Arden Hayes ditches Sony Xperia tablet for iPad (image 001)

This is gold. Arden Hayes, a famous Trivia expert from southern California, may not be your typical example of an Apple buyer because he doesn’t have income coming in.

And who could blame him: Arden is just a five-year-old who previously appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

There, the youngster has demonstrated his amazing knowledge of U.S. presidents, earning himself a nickname of the ‘little genius’.

In another Jimmy Kimmel appearance, Hayes flatly refuses to take a free Sony Xperia tablet because “we’re just planning to get an iPad for Christmas”.

Apple sure knows how to get them while they’re young, doesn’t it?

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Here, check this out.

Wise beyond his years, no?

For those unfamiliar with Arden, the kid can list all 44 U.S. presidents from memory, recite Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and just outright amaze with a barrage of various stats and trivia concerning the American presidents.

Another factoid: Arden and Franklin Delano share the same January 30 birthday.

As for the iPad, some grown-ups could learn a lot from Arden.

Over at Fortune, writer JP Mangalindan in a desperate linkbait asks whether the iPad Air is “necessary.”

I guess Mangalindan didn’t get the memo that consumers have long voted with their wallet on that one. Besides, his write-up suspiciously borrows cues from the funny clip (see above) from the crazy Taiwanese animation shop, Next Media Animation.

  • Alexander Bus

    Wow, the 3D video is damn priceless – I’m laughing so hard right now.

  • sivkai

    To be more precise, its ‘This is why Apple’s PR is winning”.

    Take this example. Build wise, the HTC One is just as solid, if not more, than the iPhone 5 yet it is still less well known by the average consumer. Why? Because Apple has marketed its brand far better. Also partly because Apple is riding on the success of its earlier revolutionary products (like the iPod and iPhone 1).

    The boys reaction here sums it up really. His understanding of tech is limited to just Apple because that is the only brand he is familiar of.

    • Rowan09

      The HTC one is an amazing build but it has to convince consumers it’s better than the Galaxy phones first before even being mentioned with the iPhone. The HTC One is an Android phone and a lot of people only know Galaxy phones when they hear Android. Apple does however do an amazing job at marketing, I believe though the last unveiling of the next gen iPad was the worst I’ve seen from them. It felt incomplete.

      • tskwierc

        To add to this whats funny is that I switched to an HTC one from a long time user of an iphone and even though I feel its superior in some ways especially in customization and screen size I find that when I see an apple commercial advertising an iPhone I find myself missing my iphone for no real valid reason… kinda like missing your first car even though you may drive something so much better now. I really just think that when it comes to phones its difficult to be completely settled in any model.

      • Nicky_Lanzz

        The thing that makes me stick with apple and not move to htc is all the apps and the other reason is no lag. Android seems to lag a ton, slow animations etc. Not as clean and what not. If it ran smooth like iOS does then I would be an android user already!

      • Tech Guru

        Android does not lag., that’s just a lie Android haters repeat. now if you got yourself one of those shitty little boost mobile phones running Android 2.x then yeah, its slow as hell but so is an iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4.

        I’ve had plenty of iOS lag and freezing and no OS is immune.

      • Kurt

        My iPad is so slow. Can’t wait to get the Air. My 4S is running so fast now that it’s not jailbroken. iOS is great in some ways because it lacks features. so It runs well. If it had more features it would be amazing slow as the specs are so crappy. Good for Apple as they rake in the dough. I just wished they would optimize iOS for the older phones and iPads as they intentionally make them slowwwwwww

      • Nicky_Lanzz

        It is not a lie, and I am not denying that iOS does not lag. Of course it has its moments although not often at all for me. Only does really when I jailbreak (which is the only reason why I still have an iPhone). But like I said, the MAIN MAIN reason is apps. I use a lot of 3rd party apps that android does not have yet. Apps is what keeps me going on the iPhone, along with jailbreaking it. But you can’t say Android does not lag. Every smartphone has its moments, but after playing with my sisters s4 and my dads s3, I notice it lags often. Way more than my iPhone has ever lagged. Just stating what I experienced :P.

      • Kurt

        Apps are better on iOS. But for a phone, iPhone is too tiny. It actually hurts my eyes when I go from my Note 3 to my 4S. Same with my wife. It takes time to adjust to the little screen. Funny as I used to think the 3.5inch phone in 2007 was so big. lol

      • Nicky_Lanzz

        Largest I can go is probably a 5 in screen. Note for me is way to out of line. I’d always have to carry it in my hand instead of my pocket. It would be to much of an inconvenience for me, especially being in NYC. I would so consider it, but its too much for me /:

      • Kurt

        It fits in my pocket. But I have one pair of jeans that have smaller than normal pockets so when I sit down I need to adjust the phone. Other than that its fine. It’s very cool that you can type with one hand too since the keyboard gets to the size of the iphones and moves over to the right or left of the screen depending on the hand you want to type with. But if apps are number one to you, don’t go Android. For me, apps are most important on a tablet (iPad is king), but on a phone screen size is (Note is king).

      • Nicky_Lanzz

        which note do you have?

      • Kurt

        note 3, the one with an antennae for dmb (tv) 😛 because its a Korean version

      • Android does not lag? My Granny runs faster. Android is so fragmented it’s beyond a joke.

      • Dan

        Try new highend android phones running Jelly bean, you’ll see what he’s talking about. You can’t use junk running ice cream sandswitch and below to judge the OS.

      • iOS Fanboy

        Isnt a “highend” android already more expensive and with far less PR/marketing than any iOS device ? And UI is far beyond better on iOS

      • Dan

        Most people buy their phone with contracts, and even if not, iPhone is usually more expensive. The UI being far beyond better on IOS is a matter of opinion.

      • Tech Guru

        very immature response. have anything original?

      • Cyber Jethro

        Fragmentation is not lag. It’s important to understand key terminology before commenting.

      • R4

        Well I’ve got a stock HTC One running on 4.3 and it’s
        Not as smooth as my old iPhone 5

      • Tech Guru

        define smooth? I have the One also and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, just stop making stuff up.

      • Dan

        get a highend phone like Note, HTC One, Nexus 5 or whatnot, no lag

      • Nicky_Lanzz

        I voted this up for a reason. I COMPLETELY would by now, or ages ago. But like I said, it is the apps and the jailbreak that mainly keeps me with my iPhone. If Verizon carried the HTC One in Red, I would already own it. As for the note, I am not interested in a phone that big, might as well toss my tablet out of my window. As for the nexus 5, I would have that as well, BUT, Welcome to Verizon!!! Maybe next year…

      • Kurt

        a phablet is great if you have a small tablet, iPad mini, and a smart phone as you can just consolidate. I really hope the iPhone next year is a phablet. I want to play some great games on a larger phone. Some don’t work well on a tablet.

      • Dan

        I actually have a Note and a Nexus 7. Having the Note makes it that I don’t have to carry the tablet around everyday (except on business trips, it’s great on the plane or train/bus).

      • Kurt

        But you would never carry both of them right?? For me, if you have a small phone you need/should want a small tablet while out and about.

      • Dan

        Well on trips (several days away) I do carry both, but everyday life, I don’t need to since the Note is big enough.

        I mostly use the tablet lounging around on the couch 🙂

      • Dan

        yeah I agree IOS apps are superior, I don’t play a lot of games though so I don’t really miss out on anything

      • Tech Guru

        what apps do you have that are not available or have an equivalent on Android? and Android doesn’t need a jailbreak so you wont be missing anything but gaining so much more.

      • KC

        Well I can tell you as an ex-2G, 3GS, and 4S user that switched over to Android and the HTC One, there’s zero lag on this phone and, after perusing over several different categories, there’s a crap-ton of apps all over in Google Play Marketplace. In fact, I’d venture to say that you’ll find many of the same iOS apps on Android. The apps argument was one I used before switching, as I had about 1300 of them bought/downloaded/attached to my ID; but since the switch, I’m just as happy on the One as I was on the 4S. And apps like Tasker make the experience even better.

        I’m not trying to convince you to switch or anything – just giving you something else to consider.

      • Nicky_Lanzz

        Ill def be considering it once my one mail app “mailbox” makes it way to android.

      • iNfAMOUS70702

        My note 3/nexus 5 have zero lag ..dunno what devices you’ve tried

      • Tech Guru

        keep your One, get an iPod. problem solved.

      • R4

        I own a htc one (I’m using it right now) and yes it is probably the best android phone but I regret not getting an iPhone . It doesn’t have nearly as many good apps and isn’t as smooth as the iPhone.

      • Tech Guru

        not nearly as many good apps? what have you been smoking? the only area in which iOS has a better selection is games. the Play Store has every good app the app store has OR something similar by a different developer.

        combined, the App Store and Play Store have over 2 million apps. if you or anybody else sampled just 1% of 1% of 1% you’d have to sample and compare over 2,000 apps in total.

        then if you really really want to do some work, break down this number into different categories !!

        stop with the nonsense.

      • Kurt

        Even when the Play Store has the same app, it isn’t as good as the one on iOS. ie. Instagram. Why does it not have image stabilization for videos??

      • Tech Guru

        it works both ways, apps on Android have features that the iOS version does not have. in addition, games that run on both platforms have more detail and effects on Android but not on iOS.

        with instagram it could be because many Android phones have video stabilization built in.

      • R4

        I’m talking about high quality apps. And yes Im 15 I play a lot of games on my phone and android just doesn’t have any. Look I didn’t say it doesn’t have any but you’ve got to admit , the app store is better than the play store

      • Tech Guru

        your main concern is obviously just for games so iOS is for you. but dont sit there and say that there are no, or fewer quality apps on Android than iOS.

        iOS has more variety of games and most of those games are also available for Android AND the run better. EXAMPLE. compare Dead Trigger 2 on ANY iDevice and compare it to a Galaxy and you’ll see what I mean. I’ll be happy to send you some screen shots if you want to see.

    • R4

      The HTC One is a solid phone but the OS it runs on isn’t. Android just doesn’t have the apps to compete with iOS. I’d swap mine for a 5c any day.

      • Tech Guru

        what’s not solid about Android? and of the 2,000 apps you’ve compared, how many are better on iOS than on Android?

        just curious.

      • R4

        around 5 of the apps I use daily. What I meant was that the app store has better apps like Paper by 53, Device, Deus ex, sorcery! Just to name a few. I’ve got the phone. I like it a lot but just because of the app selection on iOS I’d rather have a 5c than a HTC One

      • Tech Guru

        so 5 apps that you use daily means that out of the over 1 million apps in the Play Store there is nothing better or an app that does the same thing???? are you serious?

        I can rattle off about 20 apps that are NOT in the App Store AND there is NO app that can do something similar.

        so to say that I have a dozen or so Play Store apps that have no iOS equivalent makes the play store better is just not true.

    • Bob

      He’s a smart kid. He knows Android sucks which is why he didn’t want it.

    • felixtaf

      Apple is one of the most-criticized company nowadays.

      There were tons of articles about iPhone 5’s scratching and chipping problem. But not much for the gaps in HTC One.

      iPhone 5’s camera was criticized for purple fringing (All those, you are holding it wrong comments) and HTC one’s 4mp (Ultra-pixel crap) camera was praised as the best by tech reviewers. (It takes better pics at night, but you can see pixels if you zoom in).

      Failure for HTC One is due to the android fanbase. They refused to accept a breakthrough product. While Galaxy s3 and S4 are selling like hot cakes, HTC is losing money every quarter (even aftr releasing solid phones like HTC One, One X, Butterfly).

      HTC made some great phones, but not enough to compete with Samsung. They may go bankrupt or sell their company soon. Feel sorry for them!

      Also, Apple riding on the success of earlier products is not 100% right. Not everyone buys iPhone coz, iPhone 1 was revolutionary/popular.

      • Tech Guru

        Im a current HTC One user and user of Galaxies S2, S3, S4, Note I, Note II, Tab 7″ and Tab 10.1

        the HTC looks better, it certainly does not feel better (than the S3)

        the One has a better display, better sound and the camera takes better photos although its slower than the S4.

        for me, and only for me.

        the S4 is better than the One because of the software and features Samsung puts in its phones.

        I really hate how people say the One is better but have never ever used a Galaxy, just like there are those who say the iPhone us better but never used an Android phone.

        If I could take Sammy’s software and put it into the One’s body there would be NO PHONE better than it, none.

      • Hwang Lee

        Really? Sense is way better than Touchwiz.

      • felixtaf

        He mentioned that its based on his opinion… I cant stand touchwiz and S-features too. I had a Note 2, rooted with custom rom with no S-features (CleanROM). I dont like the cartoon UI of touchwiz. Its not that bad, but I dont like it.

      • Hwang Lee

        True. I’m running stock GPE Rom on my Galaxy S4.

        The thing about Samsung is that it’s not even Android anymore (it seems kind of like they’re departing from Android), they have their own app store and everything. If they did leave Android, it’d really hurt the OS. Sucks, Samsung has way too much power over Android.

      • Tech Guru

        they have 2 OSes of their own, Tizen and Bada. the names sound stupid and I have zero interest in them.

        If Samsung ever left Android some other OEM would fill the void–but it is true about how much they dominate Android. I read an article a while back that says Samsung makes more money from Android than Google does.

      • Tech Guru

        cartoon yes but its still packed with useful features that are completely absent in sense.

        I dont want a UI because its pretty to look at, I want one that does what I need it to do.

        for example.

        sense calendar vs touch wiz. can you see your entries on the sense calendar? NO, you cannot. and if you’re like me you have dozens of entries each and every month and when I need to see something I have to tap on every single one of them to see what the hell is in them. touch wiz on the other hand shows the entries right on the days themselves AND has a window below with even more info.


        sense contacts is a FKing joke. my brother is a nurse in the O.R and has 6 or 7 phone numbers. with sense I cannot specify what they are, I have like 5 numbers that just say ‘Other’ with TW I can label them as I please.


        try to copy and paste a phone number into the dialer on sense !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously, just try it and call the number. you cant, it just wont. it will dial the last number you called instead. like seriously, WTF.


        look at your call log on sense. you cant see the time and date of the calls which is important for missed calls!! I mean really? no time and date in the call “LOG”

        Im talking about the One so I don’t know about other sense phones but there’s about a dozen or so things I can say just off the top of my head that makes TW far superior to sense.

      • Tech Guru

        by miles.

        funny thing is that those who say sense is better don’t even know why they say that. I use both so I know exactly why I say what I say.

    • mehrab

      Apple… And makerting does not fit properly everyone just knows about apple products because of their ads? Guess what? Samsung ads airs 100000000x more times and in more countries then apple ever has also samsung sponser EVERYWHERE these days from award shows to tv shows to bill boards it still is not as popular as apple. The main thing is like people recommend members of their families to get apple products more
      And the iphone is build better anodized chamferred diamond cut edgdes with a sapphire crystal camera cover and saffire crystal ring in touch id

      • Tech Guru

        then why does it bend on its own and the paint peels off?

      • Kurt

        Thats why metal is inferior to glass and plastic.

      • Tech Guru

        I agree but we never hear the end of the “cheap plastic” nonsense.

        its funny that I’ve never feared dropping my phone until I got the One, now I’m so careful (even though I’ve never ever damaged a phone of any kind)

      • mehrab

        Paint peeling off you say most users get a case and i have seen people without ones to none had chips or anything. Unless they were freaks the paint peeled off like butter in the first batches of the 5 so did the bending out of a million 5 iphone 5″s will bend very easily even easier then a gs4 why? Manucfaturing issue you can get replacements. Btw why does the htc one rock on tables why are the hardware button placements so stupid? Oh guess what the htc one scratches also (personal expirience)

    • Tech Guru

      you got 4 down votes for speaking the truth. unbelievable.

      • sivkai

        Can’t win everyone :p

        Tbh, it’s not something for or against Apple, just stating a fact.

    • Cameron Chao

      Why cant this kid just be a genius and chose the iPad over the Sony because he smart enough to know whats better?

      • sivkai

        He wouldn’t be too smart if he chose the overpriced tablet that has the same amount of features, give or take a few, as the cheaper one. Hell, I think that would make him quite stupid.

      • Cameron Chao

        what? did you watch the show? hes a kid, hes getting gifts. omg.

      • sivkai

        No, I’m saying it would be stupid based on your logic that he should choose the iPad because it’s “better”. This isn’t true, the Xperia is just as great, if not more than the iPad.

        The kid did choose the iPad here but not out of stupidity, but naivety (no fault of his own).

    • Liam Mulcahy


  • dev29

    Im android smartphone user, and after having a surface and testing a galaxy tab 10.1, all i can say is that ipad is the tablet king, xperia tablet z is gorgeous and beautiful, but android tablets are not good enough in software and apps same as windows rt

    • Kartik Dhawan

      True Story

    • R4

      It’s the lack of high quality apps and fragmentation of the OS which makes it inferior to the iPad

      • Tech Guru

        iOS is fragmented. iPhones are fragmented and you or nobody else has sampled and compared 2,000 iOS and Android apps.

      • felixtaf

        Since you made this point three times already, am goin to reply now.
        You dont have to try 2000 apps to see which one is better. While all the 1 million apps in App store arent good, playstore has more themes, replica of one app multiple times, wallpapers for official phone from diff developers and apps make the 1 million.
        Play store is much better than BB and WP, but it still lacks quality apps or quality in apps than the app store.

    • Jo

      Apparently they just take the iPhone UI and enlarge it.

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    What an earth was that second video?

  • padfone_rules

    Love NMAWorldEdition. Hate Apple’s new iPad Air and I especially dislike using a 5 yro to promote it. Shame on you!

    When can I plug an iPhone or iPod Touch into an iPad Mini, or an iPad Mini into a full-sized iPad? When do the iPads get official keyboards with battery syncing functionality? Why doesn’t Apple’s hardware integrate? Seriously — I don’t have the money for any of the latest Apple gear (which refreshes several times a year) — but now I have to buy 4-5 difference devices? One for 4″ (no option for 5 or 6 inch), one for 7″, one for 10″, one Apple personal computer to develop (and Xcode latest requires OS X latest and iOS latest as well as expensive third-party development platforms and expensive Apple/third-party developer accounts), et al. It’s annoying!!!

    • felixtaf

      Whats wrong in promoting a product and whats wrong if the promoter being 5 yr old?

      You can plug iPhone to iPad via adapter to access photos only. iPad do have official MFI cerified keyboards, but not from Apple. Battery keyboards are official only from Asus now.

      Apple products refresh several times a year? Except iPad 3 & 4, none of the Apple products were refreshed in a year. Even if they r refreshed, its not necessary that u need to buy the latest.

      Buy 4 or 5 devices? for what? What are you talking about? Yes, you have buy one for 4″, one for 7″ and one for 10″. And 4″ phone cant be stretched as a 10″ and vice versa.

      You are jus finding faults!

    • tskwierc

      Lol I have never felt the need to buy every little thing every time it came out or even all one brand. I use a windows laptop for work, an Ipad mini as my tablet, an Ipod in a dock at home for music, and my phone is Android. I don’t feel like I am trapped, or cant get things done because I don’t have everything Apple makes.

      • padfone_rules

        My intention was to mean… why does each Apple product require it’s own bank of processor(s), memory, and flash/SSD disks? Why can’t I just buy an iPod Touch and plug it into a larger touch screen? Why can’t that touch screen charge my iPod?

        Personally, I use a Padfone which does all of that and more. My iPod Touch is my backup/secondary device. I agree it’s ok to mix-and-match Android with iOS. With Android, though, I can develop for Android on Android. I can prototype. I can unzip an APK in ES File Explorer, modify it with DroidEdit, zip it back up, install it, and run it.

  • thetomthebomb

    Wow cutest kid in the universe maybe lol?

  • Tech Guru

    the most pointless article I’ve ever read. if apple was “winning” why does their world wide market share decrease year after year while Android and WP increases. Android is now at an insane 81% and please, spare me the cheap phones excuses.

    Google stock is over 1,000 a share now–permanently according to some while apple fell from over $700 this time last year to under $400 twice this year.

    No new products or services from apple in years, they’re copying Android little by little with each iOS release, they jumped on the 7″ band wagon when Jobs said they’re to small to be useful. they will be on the phablet band wagon next year when Jobs said nobody wants a hummer sized phone.

    Even windows phone has passed iOS in some markets.

    PS. down votes don’t mean anything to me., only means some of you are ignorant.

    • Speaking about ignorance, you probably know that Apple never cared about market shares, and it never will. Apple makes 2 iPhones, Android is on hundreds of them. Apple makes 4 computers, competitors make hundreds of them. The market share argument is invalid as Apple never went after that. Apple however makes gigantic profits. Other companies, well, not so much, except Samsung which is doing pretty well for itself. Selling a variety of 40 different phones with 40 different screen sizes isn’t innovation.

      The “Apple isn’t making anything new these days” argument is getting old too. You can’t invent a wheel every day. Apple re-invented the music player and the smartphone. Apple pretty much created the tablet market. Others were just behind copying its every move.

    • Cameron Chao

      im not sure why you would name yourself tech guru and then come in with a bunch of verbal diarrhea. Are you trolling on Apple or just an idiot?

  • Dan

    Well yes, I think we have established before that Apple products attracts kids, teens and old people alike, it has flashy colors and it simple to learn 🙂

    Later on when he’s old enough to want to customize and do some pretty cool things, Android will be waiting.

    Let the downvotes begin!

    • Rowan09

      No down votes needed. This talk about Android being complex is not true. There’s a difference with user friendly and complex. Android is not complex it’s not that user friendly, just to find certain things in settings is a hassle.

      • Dan

        Imo you get used to settings. I just meant you can do more, custom roms, apps like tasker that let you control settings with locations, time of day and battery level, you can easily apply themes, access roots files, torrent, choose default apps etc.

        I still like IOS, just find it too limiting.

  • Hwang Lee

    Alot of Apple’s popularity can be contributed to (in my opinion) their history and their compactness. Everyone can catch up with all the Apple products because of their small amount of products, whereas the Android OS has way too many to keep up with. Also, Apple has had significant history and a great backing story (I wonder if Steve Jobs would still be this popular if for example he graduated from Harvard).

  • Beta382

    What a worthless regurgitation of an article. How is his uninformed (see @sivkai:disqus’s comment) opinion on a tablet newsworthy? Furthermore, how does said opinion make him “wise beyond his years”? His trivia expertise qualifies him for that branding, not his opinion on tech. If anything, this is a desperate attempt for you (or rather, for the writer at 9to5mac) to prove that “apple is better”, and it’s painful to read.

    FWIW, I agree that Apple has the better tablet.

  • Liam Mulcahy

    I’d still take it. Its free. Why not?

  • Sokrates

    both videos are ridiculously funny

  • The main reason why people prefer iOS to Android is because of OS Fragmentation. Apple allows all available users to update on the same say, while Android only lets Nexus devices get the latest update on Day 1. (Other devices get it like 6months to a year later)

    • grumpyfuzz

      No, android doesn’t say that you have to wait 6 months to update your device. The OEM of the phone could update the phone in a week if they wanted to, they would just have to put their skin over android on the new OS. Most of the OEM’s take longer than that to get their code done, and then they have to get passed through carriers, unless, of course, it is an unlocked device.

  • Dani Hayes

    I bet Christian couldn’t wait to write this.

  • TheBoi23

    Is anybody asking who the hell cares????

  • Below$550AShareIsPathetic!}:-D

    A true genius. Arden heard that Android was fragmented and he didn’t want anything to do with it. The Sony Xperia tablet was his equivalent of getting a lump of coal in his Christmas stocking. When he knows he’s getting the best, why would he take the worst.
    Newsflash: fAndroids adamantly claim he was being paid by Apple to reject the Sony Xperia tablet. Nice try.

  • joshhami

    they removed the clip from youtube.