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Apple likes to tout the fact that people are using iPads in a wide variety of professions and situations. From doctors to film-makers, musicians to photographers, it seems like everyone is finding a use for the popular tablet.

And that includes car enthusiasts. A tricked-out Toyota 4Runner from Herbst Smith Fabrication made some noise at the SEMA trade show in Las Vegas this week for its unique iPad-controlled electronics and stereo system…
USAToday reports:

“The Oakley 4Runner has a camouflage-patterned vehicle wrap, LED lights and a rugged, metal roof rack designed to electronically lower and open to store two sets of skis at the press of an iPad button. The doors, music, windows and other interior features are controlled by three separate Apple iPads. To make sure the ordinary can range into the ridiculous, the ski-oriented vehicle also has a coffeemaker, a dryer for each ski glove and boot and a mountable grill in the cargo area.”

Perhaps the coolest thing about the vehicle, though, is the built-in ski storage unit located on the roof. With a simple push of a button, the ski rack extends out from the unit, and then lowers, making it easier to reach your skis.

Here’s a video of the 4Runner in action (sorry it’s in Flash);

To be fair, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen an iOS device used in a custom vehicle install, and with the launch of Apple’s iOS in the Car initiative, it probably won’t be the last. Still, we have to admit this iPad-run SUV is pretty cool.

What do you think?

  • Jonathan

    Give it 10 years, iPads will probably be driving the car itself.

    • mehrab


      • Jonathan

        By then, cars will drive themselves. Another 5 – 8 years, iPads will probably integrate the ability to drive cars.
        Don’t quote me though, just a guess.

  • Raddi

    i know it is a bit offtopic but, do anyone know how to get a video signal into the iPad? For things like Car-Parking-Cameras?

    • lemonhead

      Depends on the camera, if it’s a bluetooth one yes no problem at all, but for all the other ones that requires custome modding. Friend if me did it, but to be honest I think it’s not worth it as it costs lots of money…

  • KNS

    Tsk..still using iOS 6. Not so high tech or up-to-date after all..:< xD

  • blastingbigairs

    Couldn’t watch the video on my iPad. How ironic.

    • Kurt

      lol iPads can move parts on your car but can’t watch a simple flash video

      • mehrab

        Lol neither can android
        Atleast we can download a free web browser app that allows it

  • Cones1r

    Has anyone heard of Skyfire? You CAN watch flash on your iOS device.

    • Jonathan

      Free or no?

      • sharp44MAG .

        No it is $2.99.

      • Jonathan


  • Ted Forbes

    Yeah cool!

  • Jason Masters

    That dude looks like he shaves his arms he looks like a hairless cat he has no arm hairs lol

  • Bangali

    really want to install my ipad into my car but it cost £1000+ in the UK so its not worth it – might just do some custom modding!

  • Impressive, yet another consumption task simplified by the iPad…