launch center 2

Launch Center Pro hit the App Store last summer to rave reviews. The app, which is created by the folks at Contrast, allows users to setup shortcuts for performing iOS actions like launching apps, sending messages and more.

Today, Contrast posted a significant update for the app, bringing it to version 2.0. The update brings about a number of new features and improvements, including a new iOS 7-inspired design, Dropbox support, and more…

Here’s the full Launch Center Pro 2.0 change log:

User Interface
– New icon and UI designed for iOS 7
– New themes available in settings
– New action icon styles and colors
– New group glyphs
– Ability to use photos as icons
– Ability to use web clips as icons
– Prompt labels

– Dropbox backup and restore
– Dropbox actions
– Action sharing and import
– Support for multiple prompts in a single action
– Externally launch actions (launchpro://?url=)
– Support for native Facebook and Sina Weibo actions
– Support section added to settings

– Expanded x-callback support
– Expanded actions
– Phonetic contact search
– Optimized Action Composer for iOS 7
– Updated TextExpander for iOS 7 compatibility
– New tutorial video
– Additional enhancements and bug fixes 

Out of all of these enhancements, I think Dropbox support takes the cake. You can now do things like upload the last photo taken within Launch Center, copy a file to your clipboard, and of course backup and restore app data.

launch center 3

I’m also really digging the new design. I know a lot of folks think iOS 7-designed apps all look alike, but I think Launch Center Pro 2 looks much better than its predecessor—more like an actual utility, rather than a child’s app.

If you’re interested, you can find the latest version of Launch Center Pro for the iPhone, in the App Store for $4.99. The update is free for existing users, and Contrast says that it also has an iPad version of the app in the works.

  • abdullah575


  • Jonathan

    I’m rather surprised this is even allowed in the app store.

    • rikomenzies

      While its functions are reminiscent of what many users would jailbreak for, all of its features are contained within the app and don’t require any system-level access. It’s essentially just creating shortcuts.

      • Jonathan

        True, very true. But it’s kinda of an imitate. Other than that, I agree with you.

      • Cesar D

        Tim Cook said that they will start allowing third party apps/stuff time before.

  • on3simpleclick

    I tried this app, but deleted it pretty fast. Having to open an app, just to launch more apps is such a clunky way of doing things.

    • When used effectively, you aren’t launching apps, you are launching actions that may take 4-5 taps to do the same thing otherwise.

  • chumawumba

    I think I will stick with the included folders feature in IOS

  • Mago

    Now this really makes ios 7 look like windows mobile like the one in samsung omnia back in the days! Apple needs to get it together about this UI design!

    • Michael Hulet

      This isn’t an Apple app..

  • Jay Kay

    say jeff to do a video review of this app, then i’ll consider it buying otherwise what i understood its just an app to open an app which i can open straight, cant waste 5$ on it.