four iPad mini retina display

Apple quickly unveiled the new iPad mini with Retina display today. The event felt like a non event as the company didn’t spend much time talking about the new device.

Prior to the announcement, I was worried that the mini, my iPad of choice, was going to get a weight and size increase, just like the iPad 3 got when it was updated with a Retina display. Turns out that my concern got confirmed as the Retina mini is indeed a tad bit bigger than its predecessor. Nothing dramatic, as you can see in the iPad mini with Retina display tech specs compared to the original iPad mini…

iPad mini with Retina display vs iPad mini: the tech specs

iPad mini vs ipad mini retina display

Capacity and Price

iPad mini with Retina display capacity and price

Dimensions and Weight

ipad mini retina display dimensions and weight


ipad mini retina display display


ipad mini retina display chip


ipad mini retina display cameras

Video Recording

ipad mini retina display VIDEO RECORDING


ipad mini retina display CARRIERS

Cellular and Wireless

ipad mini retina display cellular wireless

SIM Card

ipad mini retina display sim card


ipad mini retina display connector

Battery Life

ipad mini retina display battery life

As you can see, aside from the Retina display and the A7, nothing really sets this iPad mini apart from the previous version. To be frank though, I didn’t expect much. To me, the Retina display is all I really need.

As a comparison, you can check out iPad Air vs iPad mini with Retina display tech specs.

What do you think?

  • JulianZH

    It kind of suck that an useless model cost $400….

  • Charles

    Can you do one for the iPad air vs the iPad 4?

    • Al

      Just go to Apple website.. They have all the comparison listed.

  • Rom3

    When will 16 be eliminated as an option and be replaced by the 32g as the base model?

  • afra33

    I want to see the spec comparison between the Air and the mini

    • Hugh Jassol

      You just did….lol

      • hocus86

        Um nope, this was for iPad mini with and without retina, no air mentioned…

      • Hugh Jassol

        Um obviously. My comment was partial sarcasm but actually the truth…

        Both device’s specs ARE the same (besides the device size etc).

  • Gus Me

    More proof that Apple made a money grab with the original iPad mini (which worked). I’m impressed with the new one and I’ll have to decide between the mini and the air.

  • ndcart

    Maybe I’m just getting old, but the original mini suits me just fine. With a smaller screen, retina just isn’t that important to me. Certainly not worth the price difference for the new one.

  • Saeed Ghattas

    So now we know that the last images leaks from china was fake because it was a gold ipad mini with the “Touch ID” sensor LOL.
    Never trust them again 🙂

  • iPad Air vs iPad mini with Retina display tech specs are here

  • Straightshoota

    Memory price gap still too large and why 16GB Come on Apple this thing is supposed to be a ( real tablet) tool not a toy.

  • Visar Abdulai

    If “retina display is all I need” 1 year, plus $… Is this a joke

  • David Soto

    I just bought the new nexus 7 too. Oh well, I save my money. Maybe next time Apple.

  • Osama Hamdy El-Sharnoby

    No touch ID?

  • Izak

    It got heavier with Retina display but I heard this is a great improvement. I just wish the camera got better too. Enhancing the screen while leaving the pixels low just doesn’t make any sense.

    Phones have better camera specs.

  • mav3rick

    Missing from comparison:
    iPad mini can still be found running the eye candy rich graphic detailed great iOS 6x
    New iPad mini on Retina running blinding neon look clownyOS.

  • Daryl Palmer

    So several great things. The “true” internet/Aol MMPR 🙂 Link’s Awaking ( it had cinematics ! Doom, X files, Whoop (there it is) I just wish that IGN could put every thing that is in the poll to the time range, you will find to numerous extended and uncomfortable gaps.