Google Search 3.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)Google Search 3.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

Google has just updated its native Search app for the iPhone and iPad with a slew of new features, starting with a number of new types of Google Now cards and the ability to activate the voice search handsfree, simply by saying “OK Google” like on Android. This feature works on the iPhone 4s or later devices. You can now enjoy one-touch sign-on and elect to receive alerts for delayed flights and upcoming appointments and events, as well as for public transit reminders.

The app now supports new types of reminders for movies, actors, TV shows, musicians and web content updates, including location-based and time-relative entries like “Remind me to buy coffee beans at Starbucks,” or “Remind me to check out the fair this weekend”. Jump past the fold for the full reveal…

Along with the new Now cards for event tickets, car rental reservations, public transit information and flight updates, the new Google Search version 3.1 for iOS features a revamped homepage that’s even cleaner than before, pinch-zoom gesture to zoom in on images, one touch sign-in for native Google apps and voiceover accessibility improvements.

Here’s the sweet promo vid.

The new Now cards include tickets for movies, concerts and events, boarding passes for flights, reservation confirmations for car rentals and public transit warnings when your last train home leaves.

Notifications in the Google Search iOS app.

As for reminders, you can now set to be reminded (just search and press the “remind me” button) when your favorite musicians release a new album, TV show has a new episode, actors star in a new movie and celebrities and politicians make headlines.

“You no longer need to comb through email to find an upcoming flight’s boarding pass or the tickets to your next movie or concert,” the search monster argues in a blog post. “The updated app will simply show you a Google Now card with your tickets when you arrive at the theatre or airport”.

Google Search 3.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 003)Google Search 3.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 004)

Although the updated app is available internationally, Google noted that reminders and “OK Google” handsfree voice search work only in English “for now”.

Google first announced these new features a little more than a month ago.

The full changelog follows:

Google Now gets even better with:
• Notifications – Get notified when it’s time to go
• Reminders – Never forget to put out the trash
• New cards – See tickets, boarding passes, & more
• Handsfree voice – Just say “OK Google” to search*
* requires iPhone 4s or later

Notifications deliver info before you open the app:
• When to leave for your next appointment or event
• If your flight is running late
• How to catch the last train home

Ask Google to remember things for you. Just say:
• “Remind me to buy coffee beans at Starbucks,” or
• “Remind me to check out the fair this weekend”
and Google will remind you at the right time or place.

You can also ask to be reminded when your favorite:
• Musicians release a new album
• TV show has a new episode
• Actors star in a new movie
• Celebrities and politicians make headlines
Just search and press the “remind me” button.

New cards organize the info you care about:
• Tickets for movies, concerts and events
• Boarding passes for your flights
• Reservation confirmations for car rentals
• Warnings when your last train home leaves
• Lists of upcoming local events

And finally, search is better than ever with:
• A redesigned and simplified homepage
• Gestures to zoom or throw away images
• One touch sign in if you use other Google apps
• Improved voiceover accessibility

By the way, Google Search recently turned 15.

Google Search 3.1 is a free download from the App Store.

The 32.7MB universal binary requires an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 6 or later, supports all form-factor iDevices natively and is optimized for the taller screen on the iPhone 5/5s/5c.

What’s your favorite new feature in Google Search 3.1?

  • Senoj Jones

    Super!!now its gonna be more useful

  • Craft Beer Austin

    Can it handle calendar events for multiple google apps accounts?

    • Tech Guru

      of course it can.

      • Craft Beer Austin

        I can enter multiple google accounts but it is not picking up any of my calendar events.

  • Maxim∑

    I wish I could say “Siri” and she would activate

    • Skrilla

      Nah I don’t the NSA to be *Always listening*

    • TinTonB

      They may implement this onto the M7 chip, i wish they would, it would make a great use for it.

    • Tony Trenkle Jr.

      When jailbroken theres an app called Hands Free Control thats 2 dollars in the Cydia store.

    • ɑղժɾҽա

      That feature is available in Cydia, but Apple will probably integrate that feature into iOS 8 along with quick reply.

  • Judge

    No matter what Google does it still kills the battery on IOS, the app keeps location services on constantly. FIx this and I will consider using it. Until then no way. Battery life is important

    • Yup. Same here. They say it doesn’t but it totally does. Battery hog to the fullest. Damn shame.

    • VITICO

      Not for me..

    • Mohammed Sahib

      You can change the in-app settings so that location services won’t run if u remove the app from background.

    • Raashid

      That’s how Apple’s geofence API works, you’re blaming the wrong developer.

    • Tech Guru

      get a phone with a bigger battery, problem solved.

  • Craft Beer Austin

    To answer my own question you can now sign in with multiple google accounts, but it looks like only one is active at a time…will see how it works with calendar events from different account throughout the day.

  • on3simpleclick

    Aussie here, “OK Google”
    doesn’t work on my 4S. Is there something I’m not doing right?

    • Guest


      “Not supported in your language”…

      American English isn’t the only English, Google. So stupid.

      • appleyay

        american English is the most profitable english.. welcome to capitalism…lol

      • Doesn’t work on American English for me either

      • Sam Z

        same thing here in New Zealand even when I switch to English (United States)

    • Sleaka J

      Aussie here, “OK Google” worked for me on my iPhone 5.

      Does it have access to your mic?

      And damn, you’re either up late or up early.

  • appleyay

    hmm so once the app is running its always listening thats cool

    • Only when you have the app open and your device is unlocked on iOS.

      Probably don’t need the app open on Android.

  • appleyay

    non of the google appas work on my jailbroken iPhone 5 on IOS6.1.2 dammit

    • Rick Hart

      Same here on my i5 too what the hell

  • Manny A. Canales

    What a massive update Google, well done, but you forgot one thing, updating the google app to have iOS 7’s design language!

    • ɑղժɾҽա

      Google is never going to do that and you know it. They’re keeping their Android design.

      • mehrab

        They did with a bunch of their apps and chrome

      • ɑղժɾҽա

        Chrome looks the same since the first iOS release. The “Android” design is pretty much the iOS 7 design without transparency or blur effects. Compare current “iOS 7 designed” Google apps to Android versions. SAME DESIGN.

      • Chrome has changed to the flat iOS7 design.. thinner/flatter (no gradients).

        After considering what you just said, I’m actually starting to think Apple’s ‘flat’ design copy is actually better than Googles. I like the transparency and blur, it’s nicer than flat blocks on dull blue/grey backgrounds.

  • Chris McG

    Does not work on jailbroken idevices

    • RarestName


      • Rick Hart

        Not working here! I5 6.1.2 jb

      • BodyLKT

        Not working here too! i4 6.1.2 jb

    • Rondy Brown

      I agree

      • Rick Hart

        Same herrq

    • Rick Hart

      Not working here

    • Not working here, crashing. What happen to you?

  • Al

    I like the update, but it’s annoying the keyboard hasn’t been updated…. Chrome has the updated keyboard.

  • Not supported in my native language ^_^

  • David Gitman

    4s or later? 🙁 I have 4..

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    I love the Google Search App, it’s one of my favorite apps along with Wolfram|Alpha

  • Not working for me on my 4s and iOS6, it simple crash, the app does not open. The Google logo appears and them crashes.

    Is it only with me?

  • AppleAnalist

    Isn’t working on Jailbroken iOS 6.1.2. works in safe mode tho. Just crashes to springboard. I thought having googiri was the problem deleted it and still happens.

  • Al

    Update keeps crashing after installing. 🙁

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    Those concerned about Google listening to you via your microphone, you can always restrict Google’s access to the microphone in settings via the privacy options. If you don’t use voice search for Google, then there’s always that option for you. But it works extremely well, I love it when I use it. Combined with Siri, I love using my iPhone now in terms of search functionality, plus all of the reminders and new features.

  • Wayne Wingate

    when will it add voice commands like, “call…, or text….