iPhone 5.7 (T3 magazine concept teaser 001)

Apple’s iPhone and iPad lines are both set to get larger displays, according to a new report from Korea’s ET news. The outlet claims to have knowledge of the company’s future product plans, and has outlined a series of sweeping changes.

For starters, the report says that the iPhone is set to get a bump in display size to over 5-inches. And it goes on to explain that the iPad is going to get split into pro and entry-level models, with at least one model getting a 13-inch display…

Here are some major bullet points from the lengthy report (via 9to5Mac):

  • iPhone 5 increased the display size from 3.5 inch to 4 inch and its next version is sure to come with a bigger display at least 5 inch.
  • Like iPhone 5C, iPad will be divided into affordable and premium variations, depending on display. Furthermore, an oversized 12.9 inch-iPad will be also released next year for e-textbook and enterprise markets.
  • Apple will also adopt AM OLED which the company has shunned so far to hold Samsung in check and for picture quality issue, etc. Yet, Apple recently began to develop associated technologies, adopting flexible OLED for its iWatch.

The report goes on to say that Apple is also working to implement more power-efficient LED displays for its MacBooks and that it is looking to increase its reliance on both LG and Samsung for screens, but will continue to use Japan Display.

While there are previous reports that corroborate a few of these claims, some of them are unsubstantiated. For instance, this would be the third or fourth time we’ve heard of a 13-inch iPad—it sounds like Apple is going to go through with it.


But as far as the iPhone getting a 5-inch display, we’ve heard that Apple has been looking at slightly less than that. The latest report calls for next year’s version of the smartphone to have a display size falling between 4.5 and 5-inches.

And finally, regarding OLED displays, Apple has been seen hiring experts in the field. But Tim Cook has outright said that OLED technology does not measure up to the tech Apple currently uses. It does, however, make sense for the iWatch.

So is any of this true? Well we shouldn’t have to wait too long to test the report’s accuracy. Later this month, Apple is expected to unveil a new iPad and iPad mini, and according to ET News, the latter won’t have a high resolution Retina display.

  • Jonathan

    I hope to heck this is true..

  • Jonathan

    and uh, delete one of the images duplicate iPhone images. 😉

    • Melvco

      done. super weird glitch. =/

      • Jonathan

        Weird indeed.

      • Patrick

        its still there by the way

      • Jonathan

        I don’t see it.

  • Kurt

    5.5 or at least 5 inches for the iphone please. and I’ll take a 13″ ipad (would take larger too)

    I bet the 13 inch Pro model iPad will have a stylus. Hopefully pressure sensitive.

    • TesticularFortitude

      With that much real estate(13″ iPad), Apple could pack it with 256 gig of storage, a quad core, a gigantic battery and lots of other goodies.

      • Kurt

        I’ll take any extra goodies they are willing to throw my way. Best apps on a larger screen. Yes please!

      • TesticularFortitude

        I think the move to 64 bit will blur the line between iOS grade and osx grade applications. They keep talking about ‘forward thinking’… I bet that’s where they’re headed.

      • Kurt

        “Don’t believe a rumor until it’s been officially denied.” This is a phrase for the government but it works well for Apple too 😛

      • John

        For the first time, I actually agree with you.

    • dpacemaker

      I agree, I would never want a phone over 5 inches, and I have no use for a bigger iPad it would make sense to do it. Many people need the bigger iPad for work, and if it is that big it needs to support two apps on the screen at once. To me that would make it much more versatile. That could be a feature of the “pro” model.

      • Kurt

        Multitasking as in the Note/Windows would be a welcome addition. I really like the drag and drop feature on my Note 3. Pictures/text from a website into Evernote for example.

      • dpacemaker

        I think in years past they didn’t do it because they looked at them as secondary devices for leisure. Now that more and more people are using them as everyday devices, as opposed to a laptop, they are realizing that they need a true workhorse tablet with real multi-tasking.

    • Maxim∑

      4.7″ with small bezels like moto x would be great

  • Linton Findlay

    who needs anything bigger than the larger ipad? can understand larger iphone but no ipad

    • Kurt

      I use an iPad and my TouchPad to work. So…me.

    • Julio Cesar

      That would be really awesome for me.
      For show the shots that I take with my Canon 7D to my customers and so on.
      Wacom-like pressure pen on the iPad would be awesome too.

  • chumawumba

    Yeah because we have to believe everything analysts say

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Give me a 5 inch IPhone 6 with a 12 megapixel camera and with iOS 8 and I’ll be a happy man next September!

    • mehrab

      Forget megapixels they dont do alot.

      • Umut Bilgiç

        Yeah. They are not useless ofcourse, but I kinda hate it when it brcomes a huge selling point. iPhones sensors and OIS tech is pretty advanced and results in beautiful photos. Cant say the same thing for low-light though :/

    • Razick Rilshad

      Me too bro

  • omrishtam

    iPhablet race…even though not many want one…my max is 4.3 or 4.5 inch, 5 inch is WAY too big but let’s see what apple has to offer…

    • Kurt

      30million people bought the Note 2 last year. Then you talk about all the other phablets being bought and you say not many? haha. You stick with the little iPhone and Ill go with the Phablet. Hopefully they will go with two sizes so we both can be happy

      • Tom

        Americans…… They love big things.
        No offense 😉

      • Ted Forbes

        Yeah, how about 3 iPhones: 4, 4.5 and 5 inch.

        6c in 4 (the old 5s)
        6 in 4.5 and 5 in display

        Three iPhones!!!! Yeah, I know, this is a bit to hopeful.

        Besides the hardware it would be great if there are more useful features, tweaks and app integration in iOS 8.

        I wanna be able to set sleep in my multimedia default apps especially the Apple default apps. Also I would like to send or share my mail and photos with my Dropbox or other cloud services.

        Cydia is great but I want to do this without JB my device to make it happen.

        “Lets see.”

  • Melvco

    64-bit A7, 13-inch display, Touch ID security = all together begin to form an interesting device for the professional/enterprise space.

    • Jonathan

      It would definitely be a competitor against the Windows 8 tablets the size of a computer screen.

    • TesticularFortitude

      This is logical. With dwindling PC sales and the switch to 64 bit along with all this ‘forward thinking’ chatter from Apple, I think this is the next logical step. It’s going to be interesting to see what they’re doing with iPad 5.

    • John

      Add to that…multiple user accounts, perhaps?

    • xSeriouSx

      Still missing Mac OS X…

  • seyss

    To end with all these size discussion customers could define the size of the custom-built device they want when ordering.

    Maybe on iPhone 56 we’ll see this..

    • Jonathan

      That would be very expensive. That would mean that Apple for have to invent custom sized hardware for each, half inch step, or whatever they would decide. I don’t think they’d do that. I would guess just give us 2 sizes, and maybe eventually 3.

      • seyss

        it’d be the same hardware, just with bigger screen. iphone 6″ would have the same logic board as the iphone 5S 4″, with just a bigger screen. battery would be adjusted since it is modular

    • felixtaf

      Even with iPhone 56 we wont see that. even for 1mm change in display, they have to redesign everything!
      Custom designing like Moto X will be possible, that we may see in iPhone 560!

      • Ted Forbes

        Its hard to do, but then again it is getting harder.

        Every tom, dick and harry is trying to beat the pants of Apple. Apple need to realize it now that they cant depend on one phone anymore.

        People want options, they got lots of collateral hundreds of billions and they better use it up if they want to stay king rather than kin of this game (next of kin).

        They need to realize that from here on it is going to be hard and get harder.

  • Siddharth Desai


  • felixtaf

    iPhone pro (?) and iPad pro…

  • Kenny Woodard

    4.7″ to 5″ is the sweet spot.

  • Oneil Chaps Webb

    i would never want a iPhone over 4.5 inch, that’s the main reason for having a iPhone is its size, its perfect fit for my hand

  • Chindavon

    Can’t come soon enough.

  • Matt Dowdy

    Wouldn’t that be copying Android? Downvote me all you like but there’s outrage on this site when things that Apple do are done in other camps take for instance gold phone or fingerprint scanning. I think people need to grow up a little and realise that if a company has a popular idea then others are going to imitate and if fan boys really want to go for the win then you can tell yourselves that imitation is the best compliment anyone can pay you

    • mehrab

      Its a screen size for god sakes other then that its a rumor
      Apple changed the screen of the 5 cos it was long overdue and the way they changed it size shape aspect ratio wideness and everything was different then any android phone it was made to be used with one hand while it provided widescreen video and gaming something that android phones dont do

      • Matt Dowdy

        Yeah I know it’s a screen size. That’s my point. Just like gold is just a colour. ….

      • Umut Bilgiç

        Colour or color??

      • mehrab

        Depends on whether your american or british lol

      • Umut Bilgiç

        Haha thanks, I am Turkish so i can get them wrong sometimes. :p

      • Matt Dowdy

        Colour as I’m from England and that’s how it is spelt here but thanks for your input

      • Umut Bilgiç

        Hahaha. I am not native so I can get confused sometimes 😀

      • mehrab

        Just a color that apple made elegant and classy now you”ll say about how android made screens sizes popular they did in a way but its like you can stay the same sized screen for 100 years you have to vhange it every now and then they changed bcos us iphone users wanted it not bcos of android other then that apples approach to increasing of screen sizes if much different then android

      • Matt Dowdy

        I think you’re confusing me with some kind of fanboy which I’m absolutely not. Your point is exactly what I’m getting at though. If samsung or Android implement something that Apple has done then it’s plain copying but if apple do it then it’s stylish and innovative.I’m an apple fan myself but my post was highlighting how ridiculous the whole situation is.regarding the screen size issue though you’ll need to cast your mind back to the Apple thumb advert where they had found the prefect size with the 5 and mocking larger screens so where they would go from there nobody knows

      • mehrab

        But they are doing 64 bit, fingerprint,gold color like right after 2 days after the 5s thats why they call in copying screen size is a physical design based thing. But these are features, android was not the first with quick toggles, notification centre, multitasking their only orginal features is widgets which ios never copied and never even showed any interest to copy while ios has weather calender reminded clock stock widgets type things in the notification centre its completely different from androids take thats implementation. Its not implementation when you see a company relase a gold phone and every one loves it and you realse your own gold phone watching them

      • Jeff Maxwell

        I get your point but I think it’s a question of short-term copying (gold, 64 bit, fingerprint sensor, etc on next years models) vs following long-term trends (like screen size). Apple was very slow to offer a smaller tablet but eventually gave in to the market trend that had been building for a couple of years.

        It only makes sense to go where the demand is greatest but there’s a certain level of frustration with those who immediately implement a feature Apple has decided to go with without even acknowledging that they’re following Apple’s lead.

      • John

        Apple follows once they know they have the product 100% where they want it to be, looks at iOS… It’s a brilliant example of how they won’t implement current technology straight away until they know it has longevity and they are able to do it ‘right’

      • John

        Allow me to interject about here. As an “Apple fan”, you present an interesting point.

        Good work.

    • Ted Forbes

      Apple didn’t do it first and now they will be the last.

      They will be the last to do the big phone, they will come in dead last doing this because every major tom dick and harry already made a big phone.

      Apple must put the pride thing behind along time ago and jump on board while the ship is not far from the dock. They did it with the iPad mini, now they need to do it with the phone.

      Better late than never.

      Apple must do what they gotta do.

  • Riley Freeman

    Some of these posts are duplicates. Everyone knows the iPhone is getting a bigger screen. They have no choice. If this wasn’t a S model year, they would have done it this year.

    I just hope quick reply a la bitesms finally makes it into iOS which I also think is inevitable

    • 4p0c4lyps3

      Cldnt agree more. I thot quick reply was inevitable 2 yrs ago. Truly redic.

    • John

      “Everyone knows”, what evidence do you have that everyone knows?

      In response to your quick reply comment though, I’m surprised it made it into Mavericks and not into iOS 7… I’d like to see it in 7.1 (perhaps), launching in October with the new iDevices.

      • Riley Freeman

        when i say that i am referring to anyone that even comes to tech blogs pretty much knows that they have no choice but to go bigger. we just dont kno if it will be 4.7inches or 5 inches or 6

        im betting on 4.7 or 5.

        no way quick reply comes to a . ios 7. thats a feature they are going to want show off and talk about it not just throw it out there and let everyone figure it out. apple always likes to play up stuff they do. so i say ios 8 with something about it thats either stupid or good because they want to be different. i just cant wait until next year so i can toss my 5 and get a big screen 6

      • John

        It’s talked about that people WANT a larger iOS device (namingly an iPhone) but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen…remember, unlike Android, iOS Apps are designed for specific sized screen and therefore changing the size would be additional work for developers……again and a lot of them weren’t happy Apple gave them only two weeks to update their Apps before the phone was released.

        A 7.x release could be possible, for example, at the iPad media event there would be nothing stopping Craig talking about how popular iOS 7 has been and “today we will be announcing iOS 7.1”, it’s been done before. Several times actually.

  • Umut Bilgiç

    What about OSX touch version, that could run on the large iPad? I would buy that thing, but It is not very logical of Apple to do such a thing. What you guys think?

    • John

      I remember seeing years ago, there was a fake thing going around about OS X Touch. I don’t think it would work to be honest, if anything they would integrate a lot more of iOS into OS X and then build up from there…but I think we will see a “point and click” style operating system for many years to come.


    4.8 inches!

  • ɑղժɾҽա

    What happened to IGZO displays?

  • Shadowlink

    Lol there is no way in hell they would do a 5″ phone. I have a note 2 and it’s too damn big. I enjoyed it for almost a whole year but it just got too cumbersome. I think anything around 4.5 is a perfect size.

  • klouud

    I don’t care what they do as long as the phone itself doesn’t get any bigger. If I want a tablet I’ll get one – otherwise leave my phone alone! And leave Brittany alone as well!! But seriously… this has been a rumor since the iPhone 4S days. I doubt it will ever happen. At the very most, Apple will make an iPhone regular/mini and iPhone larger/big/phablet/obscenity.

  • trumpet444

    I have zero interest in a 13″ iPad but I’m all about a larger iPhone

  • @dongiuj

    Iphone definately needs a larger screen. I’ll get rid of my android phone if it happens for sure.

  • Mykeljon

    All of this is nonsense. Apple does not do affordable and premium versions of individual products. All such predictions have turned out to be wrong. And since they appear to be working on reducing the size of the current full sized iPad, I can’t see them building a larger one.

    • Ted Forbes

      Not all predictions were wrong, some were close, some accurate, some were not. But whether the larger iPhone and iPad are rumors or not no one here can deny the fact that this is a rumor with demands and a market. So Apple can leave it or join it.

      • Mykeljon

        Apple does not build cheap products and Apple does not build products in response to market demands. They never have! Predictions of cheap versions have ALWAYS been wrong.

      • Ted Forbes

        THE FUTURE
        Who knows what Apple will do in the future. The future is now, they are doing what they never did before because it is how you stay on the top.

        Let me use the auto industry for example. I don’t think Apple is trying to position itself exclusively to a fix market such as a Lamborghini, Austin Martin or Rolls Royce, NO. What I see is Apple replicating itself in a diverse market such as Cadillac, Mercedes, BMW, etc. WHY? Because these companies are playing in a diverse market reachable to almost any budget and class.

        I am not verifying the rumor nor endorsing it,I am merely using this topic of rumors to point to the facts of a “demand and market” for larger displays.

        It makes sense if there is a demand and a market. Galaxy is selling like hot fies, like hot cake, like hot pizza! Know why. Because there is a demand and a market for larger mobile phone display and its not going away.

        This game that Apple is playing is more than products but domination. Within this world of domination there is an opportunity for giant conglomerates or a single giant conglomerate. Apple is part that right now. But it is back and forth between its market rivals and affiliates Samsung, Exxon, Cokacola, Google, Facebook, just to name a few.

        Apple got the potentials so why think small. If Apple want to be that untouchable giant conglomerate and to stay that it must create “real-space-time” between itself and these giants. Apple has reached this point of domination, if the chief (Tim Cook, Carl Icahn, whoever) is thinking big, real big then to play in the game of domination, then he must do what it takes, but clean!

      • Ted Forbes

        And besides Apple is not one man or a family but a board of directors. As long as it is so who among us are willing to swear our head on a chopping block that Apple will be exactly what it is today in a few years? Who knows? I know I don’t.

  • Yunsar

    I don’t think the iPad will have cheaper variations


    Wtf for the iPhone part? Weren’t you Apple fanboy kids saying that Samsung was too big to hold and now you are gonna get it and are excited? What a dumb world

  • Bunna Chea

    Wonder what apple fanboy who always conplain samsung phone is too big going to use? Maybe stick to their iphone 3.5 inch display

    • Stefano

      I hope they do not go larger than 5″. My sister has the note and its obnoxiously large and isn’t even quality. I’m happy with my 5, and thankful I didn’t get the 5S. Who the hell wants to put something that large in their pocket?

  • coowkeee

    Big screens = big additional payments.. lol

  • Keith Green

    If the iPad mini doesn’t get retina display this year I’m done with apple. I’m selling my ipad4 and iphone5 and going to Samsung.