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Get ready basketball fans, the 2013-2014 NBA season is finally upon us. The season officially kicks off tonight with 3 games, which include great match-ups between the Pacers and the Magic, Clippers and Lakers, and the Bulls and the Heat.

And in a proverbial buzzer-beater, the NBA has updated its iOS app for the new season, bringing it to version 5.1. The update brings about a number of improvements including an iOS 7-inspired UI makeover, new league content and more…

Here are the full 5.1 release notes:

– Redesigned and Optimized for iOS7
– Full support for the 2013-2014 NBA regular season
– NBA League Pass subscribers will now be able to enjoy both the home and away TV broadcasts from every game.
– NBA League Pass subscribers will now be able to enjoy archives from each nationally broadcast game.
– Game Recaps from every game now free.
– Team Video from every team now free.
– Player Statistics, Team Rosters, and Team Statistics now free.
– Live Video alerts let you know when we’re streaming press conferences and events live.
– League Pass Push Notifications now let NBA League Pass users know when games they can watch get exciting.
– Many performance improvements.

While some of the more enticing features like live TV broadcasts are still [obviously] limited to NBA League Pass subscribers, a number of things have been made free like game recaps, team video, and player stats/team stats/team roster.

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I’m also digging the new iOS 7 design. It’s not as nice to look at as say, Tweetbot 3.0, but it’s definitely better than before. The white spaces and sharpened text make it much easier to find the score, statistics and other data you’re looking for.

If you’re an NBA League Pass subscriber, than this app is a no-brainer. But even if you’re just an NBA fan, it’s worth checking out. You can find NBA Game Time 2013-2014, in the App Store for free. It’s available for both the iPhone and iPad.

  • on3simpleclick

    Not a fan of the white/yellow gradient they used at the top of the app.

    • Jason Duong

      They should’ve kept it all red or all white.

      Yellow gradient is like puke.

  • Flake

    Hmm. I like it the way it is with the black theme. I won’t update.

  • Dek

    Ugh. I don’t think I can take this iOS 7 frenzy. The flatness is fine but I really can’t stand this all white everything. It’s too bright for me. I like it when it’s darker. All the apps are so bright and blinding now. Especially at night time, it’s like pointing a flashlight in your eyes.

  • diggitydang

    League pass bites… I subscribed one year and they blackout all local games!! Jailbreaking helped me solve that but it’s still a pain in the @$$… the app sounds like you don’t need to subscribe to it to use, but in case anyone was thinking of subscribing to League Pass, just wanted to warn you… by the way, it was about 3 years ago that I subscribed, so maybe things have changed…

    • No. All major sports do this. You’ll never be able to watch local games on apps like this. The teams have contracts with the local markets stations. It’s how they make a lot of their money, through TV deals and whatnot.

      • Drop

        Lol I live in the UK and was able to watch every game.

    • Hugh Jassol

      Due to licensing, local blackouts will always remain in effect for the US Gametime app. As you alluded to, if jailbroken you can circumvent this by spoofing your location.

      Last year, an alternative was the non-US Gametime app which had very few blackouts (if any) but also required a VPN. If you are familar with a VPN, make a non-US itunes account and buy the league pass (cough cough).

  • Falk M.

    Just went ahead and wanted to subscribe, but sheesh… They sure milk you for that!
    I’m hesitant now.

    I know they can probably demand those sums in the US, but I’m from Germany and whilst I may be very interested in the games, they are in the freaking night/very early mornings and they probably don’t have a lot of viewers from here.
    Might wanna adapt your price strategy, greedy bastards. haha

  • Prasoon Singh

    The yellow gradient is really ugly.

  • Jimm120

    I finally upgraded to IO7 and now I can’t get this thing to run Full Screen through the hdmi adapter. 🙁