Tweetbot 3.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)Tweetbot 3.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

Tapbots’ Tweetbot, the popular iPhone, iPad and Mac client for Twitter, has been updated today on the App Store with a dozen new tweaks that will enhance your productivity.

My favorite improvement has got to be the ability to set in-app typeface independently of my system-wide text size preference, as defined under iOS 7 Settings > General > Text Size.

The enhancements in Tweetbot 3.1, among other tweaks, include the new square avatars, the ability to email conversations and hide profile badgets, quick reply (or other action) via the right-swipe gesture and the return of the ‘Last tweet x minutes ago’ label and using a list as your timeline.

Changelog is right after the break…

I missed the right swiping actions from Tweetbot’s original iOS 7 release.

Tweetbot 3.3.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 009)Tweetbot 3.3.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 006)
I think I prefer circular avatars after all.

With this update, you can set the right-swipe gesture to quickly reply to, favorite or retweet a tweet.

Tweetbot 3.3.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 007)Tweetbot 3.3.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 008)

Here’s changelog for Tweetbot version 3.1

– Using a list as your timeline is back (hold down on “Timeline” title to reveal the menu)
– Right swipe to quick reply (short swipe and release for custom action)
– Resize text within the app (Settings > Display)
– Option to set square avatars and hide timeline badges (Settings > Display)
– Email conversations or share via Storify
– “Last tweet x minutes ago” is back in the profiles (under recent images)
– Removed “Retweeted by” string so there’s less chance of truncation

Night mode will be implemented soon, Tapbots assures us.

As per usual, Tweetbot 3.1 contains “lots of bug fixes” as well.

Tweetbot 3.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 003)Tweetbot 3.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 004)

Iconfactory earlier this morning updated its excellent Twitterrific app (a $2.99 universal binary download on the App Store) with cleaned up profile pages, new pull-to-refresh animation, noticeable performance enhancements and a few other tweaks.

Tweetbot 3 for the iPhone and iPod touch is a $2.99 download.

The iPad edition of Tweetbot is another $2.99.

Unfortunately, Tweetbot for iPad has remained stuck with pre-iOS 7 look and wasn’t updated with today’s new features. If you’re on iOS 6, a new Tweetbot 2 update for the iPhone and iPod touch is now available on the App Store with bug fixes.

  • Cameron Brewster

    It already supported the text size set in the Settings app. This update allows it to use a specific text size set inside Tweetbot itself if needed.

  • Lance Baker

    Am I the only one that prefers the circle avatars?

    • Nope, I love them too <3

    • Cameron Brewster

      I find that until Twitter itself uses circles, some avatars just don’t fit with the circular option in Tweetbot.

    • Fırat Çiftçi

      I like the circular theme of Tweetbot. It really looks better than the original Twitter app.

  • It’s a shame that I have to pay again for this app to have an updated look & feel (when I switch to iOS 7)

    • riomar

      Well, they have to make profit too you know. and it’s only 3$ really. come on, it’s a great app, worth it!

    • Tom

      Not really, they’re not gonna do all the work implementing new code and designs for nothing. It’s annoying but $3 is less than a beer. (Not sure if it was £1.99 here or £2.99) either way it’s cheaper.

      • Dude, you sure have expensive beer there 😛

      • Tom

        Yep. Price in a pub works out to $5.60. That’s Britain for you.

  • neoamaru

    is there a problem with the notifications??..doesn’t seem to work for me :/

  • Al

    I’m just waiting for the iPad version of it, hopefully it utilizes the screen real estate..

  • Kenrick Fernandes

    as stupid as this sounds, i like the fact that i can now change my avatars from circular to square. Small but handy feature. I don’t know why apple went ahead and did this for their entire system but it really annoys me. I wonder what prompted Tweetbot to add this simple addition in their update :))) Thanks tweetybottty

  • RarestName

    Oh look, that’s me 😀

    Good thing they put the timeline lists back, I love that feature.

  • Ksain

    Is there any sound effects for actions, like it was in ver 2? Cause I keep hearing only app notifications sound. Settings set on “play all sounds”.