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  • Mohannad

    I just don’t understand how much longer do we have to wait for the release of iOS 7 jailbreak… It’s kinda of getting ridicules, don’t you think jeff?

    • Glorin

      stop stealing apps..

      • Mohannad

        First of all, i start spending money on “apps” probably before you even figure out how iOS works, and second of all, you’re commenting this in a site that really focus on “jailbreak and jailbreak app” which makes you look kinda of stupid, so save it buddy 😉

      • Glorin

        The site has broaden its coverage.. it’s not 99% jailbreak stuff with it.

    • wadjj

      iOS 6 jailbreak came in February, expect at least that, and shut up.

      • Mohannad

        4th for February we all know that, but again my question was for “jeff” if you didn’t notice, smartass (:

  • Bottra Nek Lang

    what date release ios 7 jailbreak ?? i wait it a long time !!

  • really it is becoming frustration for most jailbreak users to wait for ios 7 jailbreak.