Steve Jobs 1996 garage (Palo Alto home)

The house in Palo Alto where Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs spent much of his childhood years since the seventh grade has now become a protected historic site, according to a report Tuesday by the San Jose Mercury News. The house is also famous for the fact that Steve along with his sidekick Steve Wozniak co-founded Apple and built the first hundred Apple 1 computers there.

The Los Altos Historical Commission voted unanimously to add the ranch-style property at 2066 Crist Drive in Los Altos, California to its list of historic resources due to its association with Apple’s charismatic leader and famous inventor…

The report notes:

The vote is the culmination of a two-year effort by the commission to preserve the one-story, ranch-style home as it stands. Chairman Frank Bishop praised the work of his colleagues and city staff, which included extensive research and a property evaluation.

The Chairman praised the documentation which he thought looked very complete and “better than some of the books as far as accuracy goes”.

The house will eventually become listed on the Registry of HIstoric Places, to preserve it, and Commissioner Sapna Marfatia wrote in the evaluation:

These significant events took place at the subject property.

Steve Jobs is considered a genius who blended technology and creativity to invent and market a product which dramatically changed many industries. His influence is expected to be felt by multiple generations forthcoming.

Steve’s sister Patricia Jobs is  the current owner of the property.

Although she could appeal the decision to the city council, the commission really did not need her permission in order to make the house a protected historic site.

If you’ve watched the 1999 movie Pirates of Silicon Valley starring Noah Wyle as Steve Jobs – or Ashton Kutcher’s more contemporary portrayal in the 2013 Jobs biopic – that’s the place where the two Steves famously founded Apple, built their first computers and arranged their first funding.

Mike Markkula introduces himself to Steve Jobs, from the Pirates of Silicon Valley movie.

There’s a scene, depicted in both movies, in which the famous Silicon Valley investor Mike Markkula drives by and parks his fancy car outside the garage door, looking puzzled realizing the young startup he’s been hearing about doesn’t have a normal office and is actually operating from a garage.

That didn’t stop him from investing a quarter million dollars in Jobs and Wozniak’s venture and the rest is history.

  • hkgsulphate

    Not surprising

  • Tyler

    “The Chairman praised the documentation which he though looked very complete and” thought*

  • jocastro

    yeah why wouldn’t they protect it? lol….

    • appleyay

      cause somsungs fan boys my try to destroy it?

      • jocastro

        hahahahahaha awesome

      • Ron Rainz

        Destroy it? – no. Copy it? – you’d better believe it. And they’d make the garage door insanely big, for good measure.

  • Hyr3m

    This goes beyond ridiculous…

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    • Jed

      Honestly. -___-

    • Marlber Cruz

      Historic site? Da’fuq?! Why? This is the most fan-boy-ishly stupid thing I have heard of. What next? His old garbage and hair clippings turn up at an auction?! What a load of nonsense, SMH!

      • Greg S.

        This was left by another post but sums up why pretty well.

        “It should be a historic site, not because it was Steve Job’s house but
        because it founded one of the greatest companies and greatest
        stories. Founded,almost bankrupt, to one of the biggest companies in
        the world. I’m sure in Bill Gates passing they will do the same.”

      • Hyr3m

        So people going there will get something out of it ? They’ll learn something ? Experience something ? Witness something ? If they turn the house into an Apple museum, ok, it may bring something to the table but until then It’s just an ugly house in which someone (probably) lives… Same as the other ones in the street…

        “Because it founded one of the greatest companies (…)” WHAT ? The HOUSE founded the company ? Give me a break… Next we’ll be making a historical site out of the square of grass on which John Lennon was sitting when he came up for the lyrics for Yellow Submarine… (I don’t know who actually came up with those lyrics but you get my drift…) Hey why not the delivery room in which Steve Jobs took his first breath ?

        I’m sorry but the reasons you’re quoting are just not good enough… My guess is that the Los Altos Historical Commission doesn’t have anything else to even remotely consider in their hour-long monthly meeting and accepted this for lack of anything else to talk about…

      • Greg S.

        No man, the guy that lived in the house founded the company from the house that changed the world of technology in so many ways and was a huge influence on it and started it there on a obviously small scale and then had financial help to help it grow to a massive scale. His sister still owns the house so whoever lives there I’m sure knows what it stands for if anyone even occupies that space. I agree with you that no one will learn from just seeing the house itself but may experience or get something out of seeing it in person. If they turned it into a museum it would create a ton of traffic to that location and disrupt the neighborhood to no end, it will create a stir at first but I’m sure it will quiet down after a while and the novelty wears off. We have a tendency of trying to preserve ” historical sites ” no matter what the reference to the history of it is or was. Steve Jobs was a legend to so many for so many different reasons and I’m sure there are more ridiculous examples of things being preserved that belonged to important people than this.

  • appleyay

    haha its like a church or a damn shrine… typical humans… just don’t let ive near it he will paint it funny colors and remove all the architectural style from it..hahha

  • Rowan09

    I’m not surprise. It will bring tourists looking to see the house and keeping it in original form will keep the value. Steve was a big contributor with others to the advancement of consumer technology, so this is not a surprise at all.

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  • chumawumba

    The chairman must be an apple fanboy

  • Jonathan

    Who’s the guy standing there? He somewhat looks like Bill Gates a little. 0_o

    • mehrab

      The late steve jobs in his old days.

      • Jonathan

        Ah, okay. thanks.

  • batongxue

    Love that photo.
    Any high res version?
    Tried Google it, but failed.

  • At

    It should be a historic site, not because it was Steve Job’s house but because it founded one of the greatest companies and greatest
    American stories. Founded,almost bankrupt, to one of the biggest companies in the world. I’m sure in Bill Gates passing they will do the same.

  • Chris Millard

    Graceland for geeks 🙂

  • dave

    Jobs is a True American hero. His and Gates rise are great stories. He was a innovator and a visionary. One of the best. Why not have a Graceland for him, John Lennon’s home is up for auction NOW this minute and I think its important that sometimes we keep these interesting pockets in history as is. I would love to go back to my childhood home with everything as it was. But I’m a nobody and that cant happen. Its just great sometimes to remember how things was and how we got where we are today. I’m sure Samsung and Android founders will get similar treatment.

    • Jo

      Why is he an american hero? He’s the founder of a company. Jobs competed against other companies and was successful. But I wouldn’t call that heroic.

      • dave

        Its meant in the context of “The American Dream” These two people have a story that is in all truth that very thing. Became captains in their industry. I’m English I hold people more like Brunel as a Hero. It just seem’s from England that these people are held in high esteem because they are ruthless and mainly driven to success, the success of wealth over all other. Some very rich people appease their conscience by becoming philanthropists. Like Bufffet and Gate’s have..