Target (electronics trade in teaser 001)

The United States retailing giant Target is extending its electronics trade-in program to include all iPad models for a $200 credit, in-store only. Target previously offered free gift cards for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV purchases and three years ago started offering gift cards in exchange for used iPhones so today’s news is a logical extension of that initiative.

If you still have the original iPad lying around somewhere collecting dust and want to get rid of it, Target will now accept it for up to a $200 gift card, redeemable against any store purchase. Read on for the full reveal…

MacRumors first spotted that Target’s in-store-only trade-in program requires customers to turn in their iPad at any Target Mobility store between November 3-9.

Target describes the process:

  • Step 1 – find your local Target mobility store by clicking here and selecting “Target Mobile” under store services
  • Step 2 – your device will be appraised in-store at the mobility kiosk
  • Step 3 – $200 minimum promotional credit will be issued on a Target Trade-In Gift Card and is redeemable in any Target store

After getting a quote, customers will get paid instantly with a Target electronics card.

You can also trade in your iPad online, in which case you’re looking at a $65 credit for a 16GB original iPad, $145 for an entry-level 16GB iPad mini and $158 for a 32GB AT&T cellular iPad 2 in mint condition.

These quotes are for online trade-ins – you have to go to the store for the $200 promotion.

To be eligible for trade in, your iPad must power on and the screen must not be scratched, let alone smashed.

Target is also offering the 16GB iPhone 5c for $79 with two-year contract and sells the $479 16GB iPad Air, a $20 saving from Apple’s $499 price point (like Walmart). Cellular models are available with an AT&T, Verizon or Sprint contract.

Trading your previous (or perhaps your very first?) iPad in good working condition and netting a $200 gift card means you could end up dropping only $279 on a brand spanking new 16GB iPad Air.

On a related note, a Target product listing spotted in its retail system indicates Apple may start selling the iPad mini with Retina display on November 21.

  • nsfw

    wow, only a 6 hour plane ride to north carolina?

    • Those Target Mobile stores are really few and far between, aren’t they? I think there’s a problem with their online store locator, I’ve found it does not list all Target stores available.

      • Yujin

        It looks like it list very store regardless of mobility store or not.

    • Jose Gonzalez

      I thought the same thing. But all you have to do is go back to the main target page and then click on store locator. For some reason I guess when you click on the link, it automatically assumes you are around North Carolina.

    • Jo

      It’s worth it if the plane ride is under 200$

  • Duste Allen

    Yes, the Target website is a little crazy today. Just call your local store and see if they have a Mobile store (most do).

    I’m a little skeptical. Called the local store and the employee didn’t know a lot of details on the program (as expected). Being able to get $200 for my first-gen iPad sounds a little too good to be true, but I’m going to check it out. The website does say, “at least $200.” I was thinking it would be “up-to” but it clearly says “at least.” Once I check it out in-store, I’ll update.

    • Jose Gonzalez

      I just called two of my local stores and neither of them knew exactly what I was talking about either. But I am heading to one right now and see what I can dig up.

  • chumawumba

    This info is incorrect. I just went to Target and they said only on the iPad 4.

    • Duste Allen

      I tweeted Target and they replied:

      @AskTarget @dusteallen Thanks for asking! The iPad trade in special works for any and all iPad’s. Visit the Target mobile kiosk nearest you to trade.

      • chumawumba

        I stand corrected. I guess the employee I talked to had the wrong info.

    • Joe Benning

      They are wrong. They enter the model in the computer and it honers them all. I just got $200 for my iPad 1 an hour ago.

  • JWu

    Traded in an iPad 1 for $200 gift card yesterday.

    • chumawumba

      I am so going to do that

    • Rowan09

      Does it matter if it’s engraved? I have a mint first gen that’s engraved.

    • JukeLuke

      What if you have a ipad 1 32gb with 3G. Can you get more?

    • appleyay

      for an ipad 1 thats a great deal but for an ipad4 not at all..

  • illK†Δ

    What about engraved ipads? Probably nothing 🙁 *regret*

    • chumawumba

      Luckily my iPad 1 is the only iPad I didn’t engrave.

  • Nicholas Osborne

    What does target plan on doing with the traded-in iPads?

    • Rowan09

      Sell them to trading companies I would assume. Buying and selling cellphones, tablets, etc is a big business.

    • appleyay

      making big profit

  • Mike Colacone Saal

    lol 175 for an unlocked 64GB iphone 5? 125 for an ipad 2? this is a joke, right?

    • appleyay

      lol i need $300 for my ipad4 16 gig..

  • Yujin

    200 for any model. So if you have an ipad 1 or 2 that is 16GB then GO for it. Any higher models or models with more memory go to gazelle or others as you can get a little more. Also target mobility at some stores are ignoring this and just deny it. Happen to me when I called the queens target in NY

    • Brandon D

      i have an ipad 1 with 3g cellular 64gb, and gazelle currently offers me $70 for it. I called my local target store and they confirmed that any ipad, any size – $200 gift card. He said that a rep will be there from 12-8pm every day until the 9th to do this.

  • matt davis

    Couldn’t have been easier. Went in with ipad 1st gen came out with $200 gift card

    • Joe Benning

      Did you get a additional $40 gift card like I did? Just wondering. Can’t believe I got $200 for that POS iPad 1 and scored a iPad 4 32G for $340.

  • Andrew Larty

    Any one find it interesting that the gift card is valid thru 11/22?

    • Duste Allen

      So, you were allowed to trade-in the iPad for the $200 and just get the gift card? The store I went to last night told me you have to purchase a new iPad when you trade-in your iPad in order to get the full $200.

  • I have an iPad 1 with an intact screen, but there’s a two-inch black bar across that doesn’t illuminate. Technically, as long as it turns on and isn’t scratched, it says it’ll qualify.
    I wonder… 😀

  • Joe Benning

    It works! And by the way, most Targets sell phones and this is department that handles this offer. I scored a $580 iPad 4 32G for $340 after they gave $200 me for the iPad 1 and then an additional $40 gift card. I remembered paying over $450 for that relic back in the day…

  • jordan Gibbs

    Once you get the $200 gift card does it have to go towards the new iPad Air or can I use it just toward an iPad mini?