Chrome Share of iOS Web Traffic (Chitika 001)

Google’s Chrome went from zero market share to becoming the world’s most popular desktop web browser in just five years. And since its release on Apple’s iOS platform in June 2012, Chrome’s been consistently the top third-party browser on the App Store (free download), making its way on a lot of people’s Home screens. Research firm Chitika estimates that Chrome’s share of web traffic coming from the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices has doubled since June 2012 launch.

Just 24 hours into its launch Chrome became the App Store’s most popular free app and grabbed an estimated 1.5 percent share of total iOS web traffic. Today, Google’s iOS browser accounts for three percent  of total iOS web traffic…

According to Chitika, Chrome’s rise boils down to the cumulative effects of Google’s aggressive advertising campaign coupled with last month’s release of the iPhone 5s/5c and Google’s quick reaction in releasing iOS 7-optimized Chrome version.

The data is based on “tens of millions of North American ad impressions” generated by iOS devices between September 1 and September 30, 2013. Chitika analyzed user agent and used other tricks to break down impressions by browser type and vendor.

Chrome 30 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)Chrome 30 for iOS (iPad screenshot 001)

The iOS 7 debut may have helped as well, notes Chitika:

While Chrome usage share on iOS devices rose only about 0.3 percentage points following September 22, keep in mind that iOS has an incredibly large existing user base meaning that usage changes need to be exceptionally great to cause a significant impact.

In this realm, Google still has work to do, but the recent growth is a likely indicator that Chrome is regaining some traction in the iOS browsing space.

Chrome’s rise is especially newsworthy knowing iOS doesn’t include a feature to allow users to pick their default browser. The Internet giant has cunningly tackled this issue by improving interoperability between its popular iOS apps.

For instance, some of Google’s apps can open web links for Google+, Maps, Drive and YouTube in their iOS apps instead of Safari. You’ll recall that Chrome last month gained the ability to open those web links in native apps.

That third-party developers makers are increasingly allowing their users to choose whether to open web links in Safari or Chrome (thanks to Google’s integration tools for iOS developers) is also helping boost Chrome’s numbers and drive engagement for Google service.

A month after it was first released on the App Store, Google’s browser had accounted for a cool 10.3 percent of third-party browsers on the iOS platform, Chitika learned. As Apple prohibits non-standard frameworks, all those iOS browsers actually use the same WebKit engine like Safari (sans the speedy Nitro Javascript engine).

Chrome 30 for iOS (iPad screenshot 001)

You can download Chrome free from the App Store.

Which is your go-to iOS browser: Safari, Chrome or some other third-party app?

I’m using both Safari and Chrome.

I stopped using Chrome for private browsing because a recent update has broken its Incognito mode, which Google argues stems from the iOS design requiring both normal and Incognito tabs to share the same HTML5 local storage.

I know Safari in iOS 7 includes private-browsing mode and I’m now using it exclusively for private browsing. That being said, what I’m really missing in Safari is Chrome’s tremendously helpful ‘Request Desktop Version’ feature.

  • Moi

    Hi every body , I have a big question ( please, I need it to be answered )
    – if I buy a factory unlocked iphone 5 or 5s , will it work in my country with my carriers ? …. Knowing that I’m from Algeria and all carriers here are GSM
    If it does work , does it mean it will still work If I update to a newer ios ?
    I really need these questions to be answered …. So please go a head

    I’ll keep commenting this question in every new post till a get a good answer , sorry for this but I really need someone to light me

    • xxXXxx

      It will work, don’t worry. Unlocked is always unlocked.

      • Σαλαη αββας

        Thank you very very much , this helps but I think I need more details , thank you again

      • Rowan09

        As long as it’s unlocked you’re good no matter where you go. As long as you’re on a GSM carrier your fine. The unlocked 5s is the t-mobile version by the way.

      • Σαλαη αββας

        Thank you very much , that’s what I needed to know

      • grumpyfuzz

        Nope, the T-Mobile variant is locked to T-Mobile. I’ve asked Apple and that’s what they replied to me.

      • Rowan09

        That’s a lie because I’m using a t-mobile unlocked version with AT&T now. The t-mobile version and I heard the Verizon version are the only unlock models. Even when you purchase the t-mobile version in full it’s says (unlocked), the key is paying in full.

      • grumpyfuzz

        For me when I select T-Mobile it just says (GSM) not (unlocked). But since you own one yourselves and are using it on AT&T, I can’t argue haha.

      • Rowan09

        Yeah. When I preordered online it said t-mobile (unlocked), the only reason they said t-mobile was because it comes with a t-mobile sim. Even if you buy a t-mobile locked model they’ll unlock it after 40 days as told by a t-mobile rep.

  • hkgsulphate

    I still prefer using safari because of its Nitro javascript engine

    • knob

      Nitrous, son.

  • mehrab

    Safari is smoother faster has a better UI and nicer features

    • hkgsulphate

      not a big difference on A5 or above devices

      • mehrab

        Nothing big but its just faster and smoother smootheness has to do with the intgretion and optimization and the fastness is from the nitrous engine on ios 5 safari was slower but ever since nitrous on ios 6 safari its been faster

  • Surge

    Chrome is the best on desktops however the best browser on iPhone is iCab Mobile and Coast is the best on iPad.

    • TesticularFortitude

      What makes icab the best?

      • xSeriouSx

        ‘Cause it’s very flexible and has loads of features like:
        – Built-in adblock
        – Support for finger-gestures (similar to Smooth Gestures extension for desktop Chrome)
        – Lots of modules/extensions that offer stuff like searching a selected text in Google maps, opening a page in other apps (like GoodReader) and translating web pages
        – Support for third party password managers; like LastPass, Firefox Sync, etc.
        – Several ways to sync your bookmarks
        – Ability to upload/download ANYTHING

        Despite all those features, I still have Chrome set as my default browser (on iPhone and Surface Pro) ’cause of it’s seamless tab/bookmark sync feature, the way it auto full screens when I scroll down a webpage, and jailbreak extensions makeup for the missing features (like downloader). Could get those with iCab via FireFox sync, but I long ago gave up on FireFox (never installed it on my Surface Pro) after they began their nonsense race for the larger version number, which kept bringing extension incompatibility headaches.

  • Dejan Ljepava

    Dolphin browser – best for me (both on
    iOS and android)

  • mav3rick

    Chrome is still missing one of the most obvious mobile browser features: automatically switch to new opened tabs. How so many spend a lot of time to manually go on every new opened tab?

  • Josh Jenkins

    Dayum! Chrome is even taking over ios!!! It is the best browser, although most chrome based browsers are also pretty awesome (i like the torch browser for all the downloading capabilities and site unblocking stuff). Maybe next year it’ll be #1 for ios.