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Despite its unreal size, Samsung of South Korea is an extremely agile company, one that moves at a blistering pace. The conglomerate has been called many things and is perhaps best-known as a fast-follower. The press attached that nickname to the Samsung brand due to the company’s ability to swiftly apply what others are doing to its own lineup and flood the market with countless products with small variations to them.

For example, Samsung announced its own gold Galaxy S4 variants merely two weeks following Apple’s September 10 iPhone 5s/5c keynote. And just 48 hours into Apple’s double iPhone announcement, Samsung co-CEO Kim Yoo-chul was quick to confirm his company’s next smartphones will have 64-bit processing functionality, even if “not in the shortest time”.

But now, Samsung has incomprehensibly decided to sit on the sidelines and watch instead how this fingerprint scanning thing on mobile unfolds…

Samsung exec who spoke to The Korea Herald maintains the company isn’t interested in adding fingerprint scanning technology to its next major Galaxy device (Galaxy S5, anyone?) because it considers the technology to be in its early stages “and unnecessary for its current lineup of devices”.

For now, the company will rely on the Knox software for added security.

“We never officially admitted that Samsung was weighing the fingerprint system and Knox for Galaxy Note 3 for security functions. We are not yet developing the technology,” a Samsung official said.

Samsung just isn’t confident enough in its current ability to develop a fingerprint scanning technology as cohesive, frictionless and reliable as Apple’s Touch ID.

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Hyundai Securities’ researcher Yoon Jung-sun opines:

In the mobile sector, Samsung has been a fast follower instead of being a risk taker. It is waiting until its rival Apple opens up the market to some extent.

And Woori Investment & Securities analyst Kim Hye-yong:

Samsung has to rely on the company for fingerprint functions, but its technology level is still behind Authentec in terms of patents and solutions. It will take a year more for the company to supply stable technology.

Although the Galaxy S5 probably won’t get fingerprint scanning capability, the technology may debut on a new Samsung phone in late 2014, the report notes. That Samsung is on the defensive in terms of biometrics doesn’t come as a surprise to those who’ve been following tech news closely in the past year or so.

Touch ID hardware

There have been fingerprint sensors on smartphones and laptops before the iPhone 5s.

Those who tried old-school sensors know what a hassle and annoyance these things are. When Apple set out to implement fingerprint-reading technology into the iPhone, they knew from the onset that the solution needed to be seamless, reliable and accurate.

This isn’t your father’s fingerprint sensor.

Not only did the company paid nearly $400 million to acqu-hire the world’s top maker of smart sensors, Israeli-based AuthenTec, it tapped world-class engineers and top biometrics security talent to design a fingerprint identity sensor right into the iPhone’s iconic Home button.

Touch ID Setup

The now obvious solution has admittedly required a major rethinking of how smart sensors are engineered so Apple has developed innovative ideas which can’t be copied on a whim. In that regard, small wonder Samsung is unable to keep up with Authentec’s patents and solutions.

As one analyst said, Samsung is currently facing “an innovation hurdle” of sorts.

But even Apple’s solution isn’t bullet-proof.

The company acknowledges in a support document that moisture, lotions, sweat, oils, cuts, or dry skin may affect fingerprint recognition. “Certain activities can also temporarily affect fingerprint recognition, including exercising, showering, swimming, cooking, or other conditions or changes that affect your fingerprint,” the doc reads.

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And with AuthenTec an Apple property, Samsung is now forced to buy its sensors from another party. In fact, just weeks prior to the Apple acquisition AuthenTec had signed a deal with Samsung to use its technology to bolster enterprise security in Galaxy devices.

Two months into the acquisition, Apple tells AuthenTec clients to go buy their smart sensors elsewhere. Samsung and others will for sure find alternative suppliers, but it’s got to sting a little as AuthenTec is the best company in the business.

Also notable: Samsung co-CEO’s comment on Apple’s A7 chip indicates the company – despite being a sole manufacturer of the Apple-designed silicon- was completely taken aback by the 64-bit part of the A7 announcement.

Apple A7 chip (Secure Enclave 001)

Big media has been speculating for some time that Samsung is bound to lose the lucrative contract to build the engine for the iPhone and iPad over legal wrangling with Apple, which culminated after a U.S. jury last year found the South Korean company guilty of lifting Apple’s patented technologies.

Samsung has long maintained that its consumer electronics unit doesn’t enjoy privileged access to its semiconductor arm out of fear of losing clients. Perhaps this time around Samsung has kept true to its promise, which might explain the hastily-worded comment on a 64-bit Samsung chip that’s coming but “not in the shortest time”.

While we don’t know yet who builds the Touch ID sensor assembly, it’s now public knowledge that there’s a walled off part of the A7 chip called Secure Enclave (the white rectangle on the image above). This is where the user’s fingerprint profile, not the actual fingerprint images, are kept to be matched against the Home button prints.

Only the Touch ID sensor has access to Secure Enclave. It’s off limits to the A7 chip, the operating system, applications and developers – all iOS 7 knows is that a fingerprint scan has produced a match.

I have no doubt in my mind that fingerprint scanning will make its way into Samsung devices. I’m guessing it’ll take a year or two until the company figures out how to engineer and mass-produce a reliable and accurate fingerprint-sensing technology for smartphones, one that might hopefully be capable of matching Apple’s Touch ID.

Not-so-fast-follower after all.

  • Jonathan

    Apple 1, Samsung 0. 🙂

    • Adithya Sairam


    • Beck Hoefling

      11 people cant face the truth

  • Matt

    WOW I totally didn’t see it coming. Dang how did they think of that genius idea ?
    (Sarcasm btw)

    • JaeM1llz

      Probably from IBM which has been incorporating finger print sensors on electronic devices for over a decade.

      • Rowan09

        I won’t say Samsung is copying Apple because you can’t own fingerprint scanning, but to say they got the idea from IBM is just ridiculous. They waited for Apple and now they are going to do it as well.

      • JaeM1llz

        They didn’t “wait for Apple.” They waited for the technology to be small enough and reliable enough to incorporate, just like Apple did. Like I said, this technology has been around for ages. My dad has a Lenovo laptop from 2004 that has a fingerprint scanner to unlock the computer.

      • Rowan09

        Are you serious? Apple bought a company to produce the scanner into the home button. The Attix had a fingerprint scanner and some phones in Japan so your point is way off. Apple did it and is making it popular so they are following the wave. It’s ok for them to do it, nothing is wrong with what they are doing.

      • Ted Forbes

        No nothing wrong, but when fanboys say Samsung is better than Apple, then it needs clarification. “A better follower” or “Apple’s best disciple” would be more precise to me.

        That I understand clearly, yes this makes Samsung is good, very very good at what they do.

      • Rowan09

        I agree.

      • Kurt

        What about the Korean phone maker Pantech Vega LTE-A UX phone has it as well. The other rumors out that IDB didn’t write about was that they will have a fingerprint scanner for the Note 3 but then before it came out the rumor changed to lack of enough able to be produced. So which rumor is true? I think this one isn’t true. Pantech’s phone has a finger print scanner. I don’t know who they got it from but I’m sure Samsung had been working on it before

      • Rowan09

        It doesn’t matter because fingerprint scanners on a phone isn’t new, the way the iPhone does it from my knowledge is new as the others where swipe scanners. We all know Apple is making it popular so Samsung is using that to its advantage. Once again there is nothing wrong with doing this, it’s a smart thing to do just like all of sudden Samsung is coming out with a Gold S4.

      • @dongiuj

        Or maybe waiting for better technology to make it themselves instead of going to other companies to do the work for them and trying to take all the credit.

      • Matt

        Dude think about it. You don’t even have to think. If apple wouldn’t have put it in iphone it would be in a samsung phone -.- same with the god damn gold color.

      • Henri Parmentier

        I have somewhere a Samsung phone in gold color, dating from 2009 or so… , so did Apple copy Samsung now? ..confused 😛

      • Ted Forbes

        Yeah, but its not that simple.

        Touch ID not in Samsung phone is only part of the trick, the other parts are:
        1. Logistics, risk, insight and the will to outwit your opponent with brain and cash power.
        2. Exciting people enough that they are willing to stand in line for days, in any whether condition (typhoons and hurricanes no exceptions) just to buy the worlds most simplest phone that even your grand parents and infant child understands.
        3. It must work and it must be unique and flawless.

        Your reason is a good reason, but along with your reason, these are just a few more reasons why the touch ID is not in the Samsung phone.

      • Ted Forbes

        And one more thing.
        It is amazing how Apple is doing all this without a direct swing at Samsung!

        Whenever is good news better than bad news? When its an iPhone, this looks like it!

        Even the media is in a frenzy over the new iPhones.
        This is amazing.

      • jp2002

        The day samsung stops copying apple, we can know that apple has stopped innovating!

      • grumpyfuzz

        Well, there was already a fingerprint scanner in the Motorola Atrix 2 years ago…

    • Kurt

      Motorola Atrix 4G had the fingerprint scanner two years ago and Pantech Vega LTE-A UX had it out before Apple this year

      • batongxue

        They are totally unusable = meaningless = why put it there in the first place

      • Kurt

        Such a lie. You simply lie to protect Apple. The Pantech has more features and is able to scroll with the scanner. You’re a liar and should delete your comment.

      • Cameron Chao

        The reason that the iPhone fingerprint sensor is so much better than the rest produced before is because it is featureless, it just works. Wait, thats the reason why Apple is so successful. Ive used a PDA fingerprint sensor and a laptop fingerprint sensor, Both of them require some extent of finger swiping, getting the angles right, so on, and even so, still rejects your prints most of the time, with the 5s, its works like Magic. This is why Samsung will take awhile to implement this feature, because its not easy to do it right, and i have a big feeling their first implementation of it wont be as smooth as how the 5s is.

        (Not once did Apple mention in their announcement that they were the first to implement a fingerprint scanner in their phones. They’re not really the first when it comes to innovation in general, but they are the first to do it right and mostly on the first try.)

      • Kurt

        Pantechs works as good as apple’s plus it can do some unique stuff. Don’t get me wrong I prefer the iphone’s the home button acting as both is great.

      • Taf Khan

        These companies don’t have any selling power on the required scale.

        The tech only really takes of once Apple I devices support it…

        Tablets were never a success until the iPad right?
        Where Apple goes others follow.,,

      • Kurt

        Nobody beats Apple.

      • MehLaMeh

        Really now?

  • ☁⚡Bläzé4President⚡☁

    Auto play on youtube videos is ridiculous. Auto play on youtube videos that are at the bottom of lengthy articles are even more so.

  • Question

    I hate samsung so much! I just hate the fact they copy sooo damn much!

    • Biken Dangol

      SAMSUNG S4 in gold color and S5 will probably ship with 64bit according to samsung’s source. DAMN SAMSUNG.

      • Kurt

        64bit chip is in its final stages so it will definitely be in the S5

      • euthenia

        my only concern is does android OS supports 64bit architecture? you seem to know most thing if not all, and will it benefit from android apps ecosystem?

      • Kurt

        I know very little about Android compared to the others on this site.

      • euthenia

        it’s okay. i’m just curious after all. thanks

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Android is open source so Samsung can modify it specifically for their devices so that they support the 64bit architecture.

        EDIT: As for the question of whether it would be beneficial it should mean a lot of things ranging from increased performance to increased security. There is also a negative however since if Google do not commit to supporting the 64bit architecture updates to Android will take longer as Samsung will first have to obtain the source code, locate any changes and then modify them to support 64bit which would likely take a while…

      • not a spark

        Not yet but its rumored android 4.4 will

      • Taf Khan

        Not sure where you got that info, source please?

        To quote J K Shin of Samsung the 64 bit CPU would arrive but ” not in the shortest of time”.

        Seems to me they only started developing once they saw what Apple have done!

      • Kurt

        Ive read “In the final stages”.i think it was from SamMobile or Phandroid

      • Taf Khan

        Well I wouldn’t believe what you read or you think you read, I would check out what Samsung have actually said..

    • bw00ds

      Let he that is without sin cast the first stone…

    • Kurt

      They did create the Phablet class. I’ll give them that. And the s-pen has people loving it.

      • Dan

        Man you get downvoted for anything having to do with android huh? This is a real flamebait article.

      • Kurt

        I’ve written a few post praising the ipad/iphone and I get lots of down votes.I was telling my wife that yesterday. Obviously doesn’t bother me but makes me laugh

    • Dan


    • MehLaMeh

      Apple copies some stuff from Samsung, you know?

  • TesticularFortitude

    I’m a fanboy but even I recognize click bait.

  • The comments

    Actual Samsung 1- apple 0 . I think by not doing fingerprint scanning, samsungs being smart. I personally will never by a product with fingerprint scanning. Even my laptops I have it disabled.

    And before the apple fan boys start bashing out their hate, I own both Samsung and apple.

    • Rowan09

      You didn’t read the article because they are doing fingerprint scanning, just that they don’t have a solution right now.

      • The comments

        I’ve read the article, I also use my grey matter and read between the lines. Think bout it

      • Rowan09

        Nevertheless your making it appear as if Samsung does not want to use a fingerprint scanner when it’s otherwise. The old swipe scanner are annoying and not too accurate, I had one on my Sony Vaio UX Micro PC. The fingerprint scanner on the 5s is really accurate especially since you don’t have to swipe your finger.

      • shatner

        dumbass go back to China lol

    • TesticularFortitude

      You will never by a product with finger print scanning? Then you follow that up with ‘it’s disabled on your laptop’… ???


      • The comments

        I didn’t buy the laptop…. Statement stil stands

      • TesticularFortitude

        And you said ‘laptops’… Wait! I know. All your laptops were free.

    • Guest

      You will never buy a product with a fingerprint scanner, yet your laptop has one. And its not as if apple are forcing people to use the fingerprint scanner.

  • Rowan09

    Well I can’t be mad at them, if I was Samsung I would do the same thing. If Apple makes it popular like they did with bigger screens, I would follow as well. I’m interested to see how they input their fingerprint scanner with their phones.

  • ɑղժɾҽա

    What’s it going to be called? S-Print?

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Maybe Samsung Touch ID or STID for short…

    • not a spark


    • Jordan Dixon

      Apple’s is called Touch-ID.
      Samsung will call it S-ID.
      Apple has Siri, Samsung will have Sid.

      • Jonathan

        Actually no, the Android version is Iris (Siri spelled backwards)

  • Cameron Chao

    I already knew this was going to be a hard one for Samsung to ‘copy and get it right’. Just like the touch screen.

  • Mohsin

    Who cares about samsung. we are apple fans here 😀

  • JaeM1llz

    In b4 fanboys claim that Samsung is copying Apple with the fingerprint sensor.

    • Armando Ferrero Rocher

      I’m not a fanboy, and I think that they’re copying.

      • Henri Parmentier

        everybody copies from everybody.. and without Samsung you could simply forget your 5S

      • euthenia

        how is that so? care to justify? if apple meant to compete by specs i don’t see the problem for them to come up with 6″ phone with whatever megapixel camera, 4gb ram and ultra fast processors.

  • moofer

    Do you proofread these things?

  • Pablo

    I think it’s a wise move, watching how the market moves from now on with Touch ID, maybe in a year or so, the now popular and innovative touch ID won’t be used in daily activities, maybe it gets boring, too slow to unlock device, too uncomfortable to use, who knows, like a candy you wanna have, and then you just get bored of the candy. Maybe it’s a success. It’s something new and its success is not taken for granted. Just imagine, you don’t have the tech to produce S-touch IDs, you spent a whole year researching, millions of dollars developing and upgrading to reach or even surpass Touch ID, and when you are going to release it, it’s not a prosperous market anymore, and you’ve lost too much (maybe even more than in previous samsung’s fast moves)..better watch first

    • Rowan09

      I think it will be around especially since its incorporated in the home button insted of a stand alone. Samsung will have to think of a way to do it without having their users perform an extra step.

      • Pablo

        but maybe being in the home button could be bothering too, things like using it without wanting that, allowing buys for mistake when you pressed buy by mistake, unlocking phone by mistake too, I don’t know, the home button has other functions too, maybe it would be too much capabilities in just one button

      • Rowan09

        If you’ve used the touch ID it’s all about convenience. You won’t make a mistake by clicking on a purchase and then authenticating that purchase. I understand what your saying but as long as its convenient other companies will incorporate this as well.

      • Pablo

        yeah what I’m saying are just presumptions, but, I feel like Siri is not widely used but it was atractive to users, lets hope Touch ID will do better than that, its access and actions are way faster and easier than Siri, that’s good

      • Rowan09

        Siri is used by people with Bluetooth in their cars I would assume that’s when I use it or when I’m driving during work hours. Siri is a huge upgrade over what was available on 4.0 and older with voice control. Siri is useful but not everyone will see the purpose of using it but it is a great addition to the phone. The fingerprint scanner is implemented in the home button so it’s going to be used all the time especially since people including myself sometimes don’t want to type in a password.

  • iOops

    I would never trust Samsung with my fingerprint information – They simply do not have the ‘know-how’ to isolate the fingerprint data from the very malware prone OS, in a secure fashion.

    • jp2002

      well said!!

  • chumawumba

    I hate how Samsung blatantly rips off Apple, and android sheep think it’s still Android innovation

    • bw00ds

      You think it’s only one direction? You and the other vote ups?

      Can you spell Voice Typing?
      Can you spell Notification Center? (3 yrs before iOS 6)

      How about the simple icon home screen? (Sony)
      Slide to unlock. (Windows CE 2 yrs before the 1st iPhone)
      Siri? (borrowed from Nuance)

      And that’s just smartphones.

      We could go on about PCs like the mouse itself. And other OS tidbits.

      “Picasso had a saying. Good artists copy. Great artists steal. And we always have been shameless about stealing great ideas.” –Steven Jobs 1996

      • jp2002

        lol siri borrowed from nuance????? Siri is not just about speech recognition DUMBFUCK.

      • bw00ds

        Watch out! You’re showing your intelligence here.

      • jp2002

        O rly?

      • bw00ds

        I was referring to your harsh language. Thank you for editing AND apologizing. I appreciate that very much. It speaks a lot about you.

    • MehLaMeh

      Erm, Apple copies Samsung, too. They just copy each other while suing each other now. Fanboy.

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    “In the mobile sector, Samsung has been a fast follower instead of being a risk taker. It is waiting until its rival Apple opens up the market to some extent.”

    TRANSLATION: “Samsung is renowned for watching its competitors innovate and prefers to wait for them to open up the market first to make it easier for us to copy, I mean implement Apples, sorry our own solutions”

    “Samsung has to rely on the company for fingerprint functions, but its technology level is still behind Authentec in terms of patents and solutions. It will take a year more for the company to supply stable technology.”

    TRANSLATION: “Samsung would like to copy their competitors and integrate our own biometric solutions. Unfortunately we are not confident in our ability to innovate at the same pace as our competitors (Apple)”

    • bw00ds

      Oh, come on, Apple isn’t innocent of copying. Everybody copies. That’s how things in general evolve. And as the article points out, Apple purchased the technology.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        So you think that just because Apple purchased the technology they didn’t do anything with it? After buying the technology they implemented it and effectively perfected the technology.

      • bw00ds

        That’s not what I said, is it? You’re putting words into my mouth.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        It was a question. I’m not trying to twist your words or offend you in anyway and was just trying to make a point.

      • bw00ds

        Well, that’s what I assumed. You started off your questions with “So you think…” Now if you had started it with “DO you think…” I may have understood your intent.

        At any rate to answer your question, I’m not addressing how Apple implements technology. They do that very well. The point is lots of companies purchase technology. I find the comments here and somewhat of this article (but not much) is a weak excuse to bash Samsung. The only way that Apple was superior to Samsung in this case was that they bought Authentec.

        The very technology that Apple purchased is one that I am using on my HP laptop and have used on my last 3 HP laptops. Sure, they are one of the first to do it on a smartphone, but Apple is not exactly being original here.

      • Dan

        You are wrong sir, Apple never copies. Apple invented all that is good, including puppies and oxygen.

      • bw00ds


  • batongxue

    May it tomorrow. But who really cares about Shamesung???

    • omrishtam

      shamesung fanboyz cares….but after them, noone cares 😀

    • MehLaMeh

      Applez fanboyzzz… They all copy each other now. Both Apple AND Samsung.

      • batongxue

        So wrong, actually I care about HTC, just no respect for that Shameless South Korean company: Samsuck.

  • peteborota

    What is it with every tech site that sees fans of both companies post such crap. Simple facts I’m reading this on an iPad mini and sat beside me is my iPhone. But let’s get one thing straight both sets of users have a lot to thank these respective companies (including google). They have taken from each other and developed ideas over the last 5 or so years. Apple developed the OS we see but Google have innovated so well with Android that Apple users have a lot to thank them for their iOS 7 update that basically moves Apple users to an Android experience.

    Apples days of innovation of their hardware is relying more and more on acquisition of small tech companies around the world. Android will never be as tightly wrapped as the Apple experience as demand less control. Their goal is numbers not control of the user experience. But less control does mean greater opportunity to develop that OS experience. 3 great companies that deserve our thanks and praise.

    • Jason

      Wow someone made a good point, finally.. Honestly I couldn’t care less who did what first or where what came from, as long as it works and I am comfortable using a well designed product that I can be comfortable with which in my case happens to be Apple products, not everyone is comfortable with it and prefer android everyone wins!

    • bw00ds

      Absolutely, peteborota! The Fanboys like to selectively forget how much Apple steals, copies, acquires technology for their products. And not just for smartphones, either. Everybody does it.

  • Taf Khan

    No 64bit CPU + No Finger Print Scan Tech = Out Dated Samsung Mobile Specs

    It will be interesting to see how the S5 unveiling goes. A simple CPU upgrade isn’t going to cut it.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      They’ll probably just make a musical about it again…

  • Qasim Bashir

    ok now its official, the 64 bit CPU, Gold Model, Touch ID, Samsung fans have officially no right to say hat apple copies their crap

  • leart za jmi

    samsung dont need a fingerprint scaner, they have already invented a face scaner

    • Tom Brady


  • @dongiuj

    Apple buy up companies to do the work or them…Samsung pretty much do their own work.

    • jp2002

      Thats called being smart..

  • seyss

    For me samsung is a typical asian company run by shameless dog eaters. They avoid risk (thus never innovating) by letting othet companies invent stuff then just copy it.

    Even worse, most americans prefer to give their money overseas.

    • MehLaMeh

      That’s quite rude and racist (no, I’m not Chinese, but I’m in another country in Asia). Apple copies from Samsung, too. No one is innocent of copying and stealing nowadays.

      And watch your words, man.

  • Xee

    Looks like Apple are getting smarter by introducing features too technologically advanced and/or fraught with patent hurdles (touch iD, 64bit to some extent), for Samsung to quickly implement into their own devices. Which means the Samsung will not be able to surf along in Apple’s wave of marketing hype and hysteria – in fact they will miss the wave completely and be left out to sea, trying to make their own wave, splashing about doing doggy paddle… a year or two too late.

    Easy to jump on the gold colour change hype though lol

  • Michael

    “…they knew from the ‘onset’ that the solution needed to be seamless, reliable and accurate.”

    Christian, sorry to correct your word usage but the word you were looking for is “outset” not “onset.”

    • rememberme



    Finally a absolutely brilliantly written article thanks Christian showing us how samsungs strategy going forward is they check to see if it works with apple then impliment it in their own products EG the gold iphone/samsung.

  • Yujin

    So to sum things up. Samsung is a pussy who just copies other companies innovations’ and has no balls to bring new tech that isnt half bake crap.

    I’m sure they will copy it soon but the delivery may be something they will struggle with. Like Motorola which had a sensor but really wasn’t something desirable and was more like a gimmick. Apple’s touch ID innovative and works extremely well.

    At the end. We will need to just see how samsung copies this one if they out innovate apple or if they just add a crappy sensor aka Motorola.

    • MehLaMeh

      What if I told you that Apple copies Samsung too? They just copy each other now. Typical fanboy. And your picture sums that up as well.

  • George Yfantopoulos

    Samsung Sucks.

    • rememberme

      android sucks

      • George Yfantopoulos

        Yes! What to do the super specs if your phone still lag? Dual Core no lag and higher scores in benchmarks! even from Octa core shits. :)))

  • John714

    cry good apple fan boys

  • Glorin


    • MehLaMeh

      Apple also copies from Samsung, FYI. They copy each other.

      • Glorin

        what on earth you are talking about MehlamehMeh? what copied Apple from Samsonite? (man you are a bunch of idiots)

      • MehLaMeh

        Maybe you could try reading other comments here about that. (And Samsonite? It’s a totally different company from Samsung, you know. They’re not even a phone company!)

        Hurr durr idiot durr

      • Glorin


  • Bob

    Albert Einstein said “Creativity is knowing how to hide your sources”. When Apple steal something, they at least make it their own. Samsung just copy and paste.

  • Bradley Wyatt

    fingerprint scanning has been around for years. Apple didn’t innovate anything. this was just a matter of time

  • Juan Herrera

    well, it’s already been said that once your print is read it’s signature is basically made into a numerical sequence that can not be reverted into the print signature itself.. Secure enclave for touch ID is separated from every other part of the phone.. no other parts of the phone have access to it.. at least that’s what’s been said in articles i’ve read so far..

    • Hugh Jassol

      Yeah, I know they “say” its impossible but I still have my doubts.

      Time will only tell if this fingerprint security is the wave of the future.

  • jp2002

    When you talk to siri,
    a) Your speech gets recognized by nuance speech engine. (i get that)
    b) The output from that (a) is fed into a lexical parser that tries to find out what do you mean by that sentence and return a suitable reply. (that is the whole crux of siri).

    Now speech recognition is just a part of siri, and any sane company would not develop a whole speech recognition system, when good products are already out there. (AKA component based software engineering).

    Apple is a product company, that tries to incorporate good technologies like speech recognition in a way, a normal person can use.

    • bw00ds

      Yes, yes to all of what you said. Excellent. But it’s not the point I was trying to make. I’m saying that Apple (like *any* company, Samsung, Microsoft, etc.) is just like any other company that buys, copies, and yes, steals ideas, technology, designs, etc. for its product development. They are no different. And for an article to hint and for posters to outright say that Samsung has no innovation is just not only plain silly to assert, but absolutely not the truth. Never mind the things I listed–Mr. Jobs said it himself.

      (And BTW, I’ve been an iPhone/iPod owner now for several years now. Never have owned anything Android.)

  • Tim

    Samsung will be the biggest of the all one day. Copying or not, I love how they incorporate everything into their products.

  • Jerwyn Feria

    hmm. Previous Finger Print Scanner: Slide Finger on strip. Apple: Place Finger on Home Button. Doesn’t matter if Apple did or did not copy at all. In any case. its a different way to use that technology.

    how everyone in here is saying things like how apple is copying or samsung is copying is like people saying Yuhioh copied Magic the gathering with sacrificing monsters to summon other monster. just saying.

    If that doesn’t explain it well to you. its just the same thing as instagram doing video posting like vine. or all internet browsers with Tabs. Its just how the companies make this shit work for the users.

    I tried an atrix once. the one that had the fingerprint scanner. from my basic knowledge of it, it was only used for unlocking your phone as well as other phones that has this feature.

    Apple has made it where the fingerprint scanner has a multipurpose use. not only to unlock but to confirm purchases(preventing children from unauthorized purchases).

    God who cares if people are Android fans or Apple fans. everyone on the internet needs to grow up. No wonder why I already lost faith in humanity.