Typically, when you see the words ‘analyst’ and ‘predictions’ in the same sentence on a tech site, you get a free pass to roll your eyes. Let’s face it, the credibility for the majority of analysts is pretty low, thanks to crazy predictions like the iRing.

But there’s one man who seemingly stands out among the crowd: Ming-Chi Kuo. The KGI Securities analyst is right more often than not, so when he speaks, people listen. And he just seeded some last-minute forecasts for this week’s iPad event

MacRumors has the note:


Kuo goes on to say that he doesn’t expect Apple to include a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, nor a gold color option, in either iPad line this year. He says components for these features are still being prioritized for the iPhone 5s, limiting supplies.

The good news, though, is that the analyst agrees with reports claiming that the new iPad mini will sport a hi-res Retina display. But unfortunately, he also agrees with recent speculation that the new mini will be tough to find at launch time.

If you’d like to grade Kuo on his accuracy, save this post and reexamine it on Tuesday afternoon, after Apple’s iPad event is over. Until then, feel free to check out our own predictions. The event is scheduled to kick off at 10am PST on the 22nd.

  • Jackson Grong

    No fingerprint sensor?!? AAAAAaagh >.<

  • Frank Anthony

    What’s all the buzz about fingerprint anyways? Just other specs intact and neat.. I’m good to place order.

    • Noah Mospan

      If you don’t use touch ID every day then you cant make a call like that. Ive grown to love my touch ID in my iPhone. My iPad, on the other hand, is annoying without it.

      • Jovani Hernandez

        Same here, sometimes I try to unlock my iPad thinking it has touch ID

  • Sean Cua

    iPad Mini will only probably have A6. Currently it has A5 and I don’t think they’d place a processor that good because they won’t be able to sell the iPad 5 as much.

    • Mohammed Sahib


      • Yunsar

        Maybe, but the iPad mini currently doesn’t have the X line of Apple chips

      • Mohammed Sahib

        Yeah, but it doesn’t have retina either. The X chips have better GPUs.

      • Yunsar

        Yeah you’re probably right and I really hope it gets a retina

      • Joseph Thebigragu Plaza

        If the X chips were needed for hi res displays, why aren’t they in all iPhones with retina displays? Past that, the iPad 2 had an x series’s chip and no retina display, but still gets benefit from it in speed and performance.

      • Mohammed Sahib

        1- iPhones 5/s/c have 1136×640=727040 pixels, while retina iPad has 2048×1530=3145728 pixels, that’s 4.3 times the pixels of iP5, that’s why it needs the X SOCs with better GPUs. I thought this is obvious.
        2- iPad 2 had A5 chip, not the A5x, get your facts straight.

      • Joseph Thebigragu Plaza

        You forgot the retina on the 4s guy. Also, what would make this the only computing device to have trouble processing images on a larger screen? Video game consoles have been doing it for decades and they essentially the same hardware.

      • Joseph Thebigragu Plaza

        Also, the originalpad and iPad 2 have the same screen size but the iPad 1 had only an a4 (no x) and the 2 had the x seriese and no retina…both same size and display quality.

      • Daniel Akierman

        iPad 1 = A4, iPad 2 = A5, iPad 3 (retina display) = A5X, iPad 4 (retina display) = A6X, iPad 5 (retina display) = A7X?

      • Joseph Thebigragu Plaza

        Lol. I was wrong on the iPad 2 and I own one. Thanks for the info though. It makes it seem a bit more plausible that it’s for the retina now. I still notice a much faster start up and shutdown time on my iPad 2 over my iphone 5 with all the same software. It’s very hard to tell exactly where all that power goes.

    • Noah Mospan

      Thats not necessarily true. If people want a bigger screen they will buy the larger iPad and if they want a smaller screen then they will buy a mini. The specs don’t matter that much to the average consumer. And I think the mini will sport a A7 chip at the least. It would be a dumb move for apple to put a 32 bit chip in the mini when they just introduced the new 64 bit architecture. They need to future proof the devices.

      • Sean Cua

        Then explain why the current iPad Mini has A5 and no retina display despite the fact that they’ve had a retina iPad and A6 for a year. The iPad Mini is sold cheap and will probably have a cheaper spec.

      • Bob

        Because then they wouldn’t of had much to put in the year after.

  • I’m not sure what he said is true, but it seems quite reasonable. Anyway I’m still looking forward to the launch of the iPad Mini, it really desirable.

  • Guest

    Touch ID!?

  • slikmystar

    Thats just sly if the new ipad doesn’t have touch id.
    It just leaves them safe with somthing to sell us next year,,, COME ON APPLE

  • Joseph Thebigragu Plaza

    We saw iclarified and others already post shots of a gold 5 alongside the silver and gray being displayed in Apple stores. It exists and they all have the sensor. And if you think the pics are fake…think about this: the iPad 5 is already ready to be sold in stores; it’s completely believable.

  • Joseph Thebigragu Plaza

    We saw iclarified and others already post shots of a gold 5 alongside the silver and gray in Apple stores. It exists and they all have the sensor.

  • bigtalk