yellow pink green iPhone 5c side by side

The iPhone 5c originally received a lot of attention due to the new form factor, lower price, and colorful addition to the otherwise black and white iPhone line up. Now, it seems the 5s is getting most of the attention as the new flagship handheld device.

Even iDB focuses primarily on the high end hardware, but today we recenter. Thanks to a few contacts in the right places, we are excited to announce an iPhone 5c specific giveaway to our readers. Take a look past the fold for the grab bag goodies going to one winner and enter for your chance to win…

The goods

Toddy Gear: Pocket Toddy ($9.99)


Keep things clean and fingerprint free with a Pocket Toddy. Nothing is worse than having fingerprints all over your device screen. Thankfully, the Pocket Toddy is built for travel, providing a cleaning solution where you would need it most: on the road. With a built in pocket, the 100% microfiber plush and silk dual sided cloth will fold into itself when tucked away. To keep it handy, the elastic tab will clip to a book bag, purse, or keyring.

Case Scenario: Keith Haring Crystal Case ($19.99)


Case Scenario Keith Haring Crystal Case

This designer Keith Haring case works in harmony with the iPhone 5c’s colorful appearance. Four Keith Haring designs are used to accentuate the clear cases, playing uniquely on the iPhone 5c’s existing design. With a simple drawing design, it is like placing a sticker on the back, thanks to the see through design, but added protection of a full case.

Bike2Power: BikeConsole Smart Mount ($47.95)


This heavy duty, waterproof and shock proof mount comes in color schemes similar to the iPhone 5c. Utilizing a universal attachment clip, the Smart Mount is able to attach to any item with a bar system, like bikes, strollers, scooters, etc. The mount rotates a full 360 degrees providing landscape and portrait orientations for use with different apps. All access is available to the touch screen, buttons, and ports.

Satechi: BT Touch Speaker ($49.99)

BT Touch Speaker - 01

Rounding out the giveaway is a Bluetooth Touch Speaker, which plays audio and includes a mic for taking speaker phone calls. Two, 2.5 watt dual channel speakers offer full stereo sound, complete with blue LED touch button controls to operate audio playback, volume and answers calls. The unit includes a built in Lithium iON battery and a 3.5mm input for legacy devices.


What do you have to do to win?

Sorry to our international readers, this one is for US residents only. A winner will be selected on Friday, who follows the next steps:

We look forward to selecting one lucky winner by week’s end. You will be contacted via Twitter DM if you have won!

Winner announced!

The winner of our grab bag is Brandon Andujar. He’s been contacted with further instructions. Thank you everyone for participating and stay tuned for more giveaways soon.

  • Rahul Rana 

    Personally, I like the Satechi: BT Touch Speaker. I’ve needed a Bluetooth speaker for when I take showers without getting my iPad all moist. The speaker seems pretty awesome. The blue iPhone 5c looks really cool. You can say I like “blue” things. Hah.

  • A’s Network

    @anaqvi786 yay 1st to comment. I’ll be happy with anything guys, thanks a lot for doing this

  • CPVideoMaker101

    I am @cpvideomaker and BT Touch speaker. I would use it with my iPhone 5c and iPhone 2G. I bought a Green goophone i5c (looks literally exactly like the iphone 5c) and I would buy a green one if I could afford it

  • Jake1047s

    I would use the Bike2Power most frequently, and I would use it when while getting back in shape on my bike. And I bought the green iPhone 5c. Thanks idb and my twitter name is @jake1047s

  • Georgebreach

    my favorite would probably be the Bluetooth touch speaker. I would use it for pretty much any social gathering I have where I would need to supply music as well as personal use for when I’m playing video games. the color I will be getting is the blue most definitely!

  • Hussain Alsanona

    Honestly, I’d love using “Satechi: BT Touch Speaker” I’m always want to purchase wireless speaker. I’m not kinda lucky person, but I wish to win and my twitter @MonsterDrift

  • Kenny Woodard


    I would most definitely love the speaker. I need one pretty badly. I would use it in my room because I don’t have any speakers. I am going to buy the iPhone 5c in blue for my little brother this Christmas. Good luck to everyone! And thanks IDB for the giveaway! 🙂

  • bhavesh

    BikeConsole… for sure. Easiest way to keep my phone on me, secured, and continuously tracking my progress through the trails.

  • Max Rojas


    wow idownloadblog doing a giveaway; that’s awesome! been reading all your blogs forever!
    i would definitely enjoy BT touch speaker, i like playing music all the time for any occasion! a iPhone 5c white would appeal to me as legit so i would go for one of those definitely! thanks for doing this, its pretty cool!

  • Dave Newcomb

    @davenookum Love the Keith Haring cases!

  • Alex Marwaha

    I own a white Iphone 5c. I really enjoy my phone and I am sure I will enjoy it 39287528 percent more if I own even one of these products. I personally love the speaker, which I think is pretty cool that it works by Bluetooth. Ill be using it for music most of the time.
    I have been reading your blogs for like literally forever and I enjoy every single post. I even subscribed to the IFTTT recipe to get text messages whenever you post something. I really love this website and I wouldn’t be able to live without it.
    Thanks so much!

  • Josh Diaz

    @jdiaz923. How do you friend on Facebook? I liked, I followed, but I don’t see a link to friend.

  • Tevin Limon

    I like the bike console the most since I’m riding my bike around campus a lot and also around town (no car). Also the touch speaker would be awesome while I’m at practice! I’m rocking a blue 5c and the twitter handle is @T_Limon11 Thanks!

  • Paul Dierksheide


    I love the cases and the Bluetooth Speaker. I have been looking for one but it would be awesome to win one! I have the White iPhone 5C and have had it for about a month, some new accesories for it would be awesome!!

  • Rohan Rashid

    I really like the the Bluetooth speaker. I plan of putting the speakers in my school locker. I plan on getting a blue 5c on black Friday!


  • Julio Martinez

    I’d be happy with even the smallest prize!

  • Huntz

    Diggin’ the speakers. Will sit nicely in my living room and would love to connect to it with my new green iPhone 5C. @HNTRVGHN

  • Jesus Meza


    My favorite item is the BT Touch Speaker. I would love to use in the coming holidays 🙂

  • John Kank

    I would love to win the bluetooth speaker. I have 4S and I think I will be buying red 5c in future. Twitter handle: @1am90HN

  • Justin

    I love the white, because its classical. I love the Bluetooth Speaker, I could seriously jam on that thing! @justin_harbour. Please PM me.

  • kadeem kadz Dulice

    sucks tha i cant take part in this … i would pay for shipping if i won -_-

  • queen_ir3ne

    This is awesome! My favorite item is the Satechi BT Speakers. =) I’d like the pink iPhone 5c to pair with the speakers.

    Twitter Handle: @GadgetQueenn

  • Joe

    I will love to get my hands on Satechi: BT Touch Speaker, will love to hear my music more often then just with earplugs.

  • @lustforbloodxd

    those touch speakers look awesome, would definitely use it around the house and carry it with me wherever i go. i would get the blue 5c!

  • Hugo Coronado

    BikeConsole Smart Mout or the white case. I hope I’ll finally with something

  • My favorite item is the bluetooth touch speaker. It will match greatly with my Blue 32GB iPhone 5c. I have been looking for a nice speaker and love the fact that it’s touch sensitive. And taking phone calls through it would be totally awesome too.

  • on3simpleclick

    International residents only? That’s a bit old fashioned considering that everyone in the world is connected these days & distances don’t really mean anything.

    • JimGresham

      The giveaway restriction to US customers only is set by the company providing the free products, not iDB.

  • Brandon Andujar

    Of all four products, I like the Pocket Toddy. The Pocket Toddy is convenient and usable for more than just your iPhone. I would use it on my Macbook screen, iPod and iPad. That feature makes this product versatile. It’s also something that can be used on a daily basis, at any time. My twitter handle is @_bandujar. I will purchase the yellow 5c during the holiday sales. Thanks!

  • Darrick

    The BT Touch Speaker is most appealing to me because the speakers on my iPhone aren’t loud enough when I take showers and have it playing music. Also when I head to the beach with friends, it’s very inconvenient to connect cheap ~$10 wired speakers and also that they’re not that loud. I like the blue iPhone 5C the most!

  • Jean Cristian

    I’m @JCris94 and my favorite is the BT touch speaker, I always go to the beach with friends, we are always listening music and it will be nice to have one of those , the look very portable.