This episode of Let’s Talk iOS features an extremely diverse discussion ranging from the iPad Air, to Pinboard, to the various fitness apps and gadgets we use. We also talk about how to get more out of your Mac using keyboard shortcuts, Google’s new Search App update, Jeff’s experience with T-Mobile, and so much more. It’s Let’s Talk iOS, episode 002. You need not miss this.

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  • Harald Tan

    Hey Sebastien do you know that you can actually type for search queries for Siri? Just Tap to Edit

    • Yup, I know, thank you 🙂

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Tip: You can do that for anything with Siri. I do it all the time since its voice recognition is not always 100% accurate.

  • andyr354

    Audio was great on this episode. I could finally understand Sebastian this time since he was not on what sounded like his iPhone on speaker.

    • Strange. I haven’t changed anything to my recording set up. Glad you like better now anyway 🙂

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        I think andyr354 finally getting use to how you speak Sebastien. Which is not bad by the way.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        A small suggestion for the show notes of let’s talk iOS (and the jailbreak podcast) would be to include a link to the previous episode so if someone misses a week and happens to come across the next podcast they can easily navigate to the podcast they missed…

  • FreeRunner9616

    this podcast was awesome! i agree with the white ipad making the screen feel smaller too!

  • CollegiateLad

    I enjoyed this podcast. Although I subscribed via the podcast app, I find listening in Safari is much easier. The only caveat being you can’t rate or leave comments for other podcast listeners.

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      I found it easier and more enjoyable listing from the idownloadblog site. I stop subscribing to podcasts along time ago. With apps like Pocket, Instapaper, etc. Is there really a point to subscribe to any podcast.

      • CollegiateLad


  • Eni

    how do i contact jeff?

  • Jo

    Thumbs up if you like Android

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    Great show guys. I have to say, I use Argus and Pedometer++ on a daily basis and I love them both. Argus is a bit more detailed but Pedometer++ is also great to have. And Google Search, definitely one of my favorites: Ok Google! On a side note, Christian wrote an article about a month ago regarding the Fitbit Force and I have to say, I liked it so much that I went ahead and ordered one. I’ll let you guys know what I think because I just got an email confirmation saying it was shipped, so it should be her by the end of the week or the beginning of next week.

    • Joseph A. Ahmad

      Oh and Sebastien, I use Pedometer++ much more because I do find it more reliable as you did. But Argus has more to it which I like while Pedometer++ uses the minimalistic design which is gorgeous. So if you care about just the steps, definitely stick the Pedometer++.

  • Jeroen Claassens

    So Jeff went from dandy in the beginning to splendid right now? Hands down Jeff!!

  • Justin

    Flik Flak! Funny, I had one of those!

  • Lemerio P.

    I wish the podcast would have better recording techniques. Mic placement is important and is my complaint when listening. Some compression might help especially when cody and sebastien talk. Not everyone is always at the same level on every podcast. Like the podcast just not a big fan of the recording quality.

  • nikuf

    Hey Sebastien! What did your relatives do in order to take the iPhones back to Europe? Paid full price and demand to unlock them on the spot? Got a T-mobile? I have heard many versions and I do not know what to believe. I’m coming to NYC from Greece for a few days and want to to get my hands on one, since in Greece it costs 739€!