A model poses with Galaxy Note of Samsung Electronics during a local launch event for Samsung's mobile devices at the company's headquarters in Seoul

U.S. President Barack Obama is opting to let stand a ban on Samsung product imports. The South Korean firm had requested the American president overturn an earlier decision by the US International Trade Commission. The failure to veto the import on Samsung products follows a last-minute veto of an import ban on Apple’s iPhone 4S in August…

“After carefully weighing policy considerations, including the impact on consumers and competition, advice from agencies, and information from interested parties, I have decided to allow” the ban, U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman, who represents President Obama before the ITC, said in a statement.

Samsung had requested the import ban be overturned “on public policy grounds, especially since a similar order it won against Apple’s iPhone 4S was thwarted by a presidential veto,” Bloomberg reports.

Now that White House intervention is ruled out, Samsung can take its case to a U.S. appeals court.

In a statement via AllThingsD, Samsung said:

We are disappointed by the US Trade Representative’s decision to allow the exclusion order issued by the US International Trade Commission (ITC). It will serve only to reduce competition and limit choice for the American consumer.

Although Samsung manufactures many handsets, only a small number fall under the ITC’s ban. Newer models incorporate workarounds that avoid Apple patents regarding multitouch and headphone sensors.

As a result, “I do not believe that concerns with regard to enforcement related to the scope of the order, in this case, provide a policy basis for disapproving it,” Froman said.

Apple views forcing Samsung to alter handset design as a competitive advantage, according to the report. In August, the White House argued that banning older iPhones due the use of a standard-essential patent was incorrect.

Additionally, the Obama administration has championed calls to limit the use of standards-essential patents as a competitive tool.

What’s your take on this?

Was the administration right to veto a ban on Apple products and allow Samsung import ban?

  • abdullah575

    samsung is a bad Company

    • iBanks

      I would agree on the wireless devices aspect but overall, I would disagree. TV’s are amazing….. Though I don’t own one made by them anymore.

      • Jo

        because they copy apple

      • goofygreek

        They copy apples tv designs??? I didnt know apple made tv’s… If you couldnt tell, that was sarcasm. Clearly you need to learn how to read before you reply to a comment, or learn how to click the proper reply link.

      • Jo

        i replied to a wrong person

    • Taf Khan

      Agreed. They can’t be trusted. They don’t even follow the rules within the courts (Not seen much on here about the hearing that took place).

      But with a track record that includes copying (need I say more), false advertising (enhancing performance specs), paying for false reviews (students for fake reviews) and hiring judges who made a decision in key court cases (uk judge, money talks right?). You can’t blame the Obama administration for its stance. Tut tut…

      • Trollstein Trollerso

        You act like Samsung is the only company that does this, no, they’re not. Apple also has a track record of this, but Samsung catches more flak because quite technically they’re Apple’s biggest competitor. HTC just recently made a gold HTC One, and I didn’t see a report on this website about that. The level of bias on this site and by it’s readers is staggering. If you’re going to make an uniformed comment such as that, at least be open about the company you try so hard to defend. They’re not as innocent as you pretend to believe.

        And no, I’m no particular fan of any device or OS.

      • Tom Brady

        Well do you watch Fox News and expect them to be unbiased towards Obama? This blog site is Pro Apple

      • Pitchy

        You are the only person so far that has made any logical sense. The rest of the comments is the standard run of the mill fanboys throwing out their I HATE SAMSUNG, THEY ARE CRAP crap. The bias here is amazing. Granted it’s an Applecentric site, but without Samsung and Android pushing back, Apple wouldn’t need to refresh with higher spec standards each year. Competetion is key to growth and like it or not, Apple needs Samsung as much as Samsung needs Apple.

        Apple is just as guilty doing the same stuff that Samsung does with patents and lawsuits, but because it’s Apple, they get a free pass and when it’s Samsung, they get all the flak. I love technology… I love Android, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung etc… they all make great products. Apple isn’t the sole inventor of everything!!!

      • Rowan09

        If someone says they hate Samsung and they’re crap they have to right to because it’s their opinion. Maybe they owned Samsung products and they were crap to them. You made a statement in your response saying Apple is guilty of doing what Samsung did with its patents but I’ve never seen any proof. What Samsung was doing us trying to charge too much for standards essential patent hence Apple winning that ridulous amount of money. Apple was suing because Samsung was using their tech without permission. I hate the patent laws but standard essential patents should be available to everyone at a reasonable price. Apple is no angel I agre but if you don’t have proof of them trying to deny or charge too much for standard essential patents, it’s not a fair thing to say. If there is proof I stand corrected.

      • Pitchy

        No, Apple just patents ridiculous things like rounded corners, rectangle shapes and magnetic connectors and then sues anyone else who does something similar… despite prior art. Apple has sued Samsung over numerous things. They both act like spoiled little brats who need to have their butts spanked and then placed in a corner for 10 minutes until they calm down and learn to act civil.

        Then you have things like what Apple did with Konfabulator… where Apple took the exact same idea, implemented into OSX and basically ruined the whole business model that Konfabulator had created. Look at how iOS constantly rips off the jailbreak community and Android. But Apple doesn’t get any bad press for that.

        Some people seem to be so out of touch with reality that they cannot see Apple doing anything bad. Hell, Apple even sued the city of New York over their recycling logo. The Big Apple who has been the Big Apple before Apple was Apple…

      • Rowan09

        Apple gets judge the hardest so no one is out of touch with reality. Until the patent laws change you can’t blame a company for making a patent on the look of a product, go and check and the design of a product is a separate patent from how the product actually work. The patent laws need changing but I agree Apple isn’t innocent no one in business is innocent its all about the money. There is a difference though between trying to look like a product which the Galaxy S/4G did before I heard about a case with Apple I looked at my friends phone and saw similarities but that what companies do they emulate other companies when they have a popular product. Apple and any other company has to right to protect itself from consumers being confused.

      • Pitchy

        If you look at the LG phone that came out before the iPhone, the iPhone looks nearly identical to it. So Apple copies LG, but that doesn’t matter because OMG Samsung has new phone out that looks like the iPhone. Did LG ever say damn you Apple and Samsung, you are mooching our design, stop it or we will sue? Rio didn’t send it’s lawyers knocking on Apple’s door when the first iPod came out that had a strong resemblance to some of the Rio players. Did any of the companies that make deep fryers and rice cookers come after Apple for using the mag safe power connector? Apple takes other’s ideas, repurposes them and then sues people for doing the same thing Apple just stole. That’s why I don’t fanboy out and defend them with my dying breath because Apple is just as guilty as any company that Apple fanboys throw tantrums over.

      • Rowan09

        If Apple steals something they will always get sued. No Apple owner will ever brag or should ever brag Apple made something first (besides 64 bit on a phone), Apple always waits and redefine something. In regards to the LG phone are you talking about the Vue? The Vue looks nothing like the iPhone, no one would confuse a Vue for an iPhone. Using a MagSafe charger and saying you made MagSafe chargers are two totally different things, Apple is allowed to use MagSafe, USB ports, etc even though they didn’t make them. Copying is ok but when you steal others ideas regardless of what company including Apple you deserve to be punished. You mentioned Apple stole from Android and the jailbreak community but stealing implies taking something that is not yours and making it your own. Apple used a notification center which I’m sure was Android and the jail break community but it looks nothing like the Android notification center, having quick toggles is also totally different on IOS 7 than any other company. It’s ok to copy but wrong to steal.

      • rikomenzies

        Do keep in mind that Apple’s “rounded corners” patent is a little more narrow than it seems. For one, it’s a patent on a device’s ornamental design. They can’t use it to sue just anybody who makes a tablet with rounded corners–it can only be used against someone who blatantly makes a copy of the device.
        So no, it can’t be used as ammunition against Samsung or HP or Asus or whoever else makes a tablet with rounded corners. They can, however, use that patent to go against someone making clones of their devices.

      • Hwang Lee

        Right, Apple’s bigger phoned screens are being pushed because Android distributors have popularized these bigger screens. Also, I think one of the big reasons Apple pushed the 64 bit is because of pressure to join the spec race. This really the first time Apple has been on top of the spec game. But the same goes the other way around, look at the Moto X which is influenced by Apple philosophies, “less specs, more user experience”

      • Pitchy

        completely agree. both sides leech off each other and also are forced to advance faster because of it.

      • Guest

        Correction: Apple never invented anything.

      • Ted Forbes

        Yeah Samsung throws low blows but in the end there are no referees to disqualify Samsungs high rating sales in this-here profitable market.

        This is no “winner takes it all game”.

        To profit is to win and you can win even if its the lowest profit margin in this competitive market. Its a win win game for all as long as you profit.

        If the courts were serious Obama would have no need to get in this in the first place. Samsung would not be rewarding itself billions while only penalized for millions by the courts.

        This is silly. So your right its about the cash and it speaks for itself.

      • @dongiuj

        Foolish comment, yet again.
        And false advertising you say? Apple did the same when they introduced video calls as a first. FAR from the truth. Phones in Japan were doing that at least 3 years before apple. You have no idea what you’re saying cause you’re blinded and brainwashed.

    • Hwang Lee

      Yet somehow they’re one of the biggest phone manufacturers? You can’t be a bad company and sell that many phones. Yes, they have played dirty, but they’re aggressive and sell loads. Try to look at their positives and negatives before calling them a “bad company”

  • Rowan09

    I think if you own a standard essential patent you should not be able to sue, once another company approach you to use those patents. The patent laws is just stupid, people can make a patent for almost anything.

    • felixtaf

      Patent laws vary from country to country. But the whole theme is same. Also, you cannot get patent for anything and getting a patent is not that easy.
      Ex: Apple’s so called ‘rectangle patent’ is basically a design patent, but interpreted by media as rectangle patent.

      • Rowan09

        That’s true and I’m aware of how extensive it is to get a patent since I myself is looking into getting a design and utility patent on a product I’m making. I was watching the show Shark Tank and I guy has a patent on connecting headsets to a shirt, if I’m not mistaken. It was something stupid but yet they have a patent and another guy has a patent on lights in a cooler.

      • felixtaf

        I agree. No matter how many rules and regulations r there, people will find a way to obtain the patent.
        Hope you get ur patent 🙂

      • Rowan09


  • Patrick

    Good, we don’t like samsung

  • Sokrates

    Samsung has no values, which is reflected in their products.

    • Jo

      Well their value is making profits no matter what! Even if it means copying Apple!

  • chumawumba

    Thanks Obama

  • bigtalk

    lol obama get big $$$$$ from apple so i am not surprised and he uses and iphone and ipad hhahahha

  • Jo

    look at the picture! The woman holding the Samsungs does not look happy.

    • @dongiuj

      From what I heard from many people that have travelled to Korea, the locals look like they use “fake smiles” in their line of work.

  • Jack

    Wtf…. Totally biased…

  • CatheyBarrett

    I’ve got my FIRST check total of $550, pretty cool.. You can try it for yourself. ℰ­x­i­t­3­5­.­c­ℴ­ℳ

  • NSA

    Has Samsung Invented anything? Has Samsung brought any new category to the market?

    Even Samsung Galaxy Gear is not a break through, they are waiting for Apple or other company to come up with something better than Galaxy Gear. Then copy it.

    • Pitchy

      But Sony and Pebble already have smart watches on the market. There are a ton of other strange branded smart watches available. Just go to eBay and search… Apple will once again try to take credit for bring the smart watch to market even though they go back years and years ago. I was probably one of the few people that had the Microsoft watch that gave me weather, news and email and this was nearly 10 years ago. So with all this smart watch tech already in the market, how can Apple bring out something WITHOUT copying and then claim that Samsung copied them?

    • Kurt

      phablets, they are taking over. 10mil two years ago, 30 mil last year. and thats just their phablets we are talking about. Next year iphablets!