Spotify 0.9 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)Spotify 0.9 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

Spotify, the popular Swedish streaming music startup, today gave its iPhone and iPad app a little love. In addition to support for new languages like Japanese, the new Spotify 0.9 for iOS now includes artist tour information, including such details as concert dates.

Several search-related improvements and the usual bug fixes are also part of this Spotify release.

The free update is available immediately on the App Store and I’ve included additional details below the fold…

Spotify version 0.9 now includes touring details in the Artist view so you never miss a gig by your favorite musician. Concert data is provided by Songkick, the same metadata supplier for Spotify’s desktop and web-based software.

As for the search-related improvements, the app has rolled out as-you-type instant results along with the ability to finally search across user profiles and playlists.

The app now speaks Japanese, Russian and Indonesian and many bugs have been “conquered”, as per release notes . All in all, it’s a nicely rounded update which makes enjoying your streaming music a more pleasurable experience.

Spotify 0.9 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 003)Spotify 0.9 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 004)

Although I’m tuning in to iTunes Radio on a regular basis, Spotify will remain my go-to streaming solution for the foreseeable time. Not only do I prefer Spotify because it has unlimited song skips (iTunes Radio limits me to six skips per station per hour), but also due to its ability to download songs and whole playlists for offline listening.

It also lets me create fully customized playlists and see what my friends are listening to and liking on social networks, which is a nice bonus

Spotify received its iOS 7 makeover a month following the September 20 iPhone 5s/5c release.

The updated Spotify app can be downloaded free from the App Store.

Spotify 0.9 requires an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad running iOS 6 or later and a paid Spotify Premium subscription, which will set you back ten bucks per month for high-quality, ad-free, cross-platform unlimited streaming.

  • Kenny Woodard

    It doesn’t require a paid subscription does it? Well it did not the last time I used it. I find the fact that you can’t search and play any song you want ( like on the desktop version ) to be kind of the shortcoming of the app. I’ve come to like Iheartradio more anyways. It doesn’t have ads and so far, it’s gave me some nice playlists of music I like. Unlike Pandora which just seems to give you a genre of music. I like Daughtry radio, but usually Pandora just gives me a bunch of random hard rock song that I don’t care about. Iheartradio actually gives me music that is comparable to Daughtry.

    • Mr.Ocean

      It does need a paid subscription on mobile devices. Though you can Test it out for like… 48hrs or something like that. If you sign up with your credit card, you can test the premium features for 30 Days. 🙂

  • Bobby Sammarco

    I really hope they implement being able to reorder playlists! Seems like such a basic fiuncionality with this type of app.

    • Paul Basterrechea

      Bobby…..I use an iPad mini and it is possible to reorder tracks within a playlist (happy to post how to….just ask). It doesn’t seem possible to reorder the list of playlists themselves though if you know the name of the playlist you want… it will show up on a search under playlists.