Well they’ve done it again. The folks that revolutionized ultra-portable USB charging cables with the ChargeCard are back with an all-new, and [perhaps] even more convenient iOS device accessory called the ChargeKey.

As the name insinuates, the ChargeKey is essentially a Lightning-to-USB cable reduced down to the size of a house key. And its small size enables you to attach it to your car/house keys, ensuring that it’s always nearby…


This thing is about as small as it could possibly be while maintaining functionality. It’s just a little over 2 and a half inches long, and about 3mm thin—which is less than half as thick as Apple’s official Lightning-to-USB cable.

But despite its small size, the ChargeKey is still very capable. It works for all current Lightning devices—the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch—and it supports USB 2.0 syncing. And it’s capable of facilitating charging at 3.1 amps.

By now you’ve probably figured out that the ChargeKey isn’t an actual product yet. Nomad, the team behind the product, has taken to Indiegogo to raise production money, and unsurprisingly, it’s already passed its $50k goal.

You can still get in on the ground floor though. A pledge of as low as $20 will get you on the pre-order list for either a Lightning or Android (yes, it comes in MicroUSB) cable, and they’re expected to start shipping in December.

Update: we’ve asked Nomad for clarification on whether or not the ChargeKey is MFi-certified, and we’ll update this post when we get a response.

So, what do you think of the ChargeKey?

  • Zorvage

    Build to hang. Build to bend. So is my penis.

    • Ron Rainz


    • Yoshi Yassaru

      can your charge an iPhone? lol.

    • shankness

      Built* to.

    • 4pp1e

      built to hide hehehe

    • Jason

      Also one of the smallest?

  • on3simpleclick

    Are the connectors gold plated? I don’t see them fairing very well if they aren’t. Would have been nice if they had rubbee slip covers or something to protect them.

  • sdhn97

    I think I’ll just get an external battery supply instead of spending more on a key..
    Besides – when camping, it’s hard to find trees with USB ports (;

    • appleyay


    • burlow

      external batteries all have usb ports….that you need something like this to plug into….

  • Tom

    Still waiting for my chargecard preorder mind. From April. Been in email contact and apparently it’s coming..

  • Tom

    Anyone interested in this also check out the Kero Nomad Cable and the Kii.

  • Jonah

    That has to be one of the most realistic and convinient products ever. I might actually get one!

  • Evan Hartsell

    Will it work with a case? The end looks a bit thick.

  • rubeN

    Nomad has absolutely terrible business ethics. Many folks that have ordered their charge card a few months back have yet to receive anything.

    • James Wheeler

      Yep. I received an email in august saying they’d scrapped the old design and redesigned, which is fair enough. But they said they’d be shipping by 15th October, but I’ve had no shipping confirmation. I ordered in April…

      • rubeN

        Yeah it’s just ridiculous and yet they continue to allow new orders to come in.

  • Robert Mathews

    Will it suport iOS 7 because I know that it has to be certified through Apple to be able to charge.

    • I emailed them and specifically asked if it was Apple-certified. They replied, saying it works on iOS7, but they dodged actually answering the question. So I’m assuming it isn’t certified and you’ll get the “cable not certified” popup every time you plug in.