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While Apple continues to keep mum on a specific release date for its iPad mini with Retina display—as of now, it’s sticking with ‘November’—retail giant Target is expecting the tablet to launch the third week in November.

More specifically, November 21. The company let the date slip in its online product listing for the Retina iPad mini at, where it lists the release date for the device as the Thursday in the week before Thanksgiving…

It’s unclear if Target is making a wild guess, an educated guess, or is stating a fact here, but we can think of a few reasons why it makes sense. The most obvious, of course, is this would get the tablet out before Black Friday.

target ipad mini

Black Friday, which is the day after Thanksgiving, is easily the busiest shopping day of the year here in the United States. So it would be logical for Apple to want to get the new mini out to retails stores a week ahead of time.

That being said, there are a few things odd about the date as well. For one, Apple typically launches iOS devices on Fridays—the iPad Air, in fact, is set to launch this Friday. And two, the tablet is said to be in very short supply.

Several reports have surfaced within the last month claiming that initial inventory of the Retina iPad mini is going to be very limited—something to do with poor panel yields. So why would Apple want to take on Black Friday?

At any rate, at least we know exactly when to expect the iPad Air. It goes on sale this Friday, November 1, at 12:01 am. There’s no pre-order available, but rumor has it you’ll be able to schedule launch orders for in-store pickup.

  • Taf Khan

    I’m going to try ordering online as soon as the retina mini becomes available..

    • Pato111

      How many gigs?

      • Hyr3m

        Taf is not a musician… (lame joke, see what I did there ?)

      • Jo

        Hahaha lol that’s a funny one actually it’s not a lame joke. It’s a funny joke.

      • Hyr3m

        Well I’m glad you liked it 😀

        Yesterday was a slow day for me…

      • Taf Khan

        32gb should be sufficient..

  • myz06vette

    I like that it has a 16gb HARD DRIVE