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Apple has raised more than $65 million for the (Product) RED organization—a charity spearheaded by U2 frontman Bono that aims to fight preventable and treatable diseases like AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria.

(Product) RED is unique, in that it raises money by licensing out its brand to partners like Nike and Starbucks, in return for a percentage of their sales. Apple, for its part, has been selling RED products since 2006…

Here’s the announcement from RED’s official Twitter account:

And here’s TechCrunch’s Matthew Panzarino with more details:

“The $65 million means that Apple has raised around $15 million since February 2012 with the (PRODUCT)RED initiative, if numbers out of an internal Apple meeting are accurate.

“Apple is an enormously valued (RED) partner,” A (RED) spokesperson told TechCrunch. “Their contributions help enable the Global Fund to finance the AIDS fight on the ground in Africa. This work is absolutely critical to ending AIDS.”

Apple currently offers a number of RED products, including various iPod models and iDevice cases. And while it isn’t known for its philanthropy, the company has donated money to the Red Cross and other organizations.

  • CA$H

    wish they made an iphone 5s red / black

    • Jonathan

      No offense, but that sounds ugly.

      • CA$H

        the U2 ipod was pretty dope

      • Pablo

        white and red sounds better, like the combination of colors on the iphone shown in the image

      • Jonathan

        Agreed. Black and red, sounds, eighties.

  • Tope

    Hmmm. That picture made me realise that a white iPhone with red bezel would be divine….

    • chumawumba

      How about an iPhone with NO bezel?

      • Bill

        And a 4.7 inch screen? I’m sold.

  • Gurudas G

    Product red looks nice and makes you feel good 🙂 Love my red iPod Touch

    • patmack


  • Gregory D Foster

    Funny…I was just talking to a friend about (RED) last night. How much of the proceeds go to the charity from Apple? I know it’s different for everybody who does (RED). I bought some (RED) shoes from converse and it was only 5%…pissed me off.

    • Bill

      Yeah, not much from a (RED) device goes toward (RED). I guess it’s better than nothing, but at the same time, Apple (and other (RED) supporters) get to write that money off.

    • Byron C Mayes

      If you’re concerned about the amount of money going to the research, you could always donate directly to (RED) or to other charities doing similar work. You get control over how much of your money is going where, and you get to write it off as a tax deduction.

      There is no requirement that you “donate” through idle consumerism.