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India is home to 1.24 billion people. As such, the second most-populous nation (after China) is among the fast-growing markets for smartphones. Brazil, Russia, India and China have a collective population of nearly three billion people and as such these so-called BRIC markets are estimated to each overtake the United States in smartphone sales by 2018.

India is particularly important to Apple so Tim Cook & Co. in past few months rolled out a series of initiatives aimed at making it easier for cash-strapped consumers to purchase an iPhone. Apple’s premium pricing strategy coupled with high import taxes and low average pay put the iPhone out of reach for many average Indians so the firm is now launching a new smartphone trade-in program in co-operation with local resellers…

According to India Today (via UnwiredView), Apple is looking to run a program in partnership with local dealers that would lower older iPhone prices in India, without actually doing the price cuts, through the smartphone trade-in program against new iPhone 5c or iPhone 4s purchases.

You will soon be able get up to 13K rupee ($208) discount for an iPhone 5C or 4S, if you bring your old smartphone.

The phones eligible for the discount include: BlackBerry Z10, Q10, iPhone 4 8GB, 16GB, Nokia Lumia 925, HTC Desire 500, Desire 600, One Mini, One Dual SIM, Samsung Galaxy Mega (5.8 and 6.3 inch both), S4 Mini, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 2, Note 3 and Sony’s Xperia C, Xperia ZR, Xperia Z, Xperia Z1 and Xperia Ultra.

Specifically, consumers who bring in their old smartphone can now get a new iPhone 5c with sixteen gigabytes of storage for 28 900 rupees, or about $463. Previously, the device would set Indians back 41 900 rupees, or $671.

As for the two-year old iPhone 4s, the trade-in lowers the device’s price point to 18 500 rupees ($296) instead of 31 500 rupees ($504), the publication explains. Participating merchants will reportedly receive a 2,000 Rs commission per device, which works out to approximately thirty-two bucks.

iPhone 5c Blue Yellow

It’s interesting that the iPhone 5s sold out in less than 24 hours of India launch while at the same time the iPhone 5c was deemed to pricey for the country’s off-contract prepaid market.

Apple doesn’t operate its own stores in India, but a recent report asserted the iPhone maker was looking to increase local franchise stores three-fold, from 65 to more than two hundred.

Similarly to India, Apple’s overpriced iPhones have ceded ground to low and mid-range Android devices in both Russia and China. Apple’s iPhone sales in India have gone up 400 percent on an annual basis after a series of marketing initiatives and promotions.

According to research firm Canalys, India in the July quarter of this year was the world’s third-largest smartphone market after the United States and China.

  • Harsh Sac

    Instead of launching new stores they need to get their stocks of the current line [Macs,iPods,iPhones etc]Up to available
    And also employ people with some basic knowledge of Computers

    • Jack Wong

      Yes please, I see I am still paying for the same price for the iPhone/laptop…

      But they don’t know much other than taking my credit card and ask me to sigh…

  • Jack Wong

    The problem is on the carriers… they are really asking too much for limited data…

  • apple_lies

    Silicon Graphics Inc (once a competitor of Apple Computer Inc) was a stickler for trading up. They always wanted to get their hands on their used products to the point of destroying the graymarket and resale vehicles.

    This strategy put SGI on the path to bankruptcy. When they tried to go up against the PC, it put them straight out of business.

    While I do not believe that Apple shares the exact same fate, the lesson is important. Apple should not mess with their graymarkets. They should not buy back used tech. They should not allow trade ins or upgrades. If anything, this keeps the prices high. It does not benefit the consumer. This is just another lie in their countless greedy marketing strategies.

  • vs511

    Why not the 5s, Apple? -_-

  • Pankaj Rana

    All hail to Reliance network for iPhone 5s super success. (Worlds cheapest iPhone 5s plan) And now this catchy trade in scheme again.. Apple is really in mood to dominate other mobiles in this range.

    • Ishaan Malhotra

      But who would want to switch to reliance from vodafone or airtel?

      • Switch


        Waiting for a similar scheme on Voda cause I don’t trust Reliance network or the customer care.

      • Pankaj Rana

        I’m using my secondary mobile on reliance network n I very rarely faced any issues in last 2-3 years, m from delhi, (north delhi)

      • Sam Khan

        Do they have LTE there?

  • topcricket

    i could simply trade off my old iphone for more than what apple pays me. again a sucking offer. wat would actually work in india is cuttin down the actual prices.