The fine folks over at AgileBits have outdone themselves with the latest update to their awesome password management application. 1Password 4, a release countless months in the making, is now officially available for purchase in the Mac App Store. To celebrate, the team behind it is offering it at $39.99 — a 20% discount.

I’ve been a 1Password user for a littler over a year now, and I have to tell you, it’s the best thing since sliced bread. To be honest, I wasn’t much a believer at first. I used another password management tool called LastPass, and that seemed to work fine for me.

That was until I gave 1Password a real shot. Since then, I haven’t looked back. There are just so many different facets of this application that make it the gold standard as far as password management apps are concerned. And 1Password 4 has so many subtle upgrades and painstaking attention to detail, that I feel comfortable labeling it the best password management app of all time.

Along with a fresh coat of paint, the app brings support for iCloud, which makes it a dream to use with its iOS counterpart. If you’re already running 1Password on your iPhone, just install 1Password 4 and it’ll automatically pull in all of your password details via iCloud.

1Password 4 fill

I especially like the ability to search your saved password data from anywhere on your Mac using the handy Option+Command +\ shortcut. I use that countless times each and every day, and it makes me more productive. I also like the ability to quickly star favorites so that they appear at the top of my available login entries when browsing to login pages.

If you already use 1Password 3, then you probably don’t need much convincing to upgrade, as you already know how beneficial this app is. But just in case you do, take my word for it. It’s more than just a fresh coat of paint, it’s a refined user experience that’s well worth the upgrade. I’ve been using 1Password 4 in beta for quite some time now, and I’m buying it as soon as soon as I’m finished with this post. Speaking of that, for those who already purchased 1Password on the Mac App Store, the upgrade to 1Password 4 is free.

Download 1Password 4 in the Mac App Store now.

What say you? What do you use for your password management? 1Password? LastPass? A sticky note attached to your monitor?

  • Still think it’s rediculously expensive, now if it came with the iOS app it would be a little bit better. All this is is a hyped up text saver really, let’s hope Apple gets ‘iCloud Keychain” right…

    • Al

      Yes, it’s expensive now. But if iCloud Keychain works as advertised, I’d bet AgileBits will rethink their pricing scheme on their apps.

    • Jack Wong

      $40 with 20% off already… so the regular price is $50… crazy…

    • Eduardo Martinez

      Yeah it’s expensive, it’s adult-ware.

  • CC-Dog

    I can’t think of one reason to use this instead of iCloud Keychain.

    • Falk M.

      Cross-platform comes to mind

      • CC-Dog

        It certainly is tricky on iOS where apps run in sandbox, as well as on Windows where there is no centralized Keychain manager, yet there are countless browsers, mail clients, IM, etc.

    • marcus1324

      All of your iCloud data is sent to the NSA and with 1Password your data syncs with Dropbox and Dropbox data is private, the NSA can’t see it.

      • CC-Dog

        Did Dropbox tell you that or NSA led you to believe that? Apple also reassured that they don’t give data to NSA as I can remember.
        If NSA is that powerful, they won’t need iCloud to get your passwords, they can simply use the back door they planted in the OS.

  • Carlos

    I’ve used LastPass for years on my computers. It’s free and great for the most part. I’ve upgraded to Premium so I can use their app but I mainly use it for those few times you can’t remember your login or banking info. Even then the Premium version of LastPass is nowhere near as expensive as 1Password 4.

  • mav3rick

    This “fine folks” are asking outrageous prices for a simple function app. It costs almost as an OS. And as they said, they’re charging this much because is what people are willing to pay.

  • Andy

    No thanks, I’ve already got LastPass and KeePass (and MiniKeePass for iOS) for all my password managing needs. I see no reason to pay such a ridiculous price for something when fully functional alternatives exist.

    • Eduardo Martinez

      I’ve used all of them, and they are all subpar, their best feature is only they are free and/or cheap.

      Good apps cost money, and 1Password is a good example of this. I’ve been using it for over a year and would never ever consider going back to those you mentioned.

      The KeePass/MiniKeepass combo is terrible, you have to open the db thru Dropbox everytime you want to Sync. 1P does this without you ever knowing, or having to worry about opening a 3rd app, to open the Password app, to open the site/app/whatever that you are trying to unlock. And their interfaces are horrid.

      Unfortunately you won’t know unless you try, but I am talking from experience.

  • Mallouk Malek

    40$ for an app that replaces any persons notepad?

    thanks but i already have one password for all my accounts and no need and app to remember it since it’s just one ;)|

    • mdgcat

      Althougth, $40 is rather a high price for this kind of app, maybe you should consider buying it. ‘Cause you’re identity theft victim waiting to happen.

      You might rethink your security procedures.

      • Mallouk Malek

        I know it’s the most dump thing to do to have the same password for every single account you have, but if you think well no account is too important so save, if it got stolen make a new one end of story 😀
        Ofcourse bank accounts have different passwords tho 😉

      • planetcoalition

        The most “dump” thing is of course to use only one password for all accounts. If one of your accounts is stolen all of your accounts will be at risk.

    • Eduardo Martinez

      You paid how much for a computer when you could have just used a typewriter?????!.

      Email? who needs email when you can use the post office!?

  • richrich

    I got it through a bundle a long time ago and good thing I did, because I wouldn’t buy it for the price they’re requesting. Greed greed greed.

    Also, I tried to update through “Check for updates”, but it says “No updates”…

    • Eduardo Martinez

      Update is only free for MAS buyers.

  • Mark

    How does this work when two individuals (husband/wife) use it with different passwords for the same site (i.e. credit card websites)?

    • Casey H.

      I have been using it in this way for a long time. You can store your keychain data file on dropbox and it will stay in sync with your wife’s computer/iphone. Works perfectly!

  • For users who have serious amounts of ID’s and passwords 1Password albeit expensive is by far the best! Agree the price it crazy but it is a standard app I use multiple times a day and worth the price.

    Most of the people who bulk at the price are probably using the same password for all sites and apps. Good luck with that!

  • Jeff

    I’m not going to even try convincing those who deem this too expensive that this is worth it. Yes, there are plenty of free alternatives that work, like LastPass.

    For me, and countless others though, 1Password isn’t too expensive. I mentioned how they beta tested this app for months, and it’s not just a single guy in a basement working on this.

    The upgrade on the MAS is even free.

  • Rahnold

    I tried it once upon a time (v2 perhaps) and found it didn’t really help me all that much. If you’re a forgetful person maybe it’ll be useful. I use a unique password for everything and never have trouble. Though 2-step verifications are something I’m growing tired of.

  • Guest

    I think this is a great upgrade. Multiple vaults, new interface… I just love it.

  • marcus1324

    When I saw this post and saw it being 40 dollars I got so angry. I was about to send an a complaint to AgileBits until I read the last sentence in this post which made so much sense. ‘for those who already purchased 1Password on the Mac App Store, the upgrade to 1Password 4 is free.’ To everyone that thinks this application is overpriced it’s really not. It helps a lot and is wealth worth the money you won’t regret your purchase.

  • rnorthboy

    just looked it up in the app store and its 17.99

    • Jack Wong

      you are looking at the iOS version.

  • rnorthboy

    damn; so for your phone its 17.99 and cpu 39.00? damn!

  • J. Rockwell

    Last Pass FTW!

  • Altechi

    Be sure to google for coupons, there is one for 20% off at the moment.