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Fitbit’s health and fitness trackers are well regarded by fans of wearables. The San Francisco startup has managed to win over the active types with its Flex wristband, Zip and Fitbit One activity trackers and today they’re adding another gadget to its lineup: the Force fitness tracker.

Slap it on your wrist and the Force will dutifully record the steps taken, distance traveled, stairs climbed, calories burned and active minutes. It also measures the quality of your sleep (how many times you wake up) and has a nice built-in OLED display to show time and, soon, incoming call notifications…

The Force syncs with your iOS/Android mobile device or Mac/Windows PC via power efficient Bluetooth 4.0 technology, making it compatible with the iPhone 4s/5/5s/5c and the third-generation iPad and later.

The device analyzes your current stats to automatically issue motivational reminders to keep you exercising throughout the day, a killer feature for a couch potato like myself. You will also love stats sync with major third-party apps like DigiFit, MapMyRun, Endomondo, TicTrac, Foodly – even – and lots of other apps.

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The Force has a silent alarm that gently vibrates and packs in a bunch of sensors such as accelerometer, pedometer and altimeter. Of course, it wouldn’t be a typical wrist-worn device without a built-in watch. If you’re wondering about incoming call notifications, Fitbit says the feature will be enabled through an upcoming firmware update (iOS 7 will be required).


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The nice thing about the accompanying app is that folks can set their personal goals for daily active minutes and the Force will issue reminders accordingly. By the way, the Center for Disease Control recommends 150 moderate-to-high intensity cardio minutes per week.

Oh, it’s water resistant and has a battery life of 7-10 days.

The Force costs $129.95 and is available in Black and Slate for order today on the Fitbit webstore. The company says the accessory will be available in select retailers in “three to four weeks”.

  • Martin

    I really wish Nike would at least give us a hint that they’re planning to release a new version of the fuelband. Am I stupid to wait for something by them?

    • Martin

      Actually I just checked and I guess Nike is having a media event on the 15th of this month where they might unveil a new Nike FuelBand. I’ll wait and see before ordering the Fitbit Force.

      • Martin

        Yeaaaaah…. that event was a total letdown. Not impressed with the new FuelBand at all. Definitely picking up the Force once it becomes available at Best Buy.

  • bigtalk

    no thanks

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    I was comparing the FuelBand to this, and I have to say, the Fitbit has impressed me a lot more. It looks as though Nike will announce the FuelBand 2 with advanced biometrics, but I’m gonna go ahead and get me one of these. I have been looking for a watch, and since the Fitbit tells time and gets the job done with fitness, I’m sold. I’m not waiting around forever for an iWatch… I’ll sell the Fitbit if the iWatch Apple is supposedly going to release blows me away, but for now, I’m content. 7 – 10 days for battery life, that’s great.

    • J M

      Since I’m not familiar with these things, I was wondering, do you have to take it off and charge it, and how long does that take? Seems like taking it off while you sleep defeats the purpose of it monitoring you while you sleep…

      • John

        Takes about an hour to get to full charge.

        I just take mine off when I’m watching tv or sitting in front of the computer, stick it into the USB charger and away it goes.

      • Martin

        Unless you’re active 24hrs a day 7 days a week, I’m sure you can find 1 hour of your time where you’re not doing anything. Perfect time to charge it then.

  • Ellyn IsfeelingThelove

    Gold is best

  • Tom

    Misfit Shine! FTW!!!

  • xSeriouSx

    That’s rare, I usually see pics of the iPhone placed in front of other phones…just saying.