Pandora 5.0 for iOS (iPad screenshot 002)

When iTunes Radio was only a rumor, the idea of Apple offering streaming music was instantly dubbed a Pandora-killer. Now that iTunes Radio has launched alongside iOS 7 last month, Pandora’s finance chief is speaking out, saying their service outperforms even a giant-killer, no matter how fat the bank account.

In an interview, Pandora CFO Mike Herring describes Apple’s service as a “credible” threat, but the Internet radio startup continues to feel it still is “better than anybody else”

“Don’t get us wrong, we take Apple very seriously and do see them as a credible threat,” Herring told CNET earlier in the week.

Although everyone from Microsoft to Google have tried to compete in the streaming music arena, it took “someone, frankly, with a lot of cash in the bank and a big income statement like Apple to finally launch a competing service,” Herring said.

We absolutely see iTunes as a competitive option out there, but we think we are a great service that does this better than anybody else.

Herring claims Pandora has more than 70 percent of the internet radio market despite what he describes as an “incredibly, brutally hard” market.

Pandora 5.0 for iOS (iPad screenshot 001)

The former Adobe Systems worker said competitors have other agendas, such as pushing phone sales or increasing downloads of digital music. The remark is suggestive of both Apple and Google, each of which with their own streaming radio plays.

In the interview, Herring goes on to blame iTunes for some of the “mistrust” that has built up between internet radio firms and musicians. Along with piracy, “you had the download platforms, specifically iTunes, that disintermediated the entire CD business business, which was detrimental.”

His comments could be prompted by Apple’s direct negotiations with labels, often resulting in higher royalties for artists.

Pandora 5.0 for iOS (iPad screenshot 003)

By contrast, Pandora pays what government laws require.

To compete, Pandora has taken moves such as removing limits on how much music listeners receive free. However, it’s not been all smooth sailing for Apple. The company sent out licensing deals with independents, the terms of which some criticized musicians criticized.

One music blog, which had posted a copy of the iTunes Radio license terms, was forced to remove the information after Apple complained of copyright issues.

In the end, what may be important for Apple is that iTunes Radio revitalizes flagging sales of digital music, ensuring the tech giant continues disrupting industries well into the future.

  • Tom

    nope, iTunes radio works worldwide ^^

    • Glorin

      it doesn’t yet.. soon to be

      • yes it does, i use it in in israel

      • Plusmore Studio

        not in Malaysia. You have to use America account, then you can use it anywhere.

      • NSA

        You can create one…

      • Plusmore Studio

        haha I know that, and I have one.. but thats not the point here..

      • Tom

        I use it in Israel too :3

      • Vamos

        hmm, so if it works in Israel it means it works worldwide?

      • well, works outside of the US in any case

      • Glorin

        man you are cheap.. grow up

      • how am i cheap exactly?

      • Glorin

        kids man… just kids, stupid logic as always

      • Glorin

        not in Greece yet

      • NSA

        No it does

  • Chris Willard

    As long as Pandora refuses to work anywhere but in the US, it’s doomed to failure.
    I’ve been waiting for 6 years for their “Coming to Canada soon” bullshit.

    • therealjjohnson

      Doomed to failure? As long as there are people inside the US that use the service i doubt it will be doomed to fail. There are plenty of companies and services that are US only that do very well for themselves.

    • Andrieux Querido

      Use VPN Shield is like 10$ a year and is great for IOS
      I use it for years

      • Chris Willard

        VPN’s don’t help when you can’t get to the US app store.

      • totempole90

        VPN connection stops on iOS when the device is on sleep mode.

      • Not when you’re using an app that has special permissions. Music players, VoIP apps, and other apps that require a constant internet connection can tell iOS to prevent the device’s internet access from sleeping (this happens after 10 minutes of being locked; only mail and push notifications stay connected), and this applies to VPN too.

      • NSA

        There is no need for VPN. All you need a US iTunes account

    • ap3604

      I guess by your logic then Verizon is also “doomed to failure” since they only service the U.S. too :rolleyes:

      Get real.

      • Chris Willard

        Did I say “Any company”? No. I said Pandora specifically.
        Don’t put words in my mouth. The two are entirely unrelated.

      • ap3604

        Sure, as soon as you stop using chicken little dramatization statements like “doomed to failure.”

        Predicting failure without anything substantial backing up that claim is simply being lazy and uneducated. For a long time Apple has had stupid people saying they are doomed to failure in a similar way against Android and that hasn’t made a difference.

        Here’s the facts: Pandora has been around 13 years and STILL (even with iTunes radio around) has one of the top 3 money grossing apps in the U.S. app store.

    • Inow

      Just change the dns

  • ap3604

    I prefer Pandora over iTunes radio.

    Pandora is a company 100% focused on music as their core product since launching in year 2000, while Apple is a hardware focused company who simply has iTunes radio as a side feature.

    When I pick a certain song station with iTunes radio, I get random songs that don’t match the original I picked whatsoever.

    With Pandora’s genome project, I get more songs which are closer to the original I set that particular station up with.

    • Glorin

      you kinda lost some facts there, but nevermind, you are just a little boy.

      • ap3604

        If you care to elaborate fine, otherwise go play in your sandbox little girl…

  • Andrieux Querido

    Yeah but Pandore increased ADS by 400% and the Popup Ads inside app is sooo annoying.

    • Jimothy

      They’ll make money anyway they can. I honestly don’t blame them.

    • ap3604

      If the small amount of ads, which allow Pandora to exist in the first place, are “soooo annoying” then don’t be a cheapskate and simply pay $3 per month for pandora one service.

      400%? Ludicrous statements…

  • tskwierc

    I have itunes match so I don’t get ads…but even with all that data of my song/artist preferences from my collection, itunes radio makes strange recommendations and also repeats songs too often. I have been using Pandora for a long time so my stations seem to tuned to my taste so well that making the change to itunes radio has not happened for me yet. I want to like apples version better for the convenience and so that I can drop my Pandora One Subscription but Pandora is superior at least for now. I recently got rid of my iphone so that does not help itunes radio, but primarily i listen to music at the office anyway on the computer and don’t stream music on the go very often.

  • Matthew Cooper

    I was just telling someone about how great a job Apple did with iRadio despite my doubts. I like it way more then Pandora. Oh and the lockscreen album art looks amazing. I can’t wait for a skip hack in the future.

  • Corey B

    Itunes radio is a good feature! i hate Pandora with the commercials and the constant repeats of a song even when you given it a dumbs down. My complaint with apple is when you pick a artist playlist it seems that they have a playlist that no matter what has the same songs all the time. ex first 5 songs are the same hours after (thinking it would change) and sure enough the next day the same songs. Apple vs Pandora would be great to see?? Pandora would have to offer 320 to free people to truly compete

    • J M

      I have never had Pandora play a song after a thumbs down, maybe on a different station, but that is because each station you create is unique. I’ve also found that Pandora support is actually fairly responsive to emails and questions.

      Seriously though, if the commercials are so bad, it is a pittance of $3/month for it. I went to Pandora One, and never even thought twice after doing so.

      • Corey B

        I’m not sure if my jailbreak has something to do with it and the tweak of unlimited skips. I dont use it enough to pay 3 dollars or complain. That is what i noticed when i use Pandora and instantly go back to my songs or soundcloud. Do you think Pandora is in trouble with Iradio coming out? just like blackberry got ruined with whatsapp? just like instagram having videos just as vine got popular?

      • J M

        Haha, well I have no idea if Pandora is in trouble or not, I am very happy with Pandora, I have stations that I’ve spent time tuning to be great listening, so I don’t really see myself switching. But I think it’s funny you said you don’t use it enough to complain…but that’s exactly what you did in your comment…

        I can promise you that without a jailbreak, or alteration of the Pandora software, the thumbs down functionality works exactly as described. It removes that song from playing in that station.

      • bigtalk

        Pandy tweak is great

  • bigtalk

    Pandora is the best when used tweaked on a jailbroken

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    If Pandora does streaming radio better than Apple answer this. Why do I need a US VPN to use Pandora yet iTunes Radio works with a US iTunes account without a VPN…

  • blastingbigairs

    Pandora One + Pandora Downloader = Pure Bliss.