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Good news on the iOS 7 jailbreak front this afternoon. It looks like the evad3rs—a hacking team made up for pod2g, MuscleNerd, pimskeks and planetbeing—are getting closer to a useable jailbreak for the update.

Planetbeing tweeted out a few moments ago that he and the rest of the team are ‘still working hard on the jailbreak,’ and that they mean even have all the pieces at this point—though they’re not certain just yet…

Here’s the tweet:

It’s worth noting that there’s still no word on when a public version of the jailbreak will be released, and it likely won’t be for a while. Still, it’s good to hear that not only are the evad3rs on it, but they’re making progress.

Stay tuned.

  • Rob

    When it comes out will the jailbreak be worth it? So many bugs now with everything!

  • Tommmy

    Thanks for great news!

  • Shahzad Malik

    Evad3rs team more excited than us to lunch jailbreak 7 because this time have alot of fun and tweaks will fit to new look ios 7 .

  • Cry Bờm

    wait wait

  • IkillYou

    is it better for me to stay in 6.1.3 or upgrade to ios 7

    • JS3

      i think if your on ios 5 or 6 its a good choice to upgrade to 7. as you can see in this post there will be a JB in the future so why not get on ios 7 and try it out. me personally am really glad i upgraded. i think its just what the OS needed and will continue to get better with time.

      Also another reason i upgraded is cause the JB scene right now is weak as can be. pretty much all the big guys have upgraded to work on ios 7 so…. idk i think its worth but that’s my opinion. yours maybe diff….

      • blastingbigairs

        TetherMe and Moviebox are the only two reasons I refuse to lose my JB just yet. Plus I am not impressed with the childlike look of IOS 7. The new features are okay, but hardly worth losing Music Box, Pandora Downloader, iCleaner, etc.

  • Steve Jobs

    after the ios7 jaibreak we need definitely winterboard for ios7 for change these ugly icons!!

  • Andy Xatziliadis

    I saw the screenshot. It’s iOS 7 with a theme on it. It’s not a jailbreak.

  • Kunal Aggarwal


  • Andrew Roth

    Where’s the dock in the picture?

  • huyucong

    How to remove the dock’s background?

  • Gabriel Diaz

    Can’t wait to quick reply with bitesms and swipeselection! All iOS 7 is missing

  • Nan0x

    There is a little magnifying glass, next to the page dots. On iOS 7, you have to swipe up to open springboard searching, so I guess it’s iOS 6 with look of iOS 7. But I’m not saying anything. Maybe it’s part of the new jailbreak.

    • Connor Buck

      You are correct. This is a theme, because it also has no dock and the app icons in the dock aren’t supposed to have reflections, but they do in this photo.

  • Haseeb

    Bro’s its Full jailbreak Unlock, means bypaas icloud activation? via DFU Mood Jailbreak or evasi0n?

  • Connor Buck

    Will A6 devices still be able to be jailbroken?

  • aatash

    any update? as I see last update was 21 days ago,

  • So? Any news?

  • Any news?