iTunes 11 (Albums)

Apple has released a Supplemental Update to OS X 10.8.5. The release fixes an issue with the FaceTime HD camera on late-model MacBook Airs, a bug that caused external drives to be ejected, and other problems.

Additionally, Apple has also seeded a new version of iTunes this afternoon, bringing the app to version 11.1.1. The update doesn’t offer up any new features, but it does bring about bug fixes and stability improvements…

Specifically, it looks like iTunes 11.1.1 fixes a few well-known issues: one that may cause iTunes Extras to display incorrectly, and one that caused deleted podcasts to reappear. Here are the release notes both updates:

itunes 11.1.1

As always, the OS X update can be accessed via the Mac App Store, in the Updates pane, and the new version of iTunes can be found by visiting the iTunes tab in the status bar and selecting ‘Check for Updates.’

  • chumawumba

    iTunes 11.1.1 should have been released with iOS 7.

    • Palmer Paul

      They can’t fix the bugs in iTunes 11.1.1 without finding the bugs in 11.1.0 (which was released a few hours before iOS 7).

    • Anthony Antunez


  • Charlie Val

    I’m probably the only iTunes user here who uses Windows and Android.

    • Moi

      I use windows but no anderoid

  • Palmer Paul

    iOS 7 was released over two weeks ago and iTunes 11.1.1 was released today…

    • Anthony Antunez


      • Palmer Paul

        lol i’m not OP, but I had a problem with beta 6 and iTunes 11.0.5 (I think that was the version that I was on at the time, but not exactly sure)

      • Anthony Antunez

        Whoops again XD

  • Luke Mulholland

    Mavericks Gold Master Out now.

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    Very much needed update. I hope it solves all the problems i was facing

  • D.

    Does the Mac App Store show the update file size or am I blind?

    • D.

      Ah while it’s downloading. Never mind. I’m a Mac noob.

  • Mohammed Sahib

    Updated iTunes to 11.1.1, synced my iPhone 5 and BAAAM, my entire music library was deleted from iPhone. The ‘sync music’ box was magically unchecked by itself. WTF is wrong with Apple? Cook should fire someone in the software department.

  • delta whiskey

    it feels like itunes 11 was rushed for the release of ios7. how come all these bugs were missed in the betas????? and there are still bugs in 11.1.1

    apple has gone downhill with software upgrades since cook took over.

    • Peter Cao

      Software is anything but perfect, on any platform. iOS 7 took a major overhaul of the OS, it’ll take time for it to grow. Apple had deadlines to meet, therefore they had to rush it.

    • MehLaMeh

      If you were one of the developers of a software, you’d really have some hard time finding bugs, and you’ll be annoyed by all the people asking for you to release it “RIGHHHHT NAOOOOOO PLSSSSSS”. Can’t blame Cook for that.