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There were two recurring themes in the first round of iPad Air reviews that began hitting the web late last night: the tablet has substantially decreased in size (that includes weight, thickness, etc.), and dramatically increased in speed.

While we will probably have to wait until we go hands-on to really understand the former claim, the latter can be seen in initial benchmark testing. Early GeekBench results show the Air outperforming its predecessor by a huge margin…


AppleInsider points to a blog post from John Poole of performance analytics firm Primate Labs, who has compiled all of the GeekBench test results for the iPad Air. And as you can see in the chart above, its performance is very impressive.

Poole offers up some observations on the data:

  • The iPad Air’s A7 processor is running at 1.4 GHz, 100 MHz faster than the iPhone 5s’ A7 processor. It’s not clear if the iPad Air processor runs at a higher speed thanks to a larger battery (providing more power), a larger chassis (providing better cooling), or some combination of the two. I expect the new iPad mini’s A7 processor will run at 1.4 GHz as well.
  • The iPad Air is over 80% faster than the iPad (4th Generation), close to the 2x increase promised by Apple.
  • The iPad Air is over 5x faster than the iPad 2, yet is only $100 more expensive. I do not understand why Apple kept the iPad 2 around, especially at a $399 price point. What market are they targeting?

To address this last point, we’ve come to the conclusion that Apple is still selling the iPad 2 at $399 because people are still buying it. Data shows that the device accounted for over 20% of the company’s tablet sales during the last quarter.

Otherwise, we agree with everything here. Although we tend to give benchmark test results a bit of an asterisk, there’s no denying the fact that the iPad Air’s performance is a significant improvement over the fourth generation of the tablet.

The big question for us, though, is how well will this added performance translate into real-world usage. And to answer it, we’ll have to wait until the iPad Air goes on sale to the public on Friday. We can’t wait to get our hands on this thing.

  • Bob

    It might be a 90% increase but I doubt it’s enough of an increase for it to feel different unless you’re doing stuff like rendering.

    • appleyay

      3d games can have better textures and physics and frame rates and run and load faster.. web browsing will be faster also.. yes its better to have more power and speed in any computing device

  • Taf Khan

    Always honest benchmarks scores from Apple devices… No cheating required.

    Due to the 64bit CPU upgrade a big jump is as expected.

    • Dark Forest


      • felixtaf

        Prove him wrong, Genius!

      • Dark Forest

        Idiot no2!

    • Umut Bilgiç

      64 bit architecture has very little to do with the speed increase. The only thing it helps with is memory-mapping. Yes, efficient memory-mapping and/or deciding render path is important, but this does not couse the main speed increase.

      The “bits” in chips are vert oftenly used as a way to show, how capable the data types are and how much memory you can address. For example, years before, 8 bit color scheme was amazing, now we generally use 32 bit color schemes. (Not to be confused with RGB) Another example, the max. number you can write with 32 bits (signed) is 2,147,483,647. So actually, the AMOUNT of different (unique) information you can store in a 32 bit register is 4.294.967.294. But with 64 bits, you can represent (signed again) 9,223,372,036,854,775,807. And the amount of diffrent information you can store in a register that has 64 bitwidth is 9,2233720368548e+18. So, you can define even more with 64 bits, like global illumination with images, or wide-range specular values. You can address more RAM, which the iDevice does not even have. What iDevice has though is 2x thr amount of general purpose registers (GPR) and 2x the amount of floating point registers (FPR).

      Please dont get me wrong, I am trying to solve this misinterpretation of 64 bit architectures. It may add speed boost, but it does it with efficient memory-mapping, and ofcourse iy is very very important, but in this case the main speed-booster is the SoC and main chip technology Apple decided to go with.

      • David Villamizar

        Pretty good explanation, good thing somebody took the time to explain.

      • Umut Bilgiç

        Thank you so much, sharing is caring 🙂

      • Yash Gorana

        Thanks Man.

      • Umut Bilgiç

        Hahah no problem sir, please add on the article in Mashable, aince it addresses couple of diffrent things as well 🙂

      • Taf Khan

        Didn’t mean to course such a stir…

        For me it’s simple, if I know apple are going 64bit, I expect a big jump in performance, let’s face it, it’s what everyone expected..

        I do however understand where you are coming from, that Atari a jaguar I owned back in the 90’s was a 64bit machine, it never stood up to any of the 32bit machines released later.

      • Umut Bilgiç

        Haha no no, no one is cousing a stir other then the “You are wrong” guy 😀

      • Taf Khan

        Been a busy day so never saw his comment before it got deleted!

  • People who just browse the web, do some social networking and e-mail don’t need a faster device as a iPad 2. They are the target.

    • Taf Khan

      They could still remain a target but at a lower price point. $250 – $299 seems a fair price.

      • appleyay

        lol capitalism does not like lower prices..

  • SonsoNL

    holysmokes.. what even shocks me more is the difference between the iPad 3 and 4.. while it was a little upgrade in between, the diff. is huge.
    I always tought it was just the lightning connector and a bit faster.. but that much, damn.
    Same goes for the iPad air, but they did advertise it was faster etc, so im less shocked by that.

    • appleyay

      ipad 3 was a tech fail that apple quickly covered up by brining ipad4 early as hell most folks have forgotten about that

      • mehrab

        It was not it had an eye popping never before seen high res display on a tablet it was the same speed in terms of cpu vs the ipad 2 butin terms of gpu it was much more faster and my ipad 3 (which i bough months after it was released those batches did not have battery heating) gave me great performance battery and an amazing display and yes i upgraded from the ipad 2 and had that to say

      • appleyay

        its well documented fat that the ipad 3s GPU specs were too low top properly run its great retina screen … go and google it please.. the issue was quickly fixed in the ipad 4 which is why you see that huge performance difference between them ..

  • whatsa2

    Hopefully someone will do some tests with existing apps
    as thats the only real world improvement.
    if its 20-30% real world thats fine too,
    no point stating 64bit performance when all 99% are not.

  • Paddy Williams

    What is the name of the flying game used to demo the iPad air ?

    • Erik

      Metalstorm, pretty cool game.

  • Miguel Acevedo

    Someone can tell me what airplane game is in the iPad Air Photo on this post ??

    • appleyay

      its called boring crap.. i dont know why they show of this lame game overtime a new ipad is out

    • Erik


  • ic0dex

    Is the iPad Mini With RD going to be as fast as the iPad Air? I’m having a hard time deciding which to get. The reason I want the Mini is because its small and light and I can take it with me almost everywhere but with the iPad Air i’m just going to leave that at home for entertainment only.

  • felixtaf

    I dont care about benchmarks until I see high end quadcore phones lag behind dualcore iPhones! lol.
    I am all in for real world performance. iPad is a clear winner for now!

  • jack

    great but keeping the same 1GB RAM really limits stuff like texture resolution and scenario size

    • appleyay

      nope cause now they can stream more of the textures through memory like the PS3 does

  • Umut Bilgiç

    Well, I said things they didnt say, they said things I didnt say. I am not wrong with my saying, i know i am ot, but you could sat it was an incomplete post, which I would agree simce i never thought of battery usage. I was talking about “64 bit != the speed increase in a7”