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In case you’re thinking about holding out on iOS 7.0.2 for jailbreak reasons, there’s no need to worry; MuscleNerd has confirmed that iOS 7.0.2 is safe for potential future jailbreaks.

The update, which was released earlier in the day, eliminates the Lock screen bypass issue that reared its head not long after iOS 7 went public.

Obviously, if you’re still on iOS 6.x and jailbroken, you’ll want to stay away from any iOS 7 updates. This is just for the folks that have already lost their jailbreaks/never had one to begin with, and are hoping for a future iOS 7 jailbreak.

Unfortunately, I just tried to do an OTA update to iOS 7.0.2, and my iPhone got stuck into recovery mode. I’m forced to restore my device using iTunes now, and I lost some of the stuff I didn’t get a chance to backup. No, TinyUmbrella didn’t work for kicking the device out of recovery mode. I guess it’s just another one of those ugly iOS 7.x bugs.

I ended up editing the hosts file on my Mac, to comment out the entry, and that allowed me to restore properly. Very weird. Thanks to everyone on Twitter for the suggestion.

Have you updated to iOS 7.0.2, and if so, what’s your experience been like thus far?

  • Hussain Alsanona

    I’m already updated

  • Al

    My iPad and iPhone went perfectly fine throughout the update…

    Although iOS7 for the iPad is due for some refinement…

  • Prasoon Singh

    That’s good.

  • chumawumba

    My body is ready

    • 4p0c4lyps3


  • Taf Khan

    Flex those Muscles and set us free…

    All ready for Jailbreak time here!

    • XboxOne

      that sounded so fruity

      • Taf Khan

        Haha… . Fruity is good, so long as it includes Apples.

  • Updated with OTA , no issues on iPhone 4s

  • Mario Anthony Serenko

    No problems 4s

  • Aleandro green

    i have a dev version of i0s7 how do i get the normal version? right now im not getting any software updates

    • Jonathan

      If you are on any beta or GM, you should still get it. Reboot your device.

    • eddie

      restore your phone to factory settings

  • Faisal Al arajah

    I updated and it looks faster YouTube was slow with 7.0 but now things feel smoother I guess and by the way I’m a jailbreak lover and a tweak maniac but seeing IOS 7 UI on the iPhone 5 I was like screw the damn jailbreak and by the way the only tweaks I missed are swipeselction and altkeyboard and callbar those are the tweaks that made my life much easier. But ehh who cares my iPhone 5 is way faster now and way prettier and cooler I guess lol

    • Al

      I agree. And I felt since evaders are known now to be collaborating on the jailbreak…. it will come. It’s no rush… the jailbreak will only add to iOS 7, so.. no worries.

      • Faisal Al arajah

        Yep that’s what I thought of as well. Evaders are not going to fail us.

      • Matt Taylor

        Yeah, in like six months!

  • Gregory Kitchens

    i’ll do it tonight before bed i’m far too busy to deal with it right now, or I might just skip this update. I don’t see anyone bypassing my lockscreen since I don’t use a code to begin with

  • Mohsin

    I have iPhone 4S and since i updated it to iOS 7 i can’t turn off the phone. Every time i turn it off it automatically turns on after 2 seconds. I Tried to reset, restore with itunes, set it up as new phone, nothing worked. Any suggestions? May be 7.0.2 will fix it?

    • Jonathan

      One of 3 things;
      1. Power/home button stuck in a weird way
      2. Wire shortage
      3. Some other hardware issue
      Was this since you updated to iOS 7, or has it been with iOS 6 as well?
      Because if it was since iOS 7, a simple restore should do the trick. Perhaps try again and set up as knew iPhone instead of restoring? But, if nothing works, looks like it’s time for a new iPhone. I doubt you still have warranty.

      • Mohsin

        Actually its my friend’s phone. He never turned it off before so he didn’t notice if it was like this before updating to iOS 7. The phone works absolutely fine besides auto turn on. if power/home button stuck then it should effect the normal use but it doesn’t. You are right it might be some hardware issue. The warranty is expired so i guess he has to use it like this now. Thanks for the reply btw, Appreciate it.

      • Jonathan

        No problem, my friend.


    I cannot update my Ipad3 to 7.0/7.0.2 Start to trying from 18.09,any ideas???

    • elitegamesnadosoftwares.blogsp

      Tried using Itunes 😛 =?

  • Eliyahu Biton

    Jailbreak for iphone 5 ios 7 ?

    • Alejandro Maximo Marez


  • seyss

    is he serious?

  • Abdl

    Release this JB already!!!

  • amjed

    so their will be jailbreak.for IOS 7.0.2 + did Apple signing IOS 7

  • Thomas Flores

    Is their a tethered version of an ios7 jailbreak or no

    • Taf Khan

      Not yet. Don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise or you could lose your money. Just keeping checking IDB for updates.

      • Alejandro Maximo Marez

        iDB for life!

  • og_bobby

    Q: What is a writer on iDB doing without a jailbroken iPhone?

    FYI- I’ve been lurking here since iOS 4 for this kind of news, nothing else and I will gladly leave if iDB has conformed into a commercial-esque blog that covers less and less news about jailbreaks.

    But…great article. Props to iDB for informing.

    • 4p0c4lyps3

      Pfff, where the fck u been? Every tidbit of JB news is reported here. Ps, tell ur mom to leave me the hell alone too.

      • og_bobby

        Very superficial, I see. Well, I need not answer your question & that comment about my mother, what an internet thing to say, sir.

        Have you been paying attention to the manner of writing & content? In a large time scale, iDB has lessened their content that pertains to jailbreaking and increased “legitimacy” of content such as App Store apps, etc. I understand, it’s a cat and mouse game. Nothing to do but to sit and wait for a jb to be released for iOS 7 because I won’t have an iPhone if not for a jb. That’s almost for sure.

      • bw00ds

        You know, remarks like yours really is uncalled for. bobby_turner didn’t post anything to elicit such an immature, rude remark. He certainly didn’t do anything to you. If you, for whatever silly reason, was offended by his post, you could just have ignored it. If he posted something that needed more information or correction, you could just give the information. By posting such diatribe, you display for all the internet world to see, your childishness.

  • Rowan09

    It’s a file in the iTunes folder on your computer called “hosts”. In the past when you wanted to let your phone connect to Saurik server you would change a line on the host file to go to the jailbreak server when having issues updating your phone, this was done with the 3G and 3GS on 4.2.1 for the ultrasn0w unlock tweak. Editing the hosts file reconfigures it if there’s some issue connecting to Apples server to do an update, I believe that’s all he did. Usually you wouldn’t have to edit the host file when dealing with a stock OS.

    • Jonathan

      Thank you, that makes a lot more sense. 🙂

      • Rowan09

        No problem I had to do it when I got a 3164 error from iTunes on the older iPhones.

      • Jonathan

        I’ll have to remember that. Can you define “older”?

      • Rowan09

        I was doing it with the 3G and 3GS phones I’ve never had to do it with the 4’s or higher since I only did it to trick iTunes into allowing me to downgrade. I was using it before people were doing factory unlocks on iPhones by using ultrasn0w.

      • Jonathan

        okay, thanks 🙂 I have an iPod 4 and 5, and I was wondering if the 4 is in the “danger” area.

  • Ben Barros


  • The comments

    What about releasing the jbs already 🙁

  • sara

    i will not update my iphone until the ios 7 jailbreak is released, but i dont mind updating my ipad.

    • BeatModz

      Thats What I Did

    • blastingbigairs

      No way, I have to have Moviebox on that big beautiful Retina display. IOS 7 won’t be touching any of my iDevices without an untethered JB!

  • Kristian Calderon

    As soon as i updated battery depleeted so fast like 1%/45sec on 3g 100% brightness wifi off and then i hard reboot and charge to 100 & fix problem

    • Qasim Bashir

      updated 2 iphones, battery good as before

  • William Melendez

    iOS 7 jailbreak is going to be so big in this community . Once it releases ; I could already see all the comments … Lol

    • bigtalk

      im still happy with my perfect IOS 6.1.2 JB

      • BeatModz

        im on ios 6.1.2 haven’t upgraded yet but not so happy its so ” 2007 ” i woould like to try it on my iPhone 5

  • Tom

    Anybody successfully updated from iOS 7.0 to 7.0.2 OTA on iPhone 5?

    • Faisal Al arajah

      I did and it worked perfectly. And my battery it feels way better now and the switcher feels smoother the iPhone is way faster now and smoother.

  • JS3

    post like this just shows how many dumb ass’s there truly are lol

    there will not be a jailbreak until sometime after 7.1, that’s just how it is. and these posts keep saying if your on ios 6.x then if you update you will loose your jailbreak….. derp!

    sorry to be mean its just funny how ignorant some people can be….

    • blastingbigairs

      So where exactly did you buy your crystal ball sir???

  • Abby

    I did the ios 7.02 update on my iPhone 5 and the screen now is forcing me to connect to iTunes which then wants to restore my phone. What should I do?

  • Eric Goncher

    I updated and I feel that my battery life after updating wasn’t that great, but whatcha going to do about it

  • elitegamesnadosoftwares.blogsp

    Think i’ll just buy an ipod touch 4th then i can have it jailbroken… i think 😛 since it only goes to 6.1.3 i think and you can jailbreak ios 6.1.3 soon hopefully.

  • Naveed A Soomro

    i have iOS 6 jail broken i want to upgrade to ios 7 and looking for jail break if there is kindly let me know..

  • Alessandro Micieli

    I have updated my iPhone 4 jailbroken to iOS 7. I am quite well with the new iOS (although I miss Cydia, CallBar, BiteSMS, SBSettings, BatteryDoctorPro). Now I wait for the new jailbreak. I wish a good job to Evad3rs!

  • Jason Duong

    I have a GM version and I have received an OTA update. Don’t spread rumours if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • Tom

      I do know what I am talking about. I am a registered dev.

      Did you go from the GM beta to public release 7.0 and then to 7.0.2? That is what I did and from GM > Public release was not possible OTA.

      If you went GM Beta > 7.0.2 OTA, then that might have worked.

      • Jason Duong

        I am a registered developer as well, I assumed the OP was wanting to go from GM to 7.0.2. My apologies.

      • Tom

        No worries man. I didn’t specify so I am just as much to blame.

      • Alejandro Maximo Marez

        Well, that argument ended nicely.

  • Jason Duong

    Did the iPhone 5 skip from 7.0 to 7.0.2, or am I trippin’

  • gok

    I did the same and started the OTA update 7.0.2 and unfortunately likewise stuck in the recovery mode. I contacted the Apple support but they were not of any help. They do not know anything about this problem.
    I am not techy, is there someone who can explain what should I do?

  • Ken626

    My iPhone 4 (7.0.2) battery life has much better battery life than iOS 6

  • Ken626

    I noticed if you turn off notifications(Facebook) my iPhone 4(7.0.2) battery is way better than I expected!

  • billyalex2

    Hello im a new poster and dont know much about all the details of jailbreaking, but i have been jailbroken on my iphone 5 for about 6 mos or so. I love it and wont ever go back. But heres my question – when the jailbreak for ios7 comes out, will it be specific to 7.0.0 or will it work for 7.0.2? And then what about later updates? I guess what im wondering is if i should UNjailbreak now to upgrade to 7.0.2 so that i can get jailbroken sooner? If i dont and i wait till say 7.0.5 or whatever, does that mean i have to wait longer for the jailbreak? If so then it would make sense for me to upgrade now to ios7.0.2 so that i can jailbreak sooner. What if i keep waiting until theres a jailbreak but by that time when i upgrade ios, itunes will force me into ios 7.0.6 or something and then i wont be able to jailbreak bc that verision of ios 7 isnt jailbroken yet. Anyway, sorry for the lack of brevity here but hopefully someone understands what im getting at and is kind enough to reply. Thanks.

  • bw00ds

    LOL that was great!

  • Alejandro Maximo Marez

    I was running iOS 7 GM and was not able to update OTA. Every time I checked, my iPhone claimed that it was “up to date.”

  • Core

    that means nothing….

  • RayJr

    Mine just got stuck so I am currently restoring to factory settings. FML thanks a lot POS Apple…

  • divya

    hi my ipad 3 is stuck in recovery mode after ios7.0.2 update and i have soo many photos and videos in it i dont have a backup for all of them…can someone please help me recover my data… i tried tiny umbrella and rec boot and such third party softwares… i feel awful 🙁

  • C’x WhiteShadow

    Can you teach me how to get out of recovey mode in ipad2 when update to ios 7 it stuck into recovery mode pls help 🙁 TinyUmbrella and redsn0w is not working…..

  • Aleandro green

    ive been trying to restore my iphone but i keep getting this message “there was a problem downloading the software for the iphone” do you know what that means?

  • Mohd safwan

    if i already update to ios 7.0.2..can i change it to ios 7 beta..??

  • sandeep

    i want to jailbreak ios 7.0.2 iphone4. please help me..its urgent,,,

  • Kate Anderson

    I have just tried to update my iPhone 4s with IOS 7.0.2 but it got stuck on a screen with the iTunes logo and charger symbol. When I plug my device into my comp and connect to iTunes it prompts me to restore there, but I have never backed up my phone and will lose all my data on it. Is there anyway I can avoid this?

  • domaug

    i have no clue what’s going on, but a lot of my music files aren’t playing and “delete” themselves from my iPod Touch 5G 64GB model. this has only happened since i got iOS 7. it’s infuriating and i’m just about ready to swear off iPods altogether since they have been nothing but a disaster for me.

    i’d appreciate any help with this ridiculous issue.