Forbes on Wednesday reported that Microsoft will be extending its existing $200 iPad trade-in offer to Apple’s iPhone as well. Sure enough, today the promotion has gone live. It’s part of Microsoft’s running #timetoswitch Windows Phone and Windows 8 campaign that encompasses television, print, online and social media channels.

Similar to the iPad promotion, the Windows giant has partnered with recycle firm CExchange to lure would-be switchers into bringing in their existing iPhone handset in good working condition for up to $200 credit, redeemable against Microsoft Store purchases…

If you’re looking to get rid of your “gently used” iPhone 4s or iPhone 5, Microsoft invites you to visit one of their retail stores, where employees will determine the trade-in value of your handset.

You will then receive a credit that will be loaded to a Microsoft Store gift card, redeemable against any in-store purchase. The one-per-customer promotion, details of which are available on the online Microsoft Store website, expires November 3.

Of course, the software maker is hoping switchers will pick up one of the phones running its own Windows Phone software. At least for some people, Windows Phone with its flattened appearance – rather than Android – may be the closest approximation of iOS 7.


The fine print acknowledges that the promotion is valid across select Microsoft stores in the United States, including Puerto Rico and Canada and is not available online. No other iPhone model aside from the iPhone 4s/5 is eligible for the promotion.

Also, this:

To be eligible for trade-in, device should include power cord, if available, and device cannot be password protected. Microsoft Store gift-card value will be equal to trade-in value, and is subject to Microsoft’s discretion and manager approval.

Other places offer better trade-in deals. In addition to Apple’s official iPhone trade-in, Gazelle locked iPhone trade-in prices until mid-October.

The promotion is a clever attempt on Microsoft’s part to incentivize folks to switch to its ecosystem. Of course, switching ecosystems is easier said than done.

Though Apple customers can easily transfer their iTunes music to any platform, other iTunes Store content such as movies, television shows and electronic books is protected with Apple’s FairPlay DRM to ensure only iOS devices and Macs and PCs running iTunes can decode those purchases.

You’ll also have to repurchase your favorite apps on the Windows Phone Store.

So, who’s switching?

  • Jerry

    Lol in their dreams

  • TesticularFortitude

    When will they launch their S3/4 trade in-program? I could use the extra $50.

  • Joseph Thebigragu Plaza

    $200? Can you say SCAM?

    • Jonathan

      Scam, s-c-a-m. Scam.

  • @sexyhamthing

    Trade-in is production price, yet 1/3 of the sale cost… giggle

  • William Melendez

    I would only consider trading my outdated three year old iPhone 4 for some credit towards an Xbox One. Thats the only interest I have in Microsoft to this point. Not to mention, they almost screwed the up with the policies they initially announced ! smh lol. A lot of people are still upset about that and went with the PS4 instead.

    • Stefano

      Their incentive is for new devices. They’ll give you $42 for an iPhone 4 hahahha

      • jp2002

        An don’t forget the “Gently used” 🙂

    • macboy74

      Go to gamestop

  • ic0dex

    Imagin all these idiots that do give their iPhones for this stupid trade-in. Also what are they going to do with all the iPhone that they get, burn them do Voodoo on them? Hahaha MS and Samshmuing are just two stupid silly company’s.

    • chumawumba

      Resell on ebay

      • Stefano


  • Raashid

    What a rip-off, like all trade-in programs. Keep your microdream up softies…

  • charliered

    Dam Microsoft is going faster to the drain , who in his right mind will do this ?
    For that piece of junk …we sick and tired of Microsoft .
    Always late for everything this companie ….sorry fools

  • Stefano

    People with a phenomenal condition iPhone 4 can get ~$200 on eBay. Who the eff wants to go through ms

  • Ted Forbes

    Why is this pitched at Apple users, this is just wasting campaign funds to launch whatever it is that you are selling.

    Here is my advise, this one is going to cause you Gates, I’ll mail you the bill.

    Look if you want high volumes then you will have to settle for low profits. Just sell what you are selling for $200.00 less to anyone and forget about Apple customers.

    Whoever wants to buy whatever it is that you are selling will be much more in numbers if you sell it for cheap to everyone.

    Apple and its customers are one breath, so don’t waste anymore time on this than you have already.

  • harry bimasakti

    Only $200? Used iphone 5 just only $200?

  • VJ

    please update this news next week,, I really want to know how many idiots dumb enough to bite the bait

  • Brakken

    1) There are a few people who want to keep the 4S as it’s the last 3.5″ (some prefer this size
    2) iPh5 people are probably waiting for the 6
    3) $200 to spend – in the MS app store? ON WHAT?

    If MS went for 3GS and 4 with a $200 cash back, THAT would make sense! At this point, MS should offer any free Nokia or Winph for any iPh trade-in in any condition. Initially it would lose them some money, but not half as much as RT. They’d take a huge bite out of Apple’s apple!

    • Ted Forbes

      Why iPhone 4? I wouldn’t trade it for the world, it is a great JB iPhone I can go back and forth from iOS 7 to 4 if I like. No MS can have my iPhone 3G not even my 3Gs.

      MS can have my 3G, all of my 3G’s if they like.. If they want it I wont mind much, just a little, but not much.

      • Brakken

        I’ve read comments where ppl expressed their dissatisfaction with iOS and their Apple handsets (not here of course!), and I was brainstorming how M$ might actually make their tasteless and futile scheme work.

        To be honest, seeing this scheme, I want M$ to vanish! Apple and M$ have (had?) a long history of cooperation, and it’s bewildering that M$ is somehow unable to simply release a product that people love!

        I also have a 4.

  • ɑղժɾҽա

    My iPhone 5 is worth more than the Windows Phone device I’m trading for. Damn Microsoft…

  • David Soto

    What will MS do with them iPhones?

  • Pasilius85

    If I were interested in MS products, I might’ve gone for this. But I’m not. And in just a week my iP5 will end up high on a shelf somewhere collecting dust until I can sell it, and I’m switching to Android. No more of this closed off iOS bullshit.

    • Ted Forbes

      Good luck, happy sale on your 5. If you go we’ll miss you, but we’ll be right here when you come back. Happy Androiding! Cheerio then.

    • Brakken

      I did this last year, and lasted two weeks. All the best!

  • omrishtam

    microsoft is desperet uh? HAHAHAHA

  • Taf Khan

    This really is a desperate measure for Microsoft.

  • Abdl

    Now this is becoming pathetic for MS…and why must it be iPhones?!

    • Ted Forbes

      I don’t know why, I just cant figure it out, but maybe they’ll send iPhone to war, maybe to Syria, Iran, Russia or somewhere or something. Maybe MS will stick the iPhones to the buildings and stream live war to MS server. This will pack in high advertising dollars like youtube or google. Beats me.

  • f1ght3r

    Go home Microsoft, you’re drunk.

  • Kaneeskan Senthuran