four iPad mini retina display

When Apple took the wraps off its new iPad mini with Retina display last month, it wouldn’t provide a concrete launch date beyond ‘later in November.’ Some have speculated that it would hit store shelves just before Black Friday weekend.

But according to a posting on Apple’s GSX (global service exchange) site for service providers, we may see the tablet as early as tomorrow. In the post, Apple says that it plans to launch the tablet in the US and other countries on November 12…

Here’s a screenshot of Apple’s internal tool posted by Twitter user PuntoMac (via MacRumors):


There’s obviously a few things worth noting here. The first is that such a quiet launch seems odd for such a highly-anticipated product like the Retina mini. But this isn’t unprecedented, and could be related to reports of severe supply constraints.

Next, it’s already past 12:00 pm on November 12 in Australia and well into the day in other countries, and we have yet to hear anything about the new minis going on sale. We can’t remember the last time Apple launched a product later in the day.

The consensus thus far is that this was a mistake by a system or its administrator, but 9to5Mac is reporting that it can confirm that this note did originate from “an official internal Apple system,” so there’s still a possibility the launch date is legitimate.

Obviously, we’ll update this post as soon as more information becomes available.

Update: it’s out!

  • A P Plause

    It’s the 12th in New Zealand WHERE IS MY IPAD MINI! (So, I highly doubt this is true)

    • chumawumba

      They are announced at 5:30 AM PST usually on press releases.

      • A P Plause

        Okay my comment wasn’t related to that but ok. The press release says local time, it’s been the 12th here for 15.5 hours here now……

  • Nick

    Canada is not on the list. There has never been an Apple product that launched in the USA and not Canada at the same time.


    • Dental Mental

      its not fake, it’s been confirmed by many sources to be an internal from apple.

    • NSA

      Go to Apple Canada website and you can order it

  • chumawumba

    My credit card is ready…

  • Mike Colacone Saal

    could the ‘local time’ mean local time out there in Cali? As ing it wouldn’t release until its midnight California time?

    • A P Plause

      Local time normally refers to each country though.

      • Mike Colacone Saal

        true, ah well, i wouldn’t expect it to release on a day other than a friday. I still assume Black Friday.

  • Abdl

    “Black friday weekend”?? What does that mean?

    • rubeN


  • Kevin Prusinowski

    I just went to apples website to look at the iPad air, and when I clivked on “buy now” I recived a message saying” check back later, apple is updating the store” O_O

    • rubeN

      Yep, Apple online store is down

    • Juan Flores

      Same with the new iPad mini

  • A P Plause

    Ha, looks like I stand corrected – hoping the Apple store being down means something.

  • JJ

    Apple store is down!

  • sloanq

    Apple Store Site is currently down

  • JJ

    refresh refresh refresh

  • ProfessorX1®

    It might be true. The Apple store is down….

  • JJ

    Down for an hour now.

  • rubeN

    it usually comes back on at 12am (pst)

  • JJ

    I’ll be pissed if I stay up until 2am (central here) and there is no mini!

  • JJ

    Order has been placed. Gray 128GB Mini with RD. ATT…