Pedometer 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)Pedometer 1.0 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

Argus is the first app to officially take advantage of the new M7 motion coprocessor found inside the iPhone 5s. As the floodgates are open now, small wonder fitness software makers are scrambling to update their warez with support for the power-efficient chip.

If you own an iPhone 5s, it’s already tracking your movement on a daily basis so M7-compatible apps have a history of what iOS has already recorded to work with.

You can now add David Smith’s Pedometer++ to your list of apps which take advantage of the M7 rather than dutifully perform motion calculations day in day out using the power-hungry A7 processor…

As the name implies, the free software keeps track of your step counts throughout the day, without even having to run in the background. You can also set it to dynamically show your current step count as the dynamically updated app badge.

Download Pedometer++ free from the App Store.

Needles to say, the paltry 0.3MB download requires an iPhone 5s.

iPhone 5s keynote (M7 specs slide)

The M7 chip has been identified as a re-branded NXP LPC18A1 silicon, per Chipworks’ teardown of the M7 and additional analysis has revealed more tidbits about the chip. For instance, we now know the M7 logs up to a week’s worth of movement.

The fact lets next-gen fitness apps tap iOS 7 APIs to track the user’s motion activity without having to be open or even run in the background for that matter. That’s because the M7 was designed to draw hardly any power at all, allowing the main A7 chip to remain idle thus preserving power.

Naturally, Apple’s appeased to privacy watchers by making it so M7-driven apps can’t access motion data without yours consent, as listed in Settings > Privacy > Motion Activity.

iOS 7 (Settings, Motion Activity 002)iOS 7 (Settings, Motion Activity 001)

In addition to the Argus app I mentioned top of post, Strava’s fitness-tracking app dubbed Run also takes advantage of the M7 chip. We also know from before that Nike’s M7-optimized Move software will hit the App Store later this year.

And, Apple’s iOS 7 Maps adds sprinkles of the M7 magic to determine when you’re walking or driving so it can automatically switch from driving to walking directions.

As a bonus, iOS 7 on the iPhone 5s improves battery performance by not checking for nearby Wi-Fi networks when you’re driving.

  • Jonathan

    I don’t know if I want those big numbers on my home screen..

    • Glorin

      are you afraid of big numbers???

      • Jonathan

        I’m afraid of a cluttered home screen. 😉

      • Glorin


      • Jonathan

        Fair enough.

      • Tom

        you can put the app in a folder.

      • Jonathan

        and that’ll make the folder have a badge count. 😉

    • John Priestakos

      At the left pic it says “Badge Step Count”…

    • Shane Sparky

      You can turn off the badge if you don’t like it 🙂 Notification settings is a great feature!

      • Jonathan

        Thanks 🙂

  • Alex Marwaha

    Are there any apps that can count steps or anything like this on a 5c?

  • Vitaliy Anonymous

    I think everybody will need a Pedo-meter

  • Tony

    Looks good! Thanks! Added it to my phone.

  • Bunna Chea

    Is not this already on samsung galaxy s4 ?

    • Kurt

      Got it on my Note 3 too. It’s a very cool feature. Tells you how far you traveled and how many calories you used. It can tell if you walked, jogged or ran. Faster you walk/jog/run more calories spent.

      I think the iPod Touch had this for years? Anyone?

      • bw00ds

        As a former owner of in iPod 3G, if it had this, I never knew about it.

      • Kurt

        What was the Nike deal then? :-s

      • bw00ds

        You had to have the Nike pedometer, or some gadget to make it work.

      • Kurt

        ahh…thats right! Thanks~

      • bw00ds

        You betcha!

      • John

        “Faster you walk/jog/run more calories spent”
        Gosh, and I was wondering about the secret to weight loss all this time, hail Android.

        No the iPod Touch never had this built into the device.
        The Nike+ partnership allowed you to use the compatible Nike+ devices to measure steps, distance, speed, route, etc…but it was never strictly “built in”

    • John

      You have to love Android lovers…so I’m not entirely certain if you’re a troll or just ignorant. There’s been PLENTY of ‘step counters’ on the iTunes App Store for years but go back and retread the article and see if you can understand why this App is different from the rest…and if you have any problems with some of the bigger words like “M7” and “coprocessor”, raise your hand and I’m sure someone would be more then willing to try and dumb it down even further for you.

      Besides, doesn’t the S4 have an App which is nothing more then Samsung bloatware anyway?

      • Bunna Chea

        You being protective when someone come out and complain about your precious apple device. Dude I seen you complain all the time that Samsung copy and copy that from apple but you don’t have the ball to admit that apple does copy idea from samsung. Just because I love adroid does not make me troll or ignorant. Learn how to use your manner I was raised to respect other people opinion and not come out being rude when someone have different opinion than your.

        Beside doesn’t apple iphone have no software at all for you to use out of the box that you have to go around looking in apple store to download it. What you like paying for phone that does not have anything for you to use at all. “m7” my ass

      • John

        *Shakes head*
        Oh dear. Anyone that tried to go for my throat and failed.

        Alright boy. Let’s break down some of your failings in your reply, because this was painful to read, okay?

        1. Show me in my reply where I mentioned Samsung copied this from Apple, or Apple copied this from Samsung. Never once did I mention that ever, why is it that when Android lovers, and specifically Samsung followers (do your kind even have a name) have no defence, their default attack is APPLE COPIES FROM SAMSUNG TOO YOU KNOW! Believe me, it gets boring.

        2. Troll. You troll. *yawn*
        This article is demonstrating the capabilities of the M7 processor, again, with no comparison to Samsung or any of their products/features so the concept of this “already being on the Galaxy S4” is incorrect.

        3. Spelling.
        The spelling and grammar used in your reply was painful to say the least and here’s why:

        – If Samsung has a capital S, and it should because it’s a company, Apple should have a capital A because it too is a company.
        – “You being protective”, should that be you are being protective?
        – iPhone is spelt accordingly and not iphone. Your creditability would go further IF you learnt how to spell the name of the company and products you’re trying to insult.
        – “don’t have the ball to admit”, ball or gall?
        If you meant ball, last time I checked I had two testicles. It should be balls. Not ball.
        – “use your manner I was”, last time I checked I believe the correct terms should have been in plural form. Use your manners. Not manner.
        – “when someone have different opinion than your.”, then my what? Seems you may have forgotten to finish the sentence there, what happened? Distracted by a shiny object?
        – “apple store” What Apple store? Did you want me to go to my local retail store and look around there, or did you mean the App Store?
        – “What you like paying for phone that does not have anything for you to use at all.” Huh?
        – “”m7″ my ass”, you don’t even have a full stop at the end of this sentence and what exactly are you trying to say in the sentence anyway?

        4. For the record, Apple iPhones have builtin Apps, however when you open the App Store for the first time on a new iOS device you are presented with a list of other Apps that Apple have developed which you may want to download. Not all Apps are forced onto your device at the time of purchase.

        5. I am happy to admit to anything that is factual and accurate. I will not admit to something that isn’t correct or something that is irrelevant, in this case, pretty much everything you said is irrelevant.

        Please. Save yourself any further embarrassment. Go away. Learn English. Come back and then you can pretend to be an adult, if that doesn’t work for you, how about you email me what you want to say and I can write the reply for you and then you only have to copy and paste it in…which I assume SHOULDN’T be difficult for you but if you can’t get something like the spelling of a company like Apple correct, I’m not entirely sure you can do anything else correctly.

      • Tbm2

        I have never seen such a funny reply!!!
        Btw, you shouldn’t waste your replying in here…

      • John

        Yeah, I know. I guess I should have kicked off the post with #headdesk instead…but I can imagine the poor bugger is probably STILL sitting in front of his computer/phone/tablet scratching his head and asking himself why ‘shakes head’ is in between two stars.

      • Guest

        wow you’re a dick

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        Thanks Kurt…but next time you want to reply as a a guest, don’t reply using your account first then delete it and then reply as a guest.
        (Yeah, I received the email advising me you replied)

        …but on a positive note, at least you can spell =]

  • Jerry

    Pedophile meter?

  • JosephJauregui

    Fantastic app! Definitely downloading this. Appreciate all the latest updates for iOS – super handy!

  • ✘✘Aineel Nocum

    The app name just sounds sooooo wrong.

  • Dickbag

    Sweet baby Jesus, that name is insane…

  • omrishtam

    pedometter?….dafuq developers? 0_0

  • Alex Tran

    The ipad air also has the M7 coprocessor. Why doesn’t the pedometer++ app not work?