Pebble has had basic support for iOS Notifications in place from day one. The implementation, however, left a lot to be desired as the Pebble smarwatch could only relay the most basic of iOS notifications through a companion iPhone app.

Eagle-eyed readers will remember that the company last week confirmed an upcoming update would enable additional iOS 7 Notification Center alerts.

And just like clockwork, a new version of Pebble’s iOS app has gone live now in the App Store, introducing full integration with the iOS 7 Notification Center. This allows Pebble owners to receive any alerts enabled in Notification Center on an iOS 7 device and have them displayed on their $150 smartwatch.

Yes, this includes alerts from third-party apps such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and lots more. Go past the fold for more…

From iTunes release notes:

Now get all your notifications. Pebble now supports the enhanced notification system in iOS 7 (for iPhone 4s devices and higher).

Please refer to the help sections of the Pebble app and for information on how to manage notifications sent to your Pebble smartwatch from different iOS apps.

You can now receive alerts from apps like Calendar, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Flickr, Dropbox, WhatsApp, Flipboard and just about any third-party app which supports the iOS 7 Notification Center.

Previously, Notification Center alerts were limited to missed calls and text messages.

And here’s a video of notifications in action:

In addition to the refreshed app, Pebble has announced a much improved SDK 2.0 with four new APIs for Javascript, Accelerometer, Data Logging and Persistent Storage.

Pebble Smartwatch app can be downloaded free from the App Store.

The 11.4MB download requires an iDevice running iOS 7.0 or later.

And of course, you’ll need a $150 Pebble smartwatch.

  • I think the watch is still too big, but this does certainly make it more appealing.

  • Jonathan

    Does the accelerometer mean we’ll be able to use it as a pedometer?

    • bn326160

      There will definitely be an app for that, but I don’t think the watch is able to run apps in background.

  • jocastro


  • diggitydang

    I would buy this watch if the interface didn’t look like it was 8-bit Mario-esque graphics… And if an iWatch wasn’t just on the horizon…

  • Antzboogie

    I love my Pebble watch!

  • Truffol

    What happens when Apple releases the iWatch, and to fend off competition, Apple kills off iOS notifications to all other smartwatches including the Pebble?

  • melvyn cocker

    can iuse iphone 4 7.0.4