Blur. 1Now that we all have iOS 7 installed on our iPhones, we are frantically looking for wallpapers that compliment the new design. Sure, Apple’s included Dynamic wallpapers are pretty cool with the way they move around, but you only get one style.

Blur turns any image into an iOS 7 style wallpaper with one simple control. Take a picture of your dog and turn it into cool looking wallpaper for your Home screen and it won’t even look like your dog anymore…

The basic idea of this app is that it blurs your picture to the extreme. Think of it as super tilt shift without any focused spot. No matter what you take a picture of, it will blur and flatten out into a nice background for your iPhone.

Blur. 2To make a customized wallpaper image, open the app and tap the Photo button that is right below the blur bar. You can choose from an existing photo in your camera roll or take one with the app’s camera feature. Once you have the picture, the app will automatically blur it.

You can then drag the bar to the left or right to increase or decrease the intensity of the blur. The more you use, the flatter the image gets. However, there are times when a background image looks better with only a little blur. Experiment with each photo to see what seems to work the best.

When you have a great looking wallpaper image, tap the check button to save the new picture to your camera roll. Then, you can access it from your Photo app to save it to your Home or Lock screen, or you can go to the Wallpapers & Brightness section in your Settings app and select it from there.

Blur. 3From my experience, the brighter colored and well-lit photos work best for creating interesting looking wallpaper images. I tried it with a landscape photo of some trees and water and it only looked so-so. I also tried it with a close-up shot of a Strawberry Shortcake doll’s hair and it looked amazing. The brighter the original picture looks, the better the final outcome of the blurred image is. Make sure you have a couple of colors for a more interesting look.

This app is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for $0.99. Download it in the App Store today.

Do you like the idea of being able to create your own customized wallpaper images? Or, do you prefer waiting for our Wallpapers of the week articles?

  • Danuel Carr

    It crashes when selecting a photo on my ipad 4.

  • on3simpleclick

    Gaussian Blur*

  • weztimonial

    It’s nice.

  • abdullah575

    i whish if its FREE

    • Yujin

      Save by not buying bubble gum 🙂

      • Haha, damn straight

      • Mohamed Nasser

        his problem isn’t the money , it’s the paying method
        probably he don’t have a credit card

      • Freddie

        Well there’s always iTunes Gift-Cards!

      • Mohamed Nasser

        well it isn’t easy to find in some places

  • realityisjustadream

    You should check out the app “Photo Blur”. It essentially does the same thing and is free at the time of this comment

    • on3simpleclick

      Photo Blur is great! 🙂

    • andyr354

      NICE. Free is good.

  • wongnog

    +1 for Photo Blur! Just downloaded it and it works like a charm and currently free. Also optimized for iOS 7.

  • Byron C Mayes

    Why couldn’t I do this with practically any other image editing program that does blur (which is pretty much all of them)?

    • Not really. This blur effect is a bit different. I’ve never used a photo app that blurs like this.

  • Dixon

    Noooo !!! Not all have updated to ios 7 .. Still on JB 6.1.2 😉

    • Leo Parker

      Amen to that.

    • FreeRunner9616

      i wanted to test ios 7 beta on my only jailbroken device. i took 3 days of thinking after i saw the keynote. i remember the first time i unlocked my iphone 5 with ios 7.. it was beautful. everything was so new and fresh. i couldnt get over it. when i got my first text message and opened that message app.. i fell in love and new i didnt make a mistake

      • Dixon

        Ios 7 is ugly!!! I prefer my ios 6 with imiui theme … And i also prefer zhephir multitasking instead of ios 7 … I have an ipad here and a i4 with ios 7 and i hate it !!!

  • klouud

    …or you could just go over to deviant art and download wallpapers for free

  • Apanizo2

    Or you could wait for iDB’s weekly blurred wallpapers…

  • Abdl

    Is it just mine? Or im just noticing…on my 4S homescreen running ios7,if i tilt the phone to any direction the icons follows d direction..and the wallpaper too. Kinda cool

    • Byron C Mayes

      That would be the “Parallax” effect.

      And yes, it’s kinda cool.

    • Qasim Bashir

      its one of the ios 7 features

  • Bill M

    Try “Photo Blur”. It pretty much does the same thing and its free right now.

    • JustMeJip2

      free??? or u mean 0,99$

      • Bill M

        I just downloaded it this morning and it was free

    • Liberlike

      I am not finding Photo Blur in App store. From where it can be downloaded? I have iPhone 5S.

  • Bob Ross

    Photo Blur is no longer free, someone should compare these two apps though and figure out which has the better design.

  • Liam Mulcahy

    I like the wallpaper if the week better. This costs money.