iBooks for OS X Mavericks (iBookstore, Featured)

Apple sent out an email to authors and publishers last night, announcing that it has updated the iBookstore with a number of backend improvements including versioning support and increased pixels limits for book images.

While the changes won’t be readily noticeable to iBooks users, they will eventually lead to an enhanced shopping experience once content providers begin utilizing them in their content. We’ve got more details after the fold…

AppleInsider has a copy of the email:

According to a copy of the email provided to AppleInsider by reader Gregg, Apple added eight significant backend enhancements to the iBooks Store on iTunes.

Apple notes the addition of the following features and updates:

– New Catalog Reports
– Versioning for All Books
– Updated Documentation
– Pixel Limit Increased for Book Images
– How-To: Deliver Custom Samples
– New European Toll-Free Numbers
– iBooks Author Tips and Tricks: Creating Custom Samples
– Thanksgiving Deliveries

The site points out that with versioning, authors/publishers will be able to automatically notify a customer when a new version of a book is available for download, like an app update. All they need to do is submit the new version.

iBooks, as well as the iLife and iWork suites of iOS apps, has yet to receive an iOS 7 update. It’s believed that Apple may be waiting until its October iPad event to show off a new version of its popular e-book store and reader.

You can download the current version of iBooks for iOS here.

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  • Ted Forbes

    I thought by now Apple would have included audio reader feature to iBooks.

    Also, it would be nice if Apple or the developers included sleep time to all the multimedia apps especially the apps that Apple include in iOS such as the brand new Radio app, etc. If there is a hidden sleep time switch some where in iOS already, please let me know.