Touch ID, iPhone 6 rumors and more. Unfortunately, we experienced some technical difficulties with this week’s episode, so the sound quality is significantly beneath our standard sound. This should be fixed going forward. Thank you for tuning in.

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  • appleyay

    must be boring as hell cause IOS is very boring with no jailbreak.

  • appleyay

    hey can one of you guys go buy the new controllers lout for IOS and do a review on them comparatively please that would be very good

  • Noah Mospan

    The audio quality was not that bad. But thank you for your apology, it’s shows your professionalism and courtesy to your listeners. I love your content, keep it up.

  • And here is the proof you can fit an iPad mini in your pocket 🙂

    • Dafuq, what size are your pockets man!

      • These are normal size pockets from a Levi’s 514. Try it. I’m sure it will fit in your pockets too.

      • Liar! Just kiddin I dont have an ipad mini :C

  • mwpitt52

    I have not seen any new podcasts since Nov 1st in the Apple podcast app.

    • Mike Colacone Saal

      I don’t use the podcasts app, but they’re all sitting in iTunes on my Mac for sure.

    • Make sure you have the right link (see in the post above). It’s definitely updating fine for me in Apple’s Podcasts app.

  • Greenhaze22

    I’ve stopped listening. Best of luck with the new direction. I understand why you’re going in this direction but my reasons for listening are in the other direction. Maybe when a jailbreak comes out, interest will pick up again. You guys at IDB do a great job. Thanks for all your efforts.

    • No problem. I understand you’re more interested in jailbreak discussions, but as we explained before, there isn’t much to talk about on the jb front these days. I believe deciding to do 2 podcasts (one focused on jb only, one for iOS only) was a good decision. But I completely understand it doesn’t meet everybody’s expectations. At any rates, thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback.

  • Jonathan Talbot

    I just love iDB! I mean what’s really nice is that you guys share your personal thoughts and interact with your listeners. For example the audio problem you had and Sebastien’s daughter and wife. It really makes us feel that you like what you’re doing sharing it with us! Keep it up! 😉

    • Thanks for taking the time to give us some feedback.