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In line with reports from early October, Facebook has launched a redesigned Messenger app for iPhone users this afternoon. The new design matches the aesthetics of iOS 7, and looks very similar to the updated Messenger app launched for Android a few weeks ago.

In addition to the makeover, today’s update also brings about some new features. In the new app, users will be able to see which friends are using Messenger, as well as have the ability to message non-Facebook friends from within the app as long as they have their number…

Facebook described the new app update in a Newsroom post:

“As more and more people use Facebook to connect with their friends on mobile, we are focused on building the best mobile products. Facebook messaging started as a desktop chat experience, but when it comes to messaging on mobile, people want something faster and lighter weight.”

And here are a few more screenshots for good measure:

messenger 3

Facebook says that the new Messenger experience will be available more broadly to people using the app on both iOS and Android “starting today.” And when it hits, you’ll be able to download the latest version of Facebook Messenger for iPhone from the App Store for free.

Have you tried the new version of Facebook Messenger yet? Thoughts?

  • Filipe Martins


  • Wow really cool app !!

  • I have to say this iOS 7 has made other apps look really really good. One was the tweetbot, then few other apps and now this! looks sleek and nice!

  • Pablo

    Ugly icon, what’s with all the white icons?! almost 50% of my main screen is just white, not very useful for notification center blur effect

    • chumawumba

      Yeah because that blur effect is sooo important.

      • Pablo

        It’s just a matter of what you like, I personally like a main screen with more than just white, not only because of the blur, but I also think it’s kinda boring just white icons all the time, and I think the blur effect is not exactly important, but a great touch, something nice to see, it adds depth and a sense of continuity and wide space

    • you can turn off the blur effect if you want by turning on Increase contrast. you can find here : Settings>General>Accessibility

  • İlkim Sezen

    Still no iPad version?

  • Pablo

    how do you sign out in this version?

    • Yeah, I’m stuck on that too 🙁

    • Eden Belmont

      I literally think there is no way to. It drains my battery (my phone’s fault really, but still)

    • Pablo

      I’ve found a way to do so, go to Settings–>Privacy and conditions then touch the menu on the superior left corner and there is an option to log out, you’ll see the change if you kill the app and re-enter it, the app will say you are no longer logged in

      • Shabari

        Yeah it worked:) Thankyou

      • Arif Faiz

        please clear me plz
        how do thi possible

      • Pablo

        you’re welcome 🙂

      • Nawaz Anjum

        conditions?? what is that?

      • Pablo

        Sorry I’m using my iphone in spanish, so I don’t know if the translation is correct but I think the option is called “Privacy and Conditions”

  • Renato Hiroshi

    Android launched it before it was cool in iphone

  • Adham

    This update kills the facebook chat heads in the main app… because messenger gets bridged with the app when you have it.

    • Interesting. Not sure if I like this yet or not. I enjoy using the messenger app way more than the message feature in the Facebook app but I’m not sure if I want to switch apps every time I want to view messages. I guess I’ll find out.

      • Adham

        I feel the exact same way… messaging on the Facebook app was useful when I was using the Facebook app. Constantly switching apps seems like a pain in the butt.

    • Pablo

      Where is the Sign out button now in messenger app?

    • Σαλαη αββας

      That’s not right , it doesn’t kill anything

      • Adham

        I should have been clearer. Chat heads technically still exist but not with the Messenger app installed.

    • ConduciveMammal

      Hmmm I wonder what would happen if one doesn’t have the Messenger app. Would they be unable to message or still have the original messaging feature within the Facebook app?

  • Hwang Lee

    Not digging the design, it’s polar opposite to the vibe of my S4…

  • Beck Hoefling


  • dnice

    Only two things I don’t like so far:

    1. Can no longer see when someone’s read your message.

    2. The stupid splash screen keeps coming up telling me to enable notifications on lock screen whenever I open message. I get his to do it but I want it disabled PURPOSELY.

    • Mhmd Bassam Nasyr

      1) you are obviously dumb,
      A tick near the timer area shows its seen,
      a left arrow shows you have sent the msg but the person didnt respond

      2) why did you install in the first place

      • Perhaps he has automatic updates on…

      • dnice

        1. i just noticed the tick
        2. so in order to install the update i HAVE to have notifications show on my lockscreen? pretty sure thats a personal preference. thanks moron.

  • on3simpleclick

    I dislike the new icon. It’s a bit strange for Facebook to wander away from their distinct color of blue they tend to brand everything with, but there is far to much white on this icon & not enough blue, regardless of what shade they use.

  • David Horbach

    Great, now we just need whatsapp

  • I DO NOT SEE THE POINT OF THIS APP! You can message your damn friends ON THE FACEBOOK APP. So stupid.

    • ngyikp

      The Messenger app starts up faster and uses less RAM than the main app.

      • big deal. I rather use the regular app and save space. One app to do it all instead of two.

  • Mhmd Bassam Nasyr

    its fast and better awesome

  • vs511

    Come on already Whatsapp. Loathing the old WhatsApp interface! This new Messenger interface looks gorgeous.

  • nice

  • How do I change account? How do I logoff from it?

  • Is there any way to install the old version?

  • netsurfer912


  • … …

    I’m really enjoying the overhaul…but is there a way to log out?

  • Alexandru Laurus

    I have a 5s and ‘Messages’ is now ‘Messenger’ in the Facebook app, so I no longer have the chat heads and I like it. But I also have a 4s and the chat heads are still available which annoys me because chatting keeps loading in background the news feed and often crashes occur. Is the feature to remove the chat heads only for the 5s ?

  • evilapa

    What is the point?
    A serious question. There’s already messaging in the Facebook app. Why do I need a separate app for this?

  • aagam patel

    how to log out from it??????

  • Arif Faiz

    how can i log out??????

  • Arif Faiz

    o bhai log out ka tareeka btaa do koi to

    • Prashukike

      bhai main batata hu pehle main bhi pareshaan tha ..for android phone ..just go to phone setting ..and then go to application manager …after that find messenger and click on messenger and then clear all data and cache of messenger ..!

  • Tawni Beauchemin-Eddy

    Is there any way to stop this app from taking over the whole right half of my screen when I’m not using it? I’m now locked out of all the apps on the upper right side of my screen. Every time I tap that side of the screen it pulls up the app. I can’t access my calendar or schedule. My son can’t play games. Settings and Google searches have brought me no luck. I’m going to delete it if I can’t figure out how to shut that feature off.

  • Andy

    Does ANYONE have the .ipa for the older version?
    I’m still on the iOS 6 (3GS!) and accidentally updated to this. This doesn’t look really well with the “older” style of the OS, so I’d love to see the previous version back.

  • Malik

    how to log out?? say fast