I’ve been tripping over my own words in order to find the right phrase to express my satisfaction with the new MacBook Air. At well over 10 hours of battery life from a single charge, it’s been an absolute game changer for me.

I have the 11″ variety of the MacBook Air, and while Apple’s officially stated battery life is 9 hours, I’ve always done a bit better than that. The 13″ variety officially gets 12 hours of battery life, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see it get somewhere in the 13-14 hour range.

Apple is famously bearish when it comes to battery life predictions, which means users generally end up with the pleasant surprise of even higher numbers than Apple’s company line. But now, out of seemingly nowhere, Toshiba is claiming that its upcoming 2.5 pound ultra book will get an insane 22 hours of battery life.

Unless those estimates are egregiously overstated, this could be very good news for the next generation MacBook Air.

Packing specs in the ballpark of the MacBook Air, Toshiba’s Kira Dynabook sports a 13″ 1366×768 resolution screen, 128 GB SSD, a Haswell based Intel processor, and 8 GB of RAM. Another higher end model with a Retina caliber screen is said to pack in a just as impressive 14 hours of battery life.

The main detail that we need, the size and specs of the battery, is currently unknown at this time. I wouldn’t be surprised if Toshiba is overestimating its claims, or performing its tests in a ridiculously unrealistic user environment. But even if its so-called ultra book gets somewhere around 16-18 hours of battery life, that’s still mighty impressive; especially so in such a diminutive form factor.

It’ll be interesting to see what actually comes of this. If this turns out to be legitimate, even in the range of Toshiba’s estimates, this could signify great things for the next MacBook Air. What do you think about Toshiba’s claims?

  • klouud

    The pictured PC looks exactly like a MBA – I thought Apple couldn’t innovate any more. If so… then why the heck is everyone copying its hardware designs these days?

    • Prithvi

      Because Apple still has good design. But ya, I find it ironic that other companies say that Apple isn’t innovating but copy it’s designs. Look up the Lenovo laptops…they look just like the MacBook Pro

    • JulianZH

      because they dont want to admit it that apple design the best devices.

    • gittlopctbi

      Not trying to start an argument or anything, sincerely wanting to know–if the form factor is thin & light, how can anything look any differently? Seems to me that if it has a screen, a keyboard, a case, if you are getting down in size, that they all would start to look alike anyway, wouldn’t it?

      • felixtaf

        Not about thickness or lightweight, its the look. I had a Lenovo Ideapad U510 – carbon copy of Macbook pro! There are plenty other thin & light laptops which doesnt look like MBP too!

      • RarestName

        No. There are ultrabooks that look nothing like the MacBook. Maybe other than the wedge shape that’s an acceptable standard, there are other things that companies copy. I’ve mistaken a HP laptop for a MacBook Pro before.

      • Jack Wong

        Then all touchscreen smartphone should look the same according to your theory.

      • klouud

        Many are making almost carbon copies – I meant the majority not necessarily “everyone in the world” – its a figure of speech. But yeah… black keys, silver aluminum body, wedge shape… I see more and more these days. Many companies are outright copying Apple’s designs. You are over simplifying what I said. Just look at the picture – it looks just like a MBA – I’m typing on mine right now (MBA) and they look almost identical. Look at some of the new Ford cars and the Austin Martin cars – Ford is blatantly ripping off Austin Martin’s design cues – Computer companies are taking this to an entirely different level with their ultra books. If you disagree then that is totally ok.

      • thetomthebomb

        There is no such car as an Austin Martin it’s Aston Martin

      • klouud

        lol – my bad. Spelling error. But I’m assuming you understood my point eh?

      • gittlopctbi

        I’m not disagreeing or agreeing. I’m just wondering how different a laptop can look once you get it down to less than 1/2″ thick, that’s all. Many keyboards are already black, so how is that copying? OK, I’ll hand a point to Apple for aluminum bodies, but silver as a color has been around for a long time–who started that? I don’t think your analogy of cars is the same. The point I’m trying to make is that once laptops become so small, what is there to distinguish one from the other? A wedge shape is about all you can do.

    • NSA

      They copy their design and many features, then the News says Apple is not able to innovate. So far we have not seen any breakthrough from other companies.I have no idea why the majority keep blaming Apple.

      • CC-Dog

        The majority is blaming Apple for not giving them more to copy:)

      • klouud

        Its because Apple is doing so well, Apple positions itself as a premium brand, and people love to hate on things.

    • Toshiba isn’t everyone…there are many other PC manufacturers who have no look-alike to the MBA.

      • klouud

        Many are making almost carbon copies – I meant the majority not necessarily “everyone in the world” – its a figure of speech. But yeah… black keys, silver aluminum body, wedge shape… I see more and more these days. Many companies are outright copying Apple’s designs.

      • NSA

        Name them?..If no look-alike MBPro then mostly ugly or something wrong with hardware design. If it looks nice then they have copied MacBook…Same look for the thin Samsung laptops, they look very similar to MacBook Air.

      • Tear drop shape is the same as wedge shape to you? You sure have some broad definition of copying…just like Apple. Name the non-toshiba models of products that look like Apple’s MacBook Air.

        Regarding it being ugly, that’s subjective, and if Apple is the only hardware you think that is beautiful, better go see your doctor for a mental checkup. Surface Pro looks nothing like MacBook air, and IMO, the qualities are matched….or you want to tell me they copied black keys (in the TypeCover) from Apple?

      • NSA

        Look at some of HP and Samsung computers. If you have heard about those two brands.

        Be polite when you talk with people. I am not working in your kingdom. So far Apple is used to do almost the beatuful designs.

        beatuful designs Hardware & Software

      • NSA

        You always ask people for definition. We are NOT at School.

      • When you have some that define “good hardware” as having an Apple/Microsoft/Samsung logo on it, it’s always best to confirm, regardless if online or in person.

      • NSA

        Goog hardware is fine. Not all computers have used good hardware in their computers. When you wanna buy any hardware there are many brands. Everything based on price. For example, SSD drives, there is Intel, Samsung and other brands.

  • Dani Hayes

    I am very interested to see this as well. Toshiba makes, in my opinion, great laptops. However, I do not like ultra books.

  • Joey_Z

    Install windows on it, and good luck with battery life

    • Rickm_jr

      It says windows 8

      • Joey_Z

        That’s the point…

  • Cameron Chao

    MBA 13″ with Mavericks is said to get up to 15 hours, with this notebook running windows 8 and getting anywhere near 22 hours is actually impressive, but i wouldnt sacrifice Mac OS for Windows just for an additional 5 or so hours. I personally think most people wouldnt need more than 12 hours on their laptop, of course having more without sacrificing anything is always appreciated.

  • Quang

    May be they forgot to mention its sleep time 😀

    • Hahaha, that will be an epic facepalm…sure hope that’s not the case.

  • Abdl

    ” which means users generally end up with the pleasant surprise of even higher numbers than Apple’s company line”

    I dont believe that! Many MBP users have been complaining of getting average of 6-7 hours at most instead of the 9 hours that Aplle claims.

    • felixtaf

      Thats always like that in every product. We cannot get the advertised battery life for any product. The manufacturers will say this in microscopic words in their spec page “Battery life is tested in controlled conditions” or “Battery life varies by use and configuration”.
      You can see this in MBP specs page too. Font size 3 or 4 may be!


        That’s something that is very clear but I think he was referring to What Jeff wrote.

        Jeff is my number one favorite because that’s how I found this site when it was still in the starting stadium but this article is the first I mostly disagree

  • Saving battery juice via terrible screen resolution….sounds (and looks) like Apple’s Mac Book Air with a different brand label.

    • Carlos Gomes

      How is the MBA resolution terrible?

      • Terrible for the price. Should be at least Full HD (1080p) capable at that price tag…

    • planetcoalition

      Same question. Is 1440 x 900 so bad you can’t look at it?

      • Same answer. It’s a terrible screen resolution for that price tag.

      • Franck Kamayou

        don’t agree at all! it’s not about pushing the resolution, there is a physical limit to resolutions, 1920×1200 on a 13″ starts to be a little pushed for the average user. Even when you look at the MBP pre retina, we were getting 1440×900 at a much higher price tag… Even the retina 13″ you can only bump it up to 1680×1050

      • Raashid

        Yeah, that was before the technology was easily mass produced. Now that it’s mass produced and even SmartPhones have that resolution, there’s no excuse, besides greed, for having such low resolution on a high-priced device.

        Based on your logic, ’cause 1280×600 screen resolutions were expensive back then, it should be acceptable for high priced devices to still have that resolution…gimme a break.

      • Franck Kamayou

        I am talking about the way it looks on a 13″, on smartphone even though you have 1080p, all the UI elements are huge. A 13″ retina MacBook Pro at a 1080p resolution will look too small, and that’s a simple fact. Even today the retina 13″ default resolution is 1280×800 @2X

      • Raashid

        That’s based on the user’s eyes, thus should be left up to the user to choose the resolution. For example, at 1080p (100% scaling) on my Surface Pro, can’t read text without squinting, but at 1080p (150% scaling), have no problems reading stuff at normal distance. On the other hand, friend of myne instead uses 1600×900; not everyone’s eyes are the same…but I guess you pay Apple to make that decision for you.

      • Franck Kamayou

        Apple doesn’t like giving choice to the user. 1080p
        @1.5X scaling is not 1080p anymore it’s something more like 1440×900… which brings you back to the MBA. Also OS X only offers @1X resolution and @2X resolution and a 1080p @2X. Bottom line is, it’s not just Apple being cheap, there are many factors that play in how to choose the optimal resolution on a computer.


    Jeff I don’t get you for the first time. Just because one manufacturer can doesn’t mean the other will be able to do the same.

    And off topic question: I got late 2013 MacBook Pro 15inch with Apple claiming 8 hours of battery life, I only get like 4-5 hours, I’m not running anything high performance and the NVIDIA GRAPHIC is sleeping. Am I doing something wrong and tips on how to improve that number is appreciated.

    • If you really don’t have anything running 24/7 in the background and you still get that amount of battery life, you probably should return it for an exchange…what’s your definition of a “high performance” software?


        Right now my MacBook Pro is fully charged and it’s showing 5:48 remaining. The only apps that’s running is Chrome and Activity Monitor. The screen is deemed out( is on 5 dots) and the keyboard is on 4 dots.

        As high performance I clarify anything that uses the NVIDIA Graphics, as well iMovie, iPhoto and programs like that

      • In that case, you probably should back it up, restore it to factory, and return it for an exchange…

      • Franck Kamayou

        Have the Apple store check on your battery condition… do you have the retina MBP or the non retina MBP? also in Activity monitor you might wanna check if you have daemon processes that may be using your battery


        It’s Retina version. I contacted AppleCare and they made me take some screenshots of battery info and some of Activity Monitor and he said it looked fine. From what I understood from him, I should use the screen on like two-three dots. lol

        Before I didn’t use it on full brightness, I just let it be automatic, it used to be on 7-8 dots.

  • Rares


    • appleyay

      ^^^thats the face i make every time i see the IOS7 UI

  • appleyay

    yeah but its not a mac soooo…… no

  • Laszlo Gaspar

    Without seriously under clocking the processor and using very efficient ram, I fail to see how an ultrabook could have such a long battery life. There has to be a compromise here, possibly price.