Best apps for downloading YouTube videos to your iPhone or iPad

By , Oct 29, 2013

Download youtube videos

YouTube is an endless wonder of video information. You can find out how to make a polymer ring, see kittens attacking babies, and even watch entire movies that haven’t even made it onto Netflix yet (as long as you catch it before the Watchers take it down).

If you are an avid YouTube user, you may be longing for a better app than the official one for finding specific videos, or simply discovering something new. We’ve got a list of YouTube clients that offer better search engines, region-free browsing, and let you download YouTube videos to your iPhone or iPad for offline viewing.

PlayTube Pro

PlayTube Pro iOS 7

This full-featured YouTube client includes lots of goodies. You can download videos to your watch later list for offline viewing, comment, rate, and share videos, and have access to a huge selection of YouTube’s uploads. If you sign into your YouTube account, you can access your subscriptions playlists, uploads, and more. The app features a very easy search engine that allows you to search videos, playlists, and channels. It also supports AirPlay so you can stream videos to Apple TV. You can even change your region to browse videos from different countries. This app is available for $1.99.


VIATubeThis convenient app lets you watch YouTube videos offline without region or network constraints. You can even play videos in the background if you are looking for a music player to listen to YouTube music while you are working on something else on your iPhone. The playback features include shuffle, repeat, and single-video replay. You can watch videos on your big screen using AirPlay and Apple TV with HD quality streaming. It also lets you watch YouTube videos from almost any country. VIATube is designed for both iPhone and iPad. This app is available for $2.99.


YouVids+Use this app to find the videos you want to see on YouTube and download unlimited clips for offline playback. You can search for videos, channels, and playlists with filters for length and upload date. It supports background playback so you can listen to music from YouTube while working on something else on your iPhone. Subscribe to channels right in the app and view latest videos from your subscriptions. You can discover new videos by filtering categories and check out the “Most Popular” videos. Loop playlists, like or dislike clips, and share your favorites with others on Facebook and Twitter. YouVids+ is a universal app for both iPhone and iPad. This app is available for $1.99.


WorldTube+ free

This app makes it very easy for you to find out the top watched videos in other countries. Select categories from 28 different countries to find out the top clips from around the world. Download videos for offline viewing, watch your favorite clips without adds, create playlists, and share videos with others on Facebook and Twitter. If you want to keep your YouTube activity private, you can lock the app with password protection. You can also search the entire YouTube site to find the videos you are looking for. This app is available for free.

Additional apps recommended by iDB readers

iDB readers were quick to point out that there are other options available in the App Store:

Do you use a YouTube app for downloading videos for offline viewing? If so, which one is your favorite?

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  • Jonathan

    I’m rather surprised Apple allows these on the App Store.

    • Antzboogie

      No one is copying and selling only offline viewing.

  • marcus1324

    Isn’t downloading YouTube videos illegal because it’s against Google’s Terms of Service? How are these even on the App Store this is ridiculous…

    • RarestName

      If Google really wanted to prevent others from downloading videos, they would have done it by now.

    • Tom Brady

      why is it ridiculous? its a good thing IMO

    • jack

      Google can’t make laws… so “illegal” is not the right word I guess (hey I’m not a lawyer)

      • Falk M.

        You’re right though. Breaking the TOS is all it is. The worst that Google can do is kick you. (Go figure how effective that would be)

        The reason is they want ad money on every play, guess what happens when you download that music video and pass it around.
        Guess what the uploaders will say when they see their ad revenue go down.

        In Germany for example you’re legally entitled to a personal copy on anything for personal use as long as you acquire it from a legal and not “obviously illegal” source (the gray area is to protect you in case of doubt) and don’t have to break any copy protections.
        The files being simple video files without any protection on Youtube’s servers means you can get your personal copy, so for example here those apps will be perfectly legal and I assume in many other countries as well.

        Bite me, Google. I’ve seen to many “This video has been removed” messages in my time on Youtube to trust the cloud for single storage of anything I value.

    • Ken Kilpatrick

      No…although there may be some copyright laws depending on the video…but Google’s terms of service are not legal statutes (laws) and therefore are meaningless once you find a workaround app….

  • Arthur Geron

    MxTube should be on that list..

    • RarestName

      Ditto. It’s my favourite YouTube client now.

    • wonderboydave

      I guessing he’s talking about official app store apps not jailbreak tweaks.

      • Pankaj Rana

        MxTube is an official app on AppStore, search for it. Its the best YouTube player/ downloader..

    • Rowan09

      He mentioned mxtube at the bottom. It’s on the AppStore now and I prefer it over my tube by far since you can reply to comments.

      • Arthur Geron

        It’s by far the best one on appstore, I also suggest everyone to turn auto-update off, we never know when apple or google will force them to turn cache feature off in the next update

    • Pankaj Rana

      Yup MxTube is best!!

    • alfonso hall

      Now it’s my favorite, thanks!!

      • Arthur Geron

        you’re welcome : D

  • RarestName

    MxTube pwns all of these with the free price tag.

  • jack

    no mxtube wtf?

  • lemonhead

    You guys should check out PocketTube for downloading musicvideos from YouTube, simply the most gorgeous UI out there..
    With some neat features like automatic Cover downloading etc.

  • jack

    Allowing this kind of apps in the appstore is probably Apple’s payback for Google’s removal of Gmail push… take that Google evil bastards

  • i’m_usB


  • ThunderLord

    And Foxtube?

  • Luke Mulholland

    ProTuber for me…

  • Denizen

    Lol at you stock iOS losers. Protube Extension for YouTube is king. Cydia owns once again. JAILBREAK NATION!

    • RarestName

      It makes the YouTube app a crashing haven.

      • d3si 5abi

        “Universal Video Downloader” doesnt crash, its simply the best out there IMAO

      • Skope

        PE4Y has never once crashed for me. Must be your device.

      • RarestName

        Happened on more than three devices. Doesn’t seem like a hardware problem.

    • Arthur Geron

      Jailbreak was meant to give some people the freedom of changing the way iOS works, and not give some dumbasses the right to disrespect the community

  • Justin

    Protuber crashes too much

  • maaya1989

    I just realised that mxtube and mctube are exactly the same,even their screenshots are the same…

    • Timothy

      Yeah, there’s actually even one or two more clones out there. I can’t remember their names…

      • maaya1989

        so who is the original?according to the release date,mctube might have longer history…

  • Camfella

    I like Instatube

  • H5ire

    How about FoxTube 3.?! ;)

  • Kumar


  • d3si 5abi

    “Universal Video Downloader” from Cydia….. it downlaods not just youtube vids but any video that plays on ur iDevice! :)

    and this tweak doesnt crash the apps!

  • Umut Bilgiç

    I personally use MxTube, it has great iOS 7 UI, and it is free :D

  • Isa Altintas

    So any way to add as mp3 in music library? My car only detects music from my library

  • Jack Wong

    What I hate is… Google will send a lawyer latter to these developers and ask them to stop it…

  • alfonso hall

    I just wish the native YouTube app would support hd videos over cellular. There are still a few of us with unlimited data

  • Allen Greathouse

    My tube no longer allows video downloading. Don’t update if you wish to retain downloading.

  • air naji

    what about Tdownloader & amerigo turbo downloader.?


    can even save video to camera roll

  • ChillyChore

    For downloading and converting Youtube videos, I personally find Houlo Video Downloader better.