Viber 4.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)Viber 4.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

Viber today released a brand new version of its iOS and Android application which now includes the Viber Sticker Market, the new background gallery, the ability to send push-to-talk voice messages, forward messages, add more participants to group conversations than ever before and additional tweaks.

What’s really interesting is that Sticker Market allows Viber users to put their own creations on sale and make a profit when others buy their work from the palm of their hand.

The full breakdown follows after the break…

First things first: check out the new app icon.

Viber 4.0 for iOS (app icon, small)

The new Sticker Market opened with more than 300 stickers, each costing a cool $1.99. They have about a thousand stickers ready that will gradually make it into the market, with more coming over time. The revenue split was not known at post time.

In addition to paid stickers, users can still download one of the 50 free stickers to get themselves up to speed. This is the first time Viber toyed with the idea of paid stickers and hopefully this will generate a nice new income stream for them.

Viber Sticker Market (teaser 001)

As for push-to-talk voice messaging, Viber says its solution differs from others by drastically shortening the time spent waiting between voice messages.

As opposed to up to 60 seconds spent waiting for an average 15-second voice message, Viber’s technology compresses the recording, sending and playing to about four to six seconds.

Typically, Push To Talk is a four-step process — record, send, download, play. Viber does all four at the same time. This way, the average response time to a 15 second message is 4-6 seconds, rather than 45-60 seconds.

Lat but not least, the company has also rushed out a new Viber Out feature to help in the relief effort in the Philippines.

Like Skype Out, Viber Out lets you call any landline or cell phone number for a small fee. Credit can be topped up in $0.99, $4.99, $9.99 and $24.99 increments via in-app purchase.

The Viber Out feature is free in the Philippines and the company has made it so that non-Viber users outside of the Philippines can call local Viber-using residents.

Viber’s worldwide base is reckoned at 200 million registered users.

The remaining new capabilities include the ability to pick your conversation backgrounds from a built-in gallery, group conversations for up to a hundred participants and message forwarding to any group or contact.

Viber 4.0 includes the following:

• download over 1000 new stickers from the Sticker Market
• significant performance improvements
• instant Hold and Talk – Send voice messages. Your friend will hear you as you speak!
• forward any message to a contact or group
• select conversation backgrounds from our new background gallery
• add up to 100 participants to group conversations

Download Viber free from the App Store.

The free calling and messaging app requires an iOS device running iOS 5.0 or later.

  • Hazel Flores

    For the viber out, how much minutes is 99c?

    • Hi,

      You can find the full list of rates for anywhere in the world in this address: account . viber . com

  • Yuki Hiroko

    Does Viber Out charge a connection fee? Also, what increments are we charged at? For example, if we call for 5 minutes 30 seconds and the rate is 10c/min, are we charged at 55 cents or are we charged for 6 minutes at 60 cents?

    • For 1-60 seconds, you pay for one minute.
      For 61-120 seconds, you pay for two minutes, and so no.

      So if you start a new minute, you already pay for all of it.

      ViberOut rates can be found here: account . viber . com

  • SPAtlanta

    The Viber Out int’l rates are for calls from the US to other countries. What about rates for calls from other countries to the US?

    • Hi,

      The rates that you see for calling a country through ViberOut are the same, no matter where you call from 🙂

  • jinelyn sibonga

    Why is it that i cant see below the name of my friends if they are online or not???plz can u tell me if how can i fixed it

    • Hi,

      There are 2 options:

      1. Either they have a version of Viber that does not support this feature.
      2. Or, you or they disabled this feature. You can find the option (of “online status”) inside Viber’s settings. Enter Viber, go to “More” tab, then Settings.

  • Pete

    My Viber Desktop crashed just before I finished installing the previous version when it was released and would crash every time I launched Viber. I’m on Windows XP SP3 and thought upgrading to the new version today would work but I get the same problem. Does anyone have the same problem or can Viber help?

    • Hi,

      Please try rebooting your computer, then try downloading the latest version of Viber Desktop from our homepage again.

      • Pete


        That was the first thing I tried but it crashes during installation and the error report produces the window attached.

      • we would appreciate if you could take a minute and report the details to
        our support team using this direct link: bit . ly / ynxX19

        you submit the ticket, in the line called: “Through which channel did
        you submit your initial inquiry”, please make sure to choose “Technical

        Thanks in advance!

  • jinelyn sibonga

    Hello..I ask if there is way to fixed that the number register to my viber is a problem. Thats why I cant see all my contact friends in viber..if they are online…

    • Hi,

      We apologize, we’re not sure we fully understand your problem. Could you please try to explain again?

  • Katie

    Hey, could you let me know how I can add more stickers on my viber desktop new version please? Thanks.

    • You may add Stickers through your mobile app. Then, they should appear in your Desktop app automatically.

      • Katie

        Oh..not all of them appear on my desktop..I have downloaded a few from the market but only the one with Freddie the fox appears..

      • Did you try refreshing your Viber Desktop, and your mobile app?

        If the problem persists, then we would appreciate if you could take a minute and report the details to
        our support team using this direct link: bit . ly / ynxX19

        you submit the ticket, in the line called: “Through which channel did
        you submit your initial inquiry”, please make sure to choose “Technical

        Thanks in advance!

      • justdoit9

        Not all stickers on the mobile appear even after uninstalling and installing back viber on desktop!!

      • If you already purchased certain stickers, then download them through our Sticker Market. They will be free for download if you have already purchased them in the past.

  • jinelyn sibonga

    Hello…if i deactivate my viber on my Samsung note 2….can i install or download again on samsung note 2 the same device

    • Yep. After you deactivate, you can activate again by registering to Viber from scratch.

  • Murad Shalbak

    i update my Viber to new version, the problem is the list of my Viber contact had been deleted, and i can not make any call and messaging free… why ????

    • Hi,

      It could be that the network you are connected to is blocking Viber’s traffic.

      First, please try uninstalling and reinstalling Viber when connecting
      to a few different WiFi networks (in order to pinpoint the source of the
      problem). What are the results?
      2. Also, please make sure the following ports are enabled (“forwarded”) on your routers or firewalls:
      TCP: 5242 + 4244
      UDP: 5243 + 9785

      (if you are not sure how to enable ports, you may contact your router manufacturer or your Internet Service Provider)

      * If it still fails, please specify what country you’re located in, and which cellular network you’re subscribed to.

  • Gladys

    Hello please help me, my viber cant call my friend it says failed to call, he is in dubai.. Only to him i cant call but to my other friends there is no problem please help me. Thank you.

    • * does your friend in Dubai have the latest version of Viber installed?

      The authorities in the UAE decided to block VoIP (and Viber), and so
      there is unfortunately not much we can do to help 🙁
      You might want to
      contact the authorities for more answers or help.

  • Unfortunately it is not possible to delete stickers yet. You could do it by uninstalling then reinstalling Viber, but that would cause your message history to be deleted.

    We plan to add this feature in the future, and we apologize for the temporary inconvenience.

  • AungChaint

    I can’t get my purchase stickers … But I lost my cerdit from my account .Why ?

    • Hi,

      Have you got a confirmation that you purchased the Sticker?

  • Nadège Yakout

    I bought $4.99 credit to call overseas. Money went through got a receipt but my account says I have no credit. Please help

  • Toran Nguyen

    How come I have my friend on the iPhone but my mini iPad I can’t get my friend. It say Viber out. What does that mean?

  • Sam Suffit


    How can I remove the *** Back grounds i do not use to keep the one I LIKE without having Friggin Viber deciding to re re re and redownload background I DO NOT WANT

    It would be Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo simple to understand the user’s need if I do not want it, I can delete them to save storage on my phone……How hard would that be pretty please…… is that make sense


  • niv

    Why am i not able to see my online contacts in new version of viber?

  • Ahmed Benamer

    Hi the status of all my contacts is not shown at all, nothing is displayed under the contact name

  • Ahmed Benamer

    I’m using viber 4.2 on Samsung S4 I9500

  • Маја Драгана

    Can you tell me why I cant pay with any of my cards in a stiker market? I have enough many in all cards but i cant bay anything…

    • Hi Maja,

      The accepted methods of payment for Viber services are Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Payments via PayPal are temporarily unavailable, but will resume in the near future.

      • Маја Драгана

        I pay with visa but it doesn’t work..

  • viren shethia

    I am using a sony experia z…and when i go to viber sticker market and xlick to purchase a sticker…it says your purchase can’t be completed because your device doesn’t support in-app purchaces… Contact viber support….
    Please help me….this has happened only after the latest update

  • Michalis Niarchos

    Can we use the PTT on a laptop? I can not find the PTT button on Viber for desktop

    • Hi Michalis,

      On Viber for Desktop, you are able to listen to Push-to-talk messages, but you are not able to record them.

  • Sahara Cassey Whitney-Hakem

    why cant i find the sticker market on my pc? where is it? 🙂

    • Hi Sahara,

      The Sticker Market is only accessible on mobile devices. Any Sticker Packages that you download on your phone will transfer to Viber for Desktop.

  • Fr

    i can delete chat???it seems that option is no longer available on ios and the new update?

    • Hi,

      To delete a conversation from the messages screen:
      1. Go to the messages screen
      2. Find the conversation you would like to delete
      3. Swipe the conversation line to the left
      4. Select the ”X” on the right when it is exposed

  • Sdoran

    Freddie the Fox pointing at a clock what does it mean please

    • It’s Freddie’s playful way of saying “Hurry up,” or “You’re late.”

  • Taha47

    Please help when I was going to buy some stackers it says that my device doesn’t support purchase I’m working on galaxy s2 gt-i9100g 4.1.2 jelly bean please if you can solve it reply to me as fast as it possible thanks

  • paras kumar bk

    waiting for voice message on viber desktop

  • saber

    Hi,i have problem with new up date viber,my viber gave this error ; a viber voice message cant be recorded at this time.please make sure your microphon isnot being used by onather application;…pls help me…..tnx

  • maricar

    why i can’t find my sticker market in settings and privacy section? my phone is nokia xl