four iPad mini retina display

It looks like Apple’s Retina iPad mini production problems are worse than we thought. According to a new report, both LG Display and Sharp are having so much trouble mass-producing the hi-res panels for the tablet that the company has been forced to turn to rival Samsung for help…

CNET passes along a report from Nikkei:

“Currently, LG Display and Sharp are both stipulated as display suppliers for the new iPad Mini. Problem is, LGD is the only one having any success at achieving production, according to a DisplaySearch Japan analyst cited in a Nikkei report. But even LGD is not faring that well at the moment. The report characterizes production at LGD as “not close to full production.”

As a result, Apple is now turning to Samsung. But that erstwhile supplier to Apple will not be ready to deliver any kind of volume until well into next year, according to the report.”

While we’ve heard several reports now indicating that initial supplies of iPad mini with Retina display would be very limited at launch, this makes it seem like the situation is much worse than we previously thought. It’s particularly telling that Apple has turned to Samsung to bail them out.

Tim cook and company have reportedly been trying to decrease their supply chain independence on Samsung as their rivalry continues to heat up both in the marketplace and in the courtroom. They’ve gone elsewhere for iOS device displays, and rumor has it they’re looking at new chip-makers.

When Apple announced the iPad mini with Retina display back in October, it would only give a vague launch date of ‘November.’ But it’s not known whether or not this was due to manufacturing problems, or if the company wanted to draw more attention to its redesigned (higher margin) iPad Air.

Apple began selling the iPad Air around the globe today, starting at $499.

  • Mohammed Sahib

    Yay! I would choose the new mini over the air if it has a samsung display. LG displays are plagued by image retention. I don’t want to have the same problem of my iPad 2.


      I’m not sure but does the iPad Air have Samsung display?

      • Mohammed Sahib

        I am wondering that myself, but I highly doubt it.

      • goofygreek

        LG display. Confirmed by Macrumors.

    • Dan Saporita

      before you make a comment about your iPad 2 screen and a new screen, know a little information about it, the iPad 2 DID NOT have the retina display, so your trying to compare an Apple to an orange.

      • Raashid

        B4 you reply to a comment, get your facts straight. So what if it wasn’t a retina display? Some of them had a display made by LG (i.e. Low Grade) and that’s what he’s referring. Doesn’t matter if a low-grade manufacture makes an SD or HD panel, it’s still low-grade.

      • Dan Saporita

        two different screen, two different qualities, two different technologies, if he said his iPad 4 was like that, or the iPhone 4+ or iPod 5g, it would make a little more sense then to compare a non retina display to aretina display

      • Kurt

        LG screens are inferior to Samsungs. Samsungs are bright, great white balance and no problems with image retention/ghosting. My wife’s 4S is very yellow in comparison to my 4S and has problems with image retention

      • Steven Cannan

        That was clever lol

      • Mohammed Sahib

        Image retention plagued iPad 2 and iPad 4s and not iPad 3s. The latter’s screens were supplied by samsung alone AFAIK, while LG supplied some of the 2 and 4 screens. Similarly, RETINA macbook pros with LG displays had the same issue, while those with Samsung display didn’t. Please do your research before you comment, thanks.

      • Dan Saporita

        Bc every crystal screen has that issue, no matter who you buy it from, Samsung figured out a way of not showing it because instead of using an actual black, their screens had a yellow tint which would allow hiding the ghosting

      • Kurt

        wow you are ignorant

      • appleyay

        ipad 2 owners are funny people..

      • Dan Saporita

        IPhone 5, iPad 4, and iPod 4g, no iPad 2 here

  • macboy74

    When it comes down to stuff like this competition is out the window. Samsung makes billions off of Apple.

  • appleyay

    lol BS

  • WolfgangHoltz

    I like Samsung 🙂

  • Taf Khan

    Can’t live with them can’t live without them!